Thanks for trying it and also for the comment. Great to know that you liked this cake. I’ll update the recipe with your note :). Great to know that your fruit cake turned out well. Happy new year in advance…. But this Christmas I decided to make this cake for a change. Sorry for all the questions… and thank you for all the wonderful recipes! Did you do anything different from the last time? So here’s my cooker cake. Thank you so much Bindu! Thank you so much for trying this recipe and also for sharing the pic. The baking time was about 55 minutes. I’m always happy to share my experiences, so no worries I soaked the fruits in half cup of rum and used milk for mixing to adjust the consistency. 200 ml or 250ml. Coming to think of it, I was always a hard core tea cake fan and used to wonder how can somebody like plum cake/fruit cake. I recently came across your website and became a huge fan.I followed a couple of your recipes and turned out great. Maria. I made this cake today. They’re tried, tasted and trusted by over 125,000 smart cooks. It's been some time right? I had tried this once and it came out well. :). I’ve soaked mine in Jan :), hi maria.this Christmas also went well with ur plum cake,,,will send the photo..i tried dragon chicken & pineapple sago pudding ..all excellent..thank u for the recipes, Thanks Sini dear :) Thanks for trying all those recipes from here… would love to see your cake pic. Soak 3 cups of fruits in 1.5 cups of fresh orange juice. Yes, it’s for two cakes. Grease the baking dish (refer notes) & line with baking paper. We won’t complain – but it’s bad karma! Can I substitute wine for brandy for soaking fruits. The caramel doesnt harden, it has to be in liquid stage. Wish you a Wonderful New Year! Thanks a lot for the comment & wishes. However the cake seemed a bit wet on the inside, is this because the fruits were soaked in excess brandy, I used 1.5 cups of brandy for 3 cups of fruits. Thanks for your help. I have kept the dry fruit for soaking :), Maria, I really want to try out this cake!!! Btw, the credit for the new look goes to my husband and I’ll convey the same to him :). Iam just confused. ). Thanks a lot for the recipe. I also did like that. we also went for a vacation last month…i was spoiled from eating all our delicious kerala foods..getting back to normal life…started cooking :), Great to know that your guests liked the cake. Btw, adding coco powder is a good idea! It’s used in the cake batter and not for decoration. bakeries open during lockdown. The normal settings would do. Hi Maria, may i just say an amazing recipe. tutti frutti cookies. Thanks for uploading the cake pic.. Hi Maria..loved your recipe…I had one doubt , the cake from the 9 inch loaf pan will be approx 1 kg and what will be the approx weight of cake from the 9 inch round pan ? Also please refer to Bindu's comment below. You can easily halve the recipe. please do let me know. all the credit goes to you Maria. I usually soak it for 8-12 months, in that case I’m left with 1/4-1/2 cup of rum. Warm regards, Anuja, Qatar. so you don’t have to worry about online ordering. For many weddings and parties, after the round of Appams, Bakery Bread (Rotti) is served with another side dish. I soaked the dry fruits in Orange juice only for 1 day. Ur cake looks so yummy .. I tried this recipe before one week and the cake came out good. 1. “EVERY THING I HAVE TRIED TASTES YUMMMMYYYY”. Per serve - Energy: 77kcal | Carb: 13.75g | Prot: 1.88g | Fat: 1.69g Yes Annu, you can use wine for soaking the fruits. Nice to know that you also had a wonderful holiday filled with yummy food :), I recently found your is really awesome!! I was away on a small holiday. Apr 27, 2018 - Kerala Naadan Snack Recipes. And I have been using your recipe since with a few modifications to suit my family’s taste. I baked this cake and put it as an Easter special on my blog. Thank you and keep up the good work , ur receipes inspires housewifes like me to cook without being scared of spoiling the taste :), Thanks a lot dear for the wonderful comment, I’m so excited to know that you like this space :). About the above recipe,I saw that the above measurement gives 2 cakes.My oven is small so can bake only one cake at a time.Is it ok to bake half the batter after I bake the 1st one. Nankhatai Recipe (2 Ways) Easy • 35 mins. Thanks for sharing the feedback here. The rest of the recipe is same. Your cake is so presentable. Your awesome cake reminded me that I need to soak the fruits in rum. What I want to know is that, as the fruits drink up all the rum, do I need to keep adding more rum to keep up the level? New avatar. TIA, Make sure you store the cake only after it’s completely cooled, other reasons are under baking the cake or the humidity being high. Bring it back to the heat & boil for a few more mins, 3-4 mins. Bakery Style Sweet and Salt Biscuits Recipe January 16, 2016 by Sharmilee J 10 Comments I love the salt and sweet biscuits that is sold in bakeries.I have already tried masala version of these biscuits and it was perfect for tea time.So I decided to tweak that recipe and here is my version of sweet and salt biscuits that … Thank you so much :) Great to hear that you liked this fruit cake recipe. Thank you so much for your comment! For me, the comfort factor is that you have actually tried out the recipes, so it feels a lot more friendly. what size baking pan are you using? Cookies. One of the common Kerala sweets, Palada Payasam is a staple for the households in the state. I was actually surprised to see a pic looking exactly like my cake pic on FB news feeds early in the morning.. hehe.. and only then I realized that you had added it to the MM page reader’s choice.. thank you :), Wishing you and your family a blessed Merry Christmas :). This Kerala plum cake recipe requires you to caramelise sugar into a thick sugar syrup. Standing next to rice, the chief ingredient is coconut. You can soak it overnight at room temp. I am also not a fan of Plum cakes. If the egg whites are not fully beaten. Thanks to U. I have soaked all the fruits in rum. I have used a combination of rum and wine for soaking but not just wine. Cake looks fab! That’s how I do it. And my all-time favorite is their egg puffs. A bit more trial and im sure the cakes gonna be perfect, hence my queries are in an attempt to master this one cake. i want to know if it was salted or unsalted butter? Wish you merry christmas and a happy new year 2012…. ;), luv the new luk of ur site..very elegant n classy…, I am going to try this cake for very first time.I am not a much of a baker. Tried your fruit cake recipe and it was good.  can i soak fruits in juice? Oct 27, 2020 - Explore Maia McDonald Smith's board "Food - Desserts & Bakery items", followed by 1517680 people on Pinterest. Hi Maria, Wish u a Merry Christmas n a very very Happy New Year in advance :)) Wish u a very happy and prosperous 2011. Hi Maria, thank u so much for the perfect recipe, can u please tell me how many ml is ur measuring cup. Also suggest any good ideas . Feel Kerala Kitchen would be incomplete without you! We had some technical problem & lost some comments, that’s why your comment didnt appear here. The profit of sale , we use for charity purpose. Yes Sharmila, its also known as Plum cake. What is the volume of your measuring cup? Tried this cake y’day n it came out very well. Best wishes to your blog! Bindu, Thank you so much for sharing it here dear! Hi, what would be the weight of this cake? One of the popular items you can find in any Kerala bakeries are freshly baked puffs. What would I not do to get a generous piece of this cake and your home made wine!! Can you please share me the details of soaking the fruits in orange juice… did you leave it outside or in fridge? Pls let me know if we can use Brown sugar instead of white sugar in this recipe along with caramel. Great to know that you liked it. This fruit cake receipe is very nice and the cake pic looks great. pls let me know..and Happy Christmas in advance!!!!! Masala toast recipe a popular bakery style open toast with vegetables as topping, tastes so good.If you have seen bakeries around 11 AM this masala open toast is surely an eye catcher epsecially in iyengar bakeries.I have tasted it few times and love it a lot so thought to recreate it at home.. I’m not sure about microwave temperature settings. I had soaked the dry fruits in rum few months back and it added a nice flavor to the cake. Wishing all of you a very Happy Christmas!!! To know more about baking in MW, please check out the below post. thnk u so much. I also impressed a north Indian friend with this recipe :D Thanks again.. Hi maria, Thank you Nija :) I’m so happy that the cake came out well. Hope your fruit cake turns out great! When the color of the melted sugar becomes dark brown, remove the pan from fire & add 1/4 cup warm water to this. Thank you :)  I used Orange juice instead of Rum to soak the dry fruits and nuts. I’m sorry dear…. Sift the plain flour with baking powder & baking soda. I want to add egg but not alcohol. You are welcome dear! A sweet spaghetti soup, this is one of the desserts that we’ve had most on the Kerala Blog Express. Can you tell me the size of the pan you used? I baked the cake last day, and it came out great! Great to know that your cake turned out well :) I’m also happy to hear that it reminded you of your aunt’s cake. Instead of Rum, i used one and a half cup of orange juice as I’m allergic to alcohol to soak the fruits overnite  and didn’t add the jam. I’ve used the normal sugar like the ones we get in India for making the caramel. The fruits has lost its flavour totally. Kerala Cuisine: Here is a list of 22 Kerala Food that you must try: Puttu and Kadala Curry, Appam with Stew - One of The Most Popular Kerala Food Items Idiyappam Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu (Spicy Chicken Fry) Kerala Prawn Curry Naadan Beef Fry or Kerala Style Beef Fry How can I avoid the cracks ? Hi Maria, 1. I had a doubt about the butter you used in this cake recipe. One of the best Christmas cake I had and one of the best cakes I made. Please convey my special regards to her & also thanks for the blessings. You can use the left over rum to brush over the cake over several days, once it’s baked and cooled. It was too good! Please advise. I would like to know that what substitute can I use for a 9″ loaf pan as I don’t have one. I’m going to bake one more cake next week and let you know the result. I know the season for fruit cake is over but still I do hope you make it sometime & like it too. I hope your maid takes holiday more often ;) Anyways its really great to know that you like this space and also the pics. Yes… Tried around 4 times but in vain. I think around 3/4 – 1 cup of chopped nuts will do. So Many thanks for that one. The sky is the limit, and the whole creation process starts with you and your vision.Â. I’m glad that you liked it. I had lft a comment earlier too, but somehow nvr got to c it. Yuummmmm. No, this time I wasnt lazy, I was a bit busy. Can I use self raising flour instead? I suggested you add extra baking powder, right? Its ok to leave the batter for the second cake outside while the first one is baking. Wonderful recipe. I’ve given the alcohol free version under points 11 & 12 in the instruction section of the recipe. Hi Maria, Please check out the below link for conversions: hi Maria, It’s my first time…so confused :(. Beat egg whites till soft peaks form. Hope it comes out well. Its so good to know that you got compliments for this cake. Tomorrows Christmas and I was planning to bake this today evening in another 8 hrs. Is it okay if i use grape wine instead of rum or brandy? Self raising flour should work ideally. Recipe Type: Snacks Kerala Snacks Find exciting Snacks, Nalumani Palaharam Recipes, കേരള നാലുമണി പലഹാരം, tasty and healthy Snacks, Ramadan Iftar Recipes with easy steps at pulao or rice based recipes are one of the important staple food for many indian households. thanks in advance.keep up the good work. Great collection of traditional Kerala food recipes especially Malabar dishes and recipes that adopted from other cuisines. Hope you had a Merry Xmas. I do hope it works well. Made it this christmas and it was a super hit!!! Thank you so much. Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies. As you’ve mentioned you can loosen it a bit by adding warm milk. hai maria ( About 1/4 of the fruits on the top are now not soaked in rum). But this Christmas I decided to make the Fruit Cake. It always comes well. Happy baking :). Hi Maria, Beat after each addition. Bake in the pre heated oven for 40-45 mins or until the skewer inserted comes out clean. Wish you & Jose a merry Xmas & a happy new year. Really happy to know that the cake came out well for you :) Since it uses rum, the cake has a longer shelf life. I hope to update the recipe with grams soon. Wishing u a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2011. You are welcome dear :) Great to hear that the cake was a hit. Any idea why it’s so? Previous years, I used to soak nuts also in brandy, along with other fruits and it was ok. Podinjonnum poyilla. i would lik 2 try this. Combine 1/2 cup sugar & 1 tbsp water in a sauce pan. Can we add nuts to this. Discover below the best of MariasMenu! Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas & a wonderful new year! In a large bowl, place the fried sev and crush it with your hand into smaller pieces. Easy • 30 mins. Thanks a lot Anupama :), You can see step by step pictures of Caramel Syrup preparation here, Drain the soaked fruits & keep aside. Thanks for your help. I’m really sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks dear & the compliments for the new look…I’ll pass it to Jose :). Even i became a plum cake convert a couple of years back, remember munching on tea rusk! Please suggest some preservative for avoiding this type of deffects. But in this recipe, it was specifically stated to make a dark caramel & I decided to let my hair loose. Instead of rum or brandy can v use anything non alcoholic. Thank you so much dear. Oh Maria!I cant tell you how much i loved the new look of ur site…araa cheythathu?…real good job…loved loved the thumbnails of teh pictures…great look overall….Good luck on your book making……May i ask u, How many recipes are going to be in?Do they include recipes from ur blog as well?….. You have a wonderful blog here, with lovely presentation of recipes. Btw, no need to soak the nuts. Thank you, for the wonderful and perfect recipe. Yes Santhi, you can use this measurement for this cake. Thanks so much for the recipe and i am happy to say that i am now a die-hard Marias Menu fan! But if you usually bake cakes in pressure cooker, then I guess you can bake this one as well. Hi maria! I was quite surprised that you take the pics of the dishes yourself… I think you have a real knack for aesthetics or whatever you call it… Keep going girl! In that case its ok, even if the top portion isnt soaked well. I haven’t even soaked fruits yet =( Update on 13/12/2011: I've got many queries asking about using fruit juice instead of alcohol. May God Bless you and your family with Good Health and Happiness always. Easy • 55 mins. Please check out the below link to know the details of MW baking: Beat after each addition. Im plannin to follow the same recipe this yr ( but halved since it was a big cake) for my parents.. fingers crossed it turns out even better than before …. About the batter of this cake, it’s actually kinda thick, but not very thick. yep, it’s ok to drain out the excess alcohol, the batter of this cake is quite thick and not liquidy in consistency. Thanks for your wishes and wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a beautiful new year! One of my friends used mixed fruit jam for the above cake & it was nice. Drain the soaked fruits & keep aside. I guess you can directly have the ing and bake at separate times. Any idea about the same? Thanks.. Thanks a lot dear for the Christmas wishes. I was never a big fan of Fruit cake, until I tried your recipe a couple of years ago. However adding chilli powder is totally new to me, but as you said it must be a good twist :). I am a huge fan of your blog & receipes, I even got linked with many other blogs from urs. Maria .. Add jam & combine. Thank you. I tried this cake recipe yesterday.. Won’t the liquid become less since I have just added 1 cup of Rum? Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! You can see it here: Hi, Maria, Rice based ingredients are the major constituent of eating habit. Pour the batter into the prepared tins. our items are a reflection of the theme of your day. Soft , tasty yummy cake, I gave it to my friends, everyone just loved it……..:) . Did you notice our new look? I was hunting all over to get the perfect Plum cake recipe and I came by yours! I’m so thrilled to know that this cake was appreciated by your friends n family :), Hi Maria …I have tried this cake…came out very well….Your blog is a reference place for me to try Kerala Christian Recipes… Also did you add orange juice to the batter instead of rum? I’m glad that you liked this cake and that it was a hit at your place :). Can I follow the same recipe of the quantity of all the ingredients? Like you, she get a mixed fruit packet and soaks it in dark rum. Dear Maria, Merry Christmas to you. So it would be a great help, if you could share the details. You need to add warm water. I used to soak it for 3-4 weeks. I do hope your cake comes out perfect! I think they are overloaded/crowded with raisins. Happy baking and all the best! Waiting eagerly for you reply and bake plum cake.. One of the reasons for cake turning out to be sticky can be storing it before it is completely cooled.Make sure the cake is cooled well, then only store it. With us, it is all about the initial design sage. My hubby’s aunt adds 1/2 tsp of chilli pwd to the spice mix…. That will be very helpful.. As measuring cups are slightly different in some countries..(eg. Please do share your feedback, if you try this. Hi Maria, I’m not sure why it happened like that. I love a good fruit cake and this one seems apt. I am preparing this for kids. But I still don't like the store bought plum cakes that we get back home in Kerala. I saw this recipe now and was wondering if soaking the dried fruits for just couple of hours will do? This year i have been planning to make more number , so i have this question 1 small piece cinnamon and nutmegg can i use 1/4 tsp. Wow you already made xmas cake!! Happy baking :) Had logged on for some of your banter and was surprised by the fresh look. is there something wrong with my preparation or does it have to be this way?. This year, one of my cakes was also not that dark, since I didnt make a dark caramel…. I’m so happy that the cake came out well for you :). It was a big hit among my family and friends. Hope you understand. But I’m clueless about the time required. I havent baked using a pressure cooker. Thanks Smitha :) I’ll try my best to see if I can add a more detailed step about caramel. you can check the picture at ligysspace.blogspot. Hi Maria, I tried this cake out last Xmas and it a super hit with my frens, all THANKS to you :) ..Only prob was that the caramel part dint turn out proper for me ,it was turning solid on contact wit the batter :( …. thanks. Wish you & your family a Merry Christmas & Happy New year :-), Thanks a lot for your comment! I love your recipes. shahi pulao recipe | shahi veg pulao | hyderabadi veg pulav recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. Your site is looking gr8. We’ll will add brown sugar instead. I havent tried it without alcohol yet. They all loved it. I’ve followed the recipe as such and havent tried the other way. Btw, I dont think orange juice can affect the cake in such a way. Looks like I’ll have to make this cake for every occasion thanks to high demand :D. Great to know that it worked well even with minimum soaking :) Thanks for letting me know about it. I am very happy.. But I think since other bakes can be baked in cooker, this also can be done. Whats ur opinion? ?Good good–I would like the signed copy of the book as soon as it is released..wokay?? Thank you so much for taking time to leave a comment here, appreciate it very much :). I was worried cake could get burnt on top… May be you can try a small batch. If you are soaking in orange juice, it’s better to soak it for just one day. Eatout. Hope you’ll like the cake. Hi Maria. Appreciate it very much :). The Christmas cake came out beautifully as per the recipe and I can’t stop admiring/eating it. But the top of the cake is cracked a lot . Hi Maria, i have been trying your reciepe every christmas. Thanks for the recipe…the cake turned out to be great! I wanted to know if there were any oven settings that were different for baking two cakes at the same time. Beat it till it forms a smooth paste. Thankyou . The sky is the limit, and the whole creation process starts with you and your vision. Min 1 week of soaking is required, so you still have time :) I usually soak it in rum or a combination of rum/brandy and wine. Thank you so much for your comment :) Yeah the caramel might harden sometimes…. Kerala Restaurants. Hotels in Kerala… Today’s recipe is a bakery style, my childhood favorite egg biscuit which is called by different names such as egg drop biscuits, mutta biscuits, bean biscuits, coin biscuit, baby biscuit , button biscuit etc. If we double this recipe, should we double the quantity of caramel as well( from half to 1 cup of sugar to caramalise? I havent soaked it using only wine, so I’m not sure about it. I completely followed the recipe,didn’t make any changes, but soaked the fruits in brandy only for a week. Don’t be like me and worry about it, it’s really not that hard, you just need to be careful while doing it. Hi Maria, after pre heating the oven, the cake should be baked at what temperature for 40-45 minutes? Thank you so much Ligy :) your cake looks great! You can easily store it for 2 weeks at room temp, unless you are living in an extremely humid / hot place. Season’s greetings to you and your family. yes you can. Wish you & your family a Merry Christmas! (This will prevent the fruits from sinking to the bottom of the cake)…, Beat the egg yolks & add the softened butter to it…, Beat it till it forms a smooth paste. Thank you so much dear :) I’m really happy that the cake turned out well for you. I really do love your recipes.. Have been doing Fruit cakes for many years and have always soaked the fruits in September and stored in the fridge till Christmas baking time.. This steamed Kerala snack is considered a nutritious replacement for junk food or bakery items..kozhukatta. can u xplain hw 2 bake in an appachembu… timings etc.. btw.. new look rocks.. rly liked it… tc.. I’ve baked a cake using appachembu before, steamed honey sponge cake. Sorry about it. Thank you for your guidance. Beautiful pictures of the absolutely yummy fruit cake.. hi Maria, cheese biscuits. But my oven is not functioning properly now .. so i want to know whether i can bake the same in a pressure cooker .. if so, please let me know the procedure .. Wishing u and ur family a very haapy xmas .. First of all, apologies for the delayed reply. Did you use fresh orange juice or store bought one? How long did you soak the fruits? May be you can try this one also in the same manner, but I think it takes longer time for this cake. Thanks for your wishes and wish you too a wonderful new year! One of the readers, Bindu tried an alcohol free version & she was kind enough to share it here. Sadly, I got only one piece to eat.Guess that is something to be happy about :) Thank you. podinju pokumo nuts?How long the nuts to be soaked in brandy? Wish you & your family a wonderful year ahead! So ive still taken my chances with the cup measurement, and the cake tastes yummy with the brandy soaked fruits. Thank you for asking it, I’ve updated the recipe with the same. Sorry for the delayed reply. Another thing my caramel got solidified after cooling down… not sure what went wrong… I had to heat it up to make it liquid again.. Hi, Maria thanks for sharing the recipe. Got lots of compliments from all guests. Wish you and your family a beautiful new year! I havent tried it without alcohol. Keep aside. This became a huge hit among my family and friends. kozhukatta recipe Thanks for this wonderful recipe.I tried this recipe and cake came out really tasty. I have seen your alcohol less cake recipe, but that is eggless. Once again thanks dear for leaving a comment here. Hai Maria, i need to fill accordingly i blve? I’m really happy that it was appreciated by your guests :). I use Captian Morgan Dark Rum for this recipe. It took a lil longer to cook…but thts proably coz i made the whole batch in a bigger pan… Also, if i mix the batter for two separate cakes and bake them one after another, will the second cake still rise (since the rising agents have been mixed with the wet ingredients for 45 mins)? At vix atrioque scribentur at fugitertissi ext scriptaset verteremmolestiae, © Copyright Kerala Bakery 2020 All rights Reserved -, BCG Tower, Opposite CSEZ PO, Kakkanad - 682037, Kerala, kerala Bakery, Bakery in Kerala, Cochin Bakery, Bakery in Cochin, Kakkanad Bakery, Bakery in Kakknad, BCG Tower, Opposit CSEZ PO, Kakkanad, Ernakulam, Kerala - 682037. Hi mam…I soaked the fruits n nuts in orange juice fr making plum cake…wen I tasted the juice …it s vry bitter..plz help me…wat shld I do now…shld I addadd sugar now or to take away fruits & nuts from juice imm? sounds weird i know, but tastes wonderful and a good twist to good old plum cake, I was under the impression that I already replied to this comment, I remember typing out a rep, dont knw what happened to that :(, Anyways, soaking the fruits in wine is also good, I’d soaked in grape wine in the previous years. God Bless! Thank you so much for trying this recipe. Can I use brown sugar instead of caramalising it? All thanks to you for making it special. Merry christmas! Priya. I've given a alcohol free version update in the end. Thanks a lot for the comment. Happy baking & I do hope that your cake comes out well. My hubby is also a big fan of your recipes.Thanks a ton.Keep posting more. i really want to bake this for this Xmas.thanks. if so, which juice and how long. Maria, I used 1 and 1/4 cup sugar in cake and 1/4 cup for powdering spice. Dear Maria, I am a novice in baking.. just a doubt.. the above qty is for two cakes rt? Have a grt year ahead :)), Thanks for all your wishes and also for the wonderful comment. You can use self raising flour, but then you need to adjust the qty of raising agents (baking powder & soda) in the recipe. I think that should be ok. Hi Maria, I was wondering if there will be a difference in the texture of the cake if I follow the normal creaming method ( sugar+butter and then yolks) instead of mixing butter and yolks as you have mentioned in the recipe! Kerala recipes reflect the history, culture, geography and religion of Keralites. orange crinkle cookies. It came out in two batches and everyone absolutely loved it. Won’t 1 cup be less to bake the cake? I havent soaked it using only wine, so I’m not sure about it. I’m glad that you decided to try the recipe from here this year and that it worked out well :). I understand Maria, so no problem :) happy new Year to you too! Keep it up. Congrats on the cook book and the new look for site! Thank u so much for such a wonderful recipe…..tried tis out,soaked the fruits a month back when i saw the update in talimpu…baked for christmas got 3 medium cakes and it was a hit……Keep up the good work!! Still tasting good. Add powdered sugar to this, gradually. Delicious and healthy snacks to fit your taste and for a mid day energy, Add more happiness to your special day with a cute and yummy cake, Delicious sweet desserts to complete your meal and to celebrate, Healthy and versatile to celebrate with enhancing energy as anytime meal, Lorem ipsum ex vix illud nonummy novumtatio et his. Wishing you the best… Wish you and your family an awesome New Year!! Yes, you can use apple juice or orange juice to soak the fruits overnight. Really happy to know that the cake came out well, I liked the way how you wrote “cant stop admiring/eating” it :). The fruits will be very less for the qty I’ve mentioned. Yes, you can. It was a super hit. Thanks for sharing this. You can see it here: Palappam (Kerala … Sharmila. Kerala is one of the top producers of fish and Coconut in india. Keep up the good work.? See more ideas about Recipes, Food blog, Kottayam. I would like to know if the entire 1.5 cups rum has to be used in the Cake or just 4 tbsp in 2 batches..which is 8 tbsp? bt i dont hav an oven. Can’t get over the taste of your Christmas cake long ago in Bahrain. Thanks. Oh and i couldnt get my hands on rum, so i used thick molasses + pineapple juice + almond extract + red wine (home made)-. Palada Payasam. Someone suggested to try with Ribena (grape cordial) instead of orange juice. btw what is the measurement of 1 cup u use?is it 128gm or236gm? There can be a number of reasons for the crack on top…, It can be my fault too… Looks like excess rising agents can cause crack. In a pan on medium heat, melt 1/2 cup sugar slowly.

kerala bakery items recipe

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