Lenovo Legion 7i price and specifications. From what we know, both Legion 7i and Legion 5i will be the successor to the existing Y740 and Y570 respectively. Modern Warfare is seeing about a 20-25% increase in fps on performance with the 2070 Super Max-Q over the 2070 Max-Q. Amongst the lot, the Legion 7i is the A-list product with the 10th Gen Intel CPU and the latest NVIDIA GPU. The Legion 5i includes Intel's 10th Gen H-series processors, including Core i5 and i7 options. The new wave of premium Legion laptops are available at a starting price of Rs 79,990. The new Legion 7i, Legion 5Pi, and Legion 5i targets the Indian gaming market with high performance and immersive experiences. September 29, 2020. Lenovo Legion 5i. This is the wrestling match you’ve been waiting for if the Lenovo gaming brothers have caught your eye, but you’re unsure if the higher-end Legion 7i is worth the extra cash. Lenovo Legion 5i vs. Lenovo Legion 7i: value and configuration The Legion 5i has a starting price of $999 and features a 2.5-GHz Intel Core i5-10300H CPU with 8GB of RAM, a 128GB PCIe NVMe SSD, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 with 4GB of VRAM, and a 15.6-inch, 1080p display with a 60Hz refresh rate. Vasan - Updated On August 18, 2020. The Lenovo Legion 7i is the fastest gaming laptop we've ever tested but does it have the best performance in every situation? For the Legion 5i specifically, you can get it to be packing up to a RTX 2060 graphics. These switches have 1.3 millimeters of travel and are soft landing, but they also have a really nice tactile feel. They have a mid-tier level, which is the Legion 5i series, and then the Legion five, which offers AMD Ryzen processors. WhatsApp. Lenovo Legion 7i – starts at P119,995 (June 2020) ... For the mainstream consumers, Lenovo Legion 5i comes in 15″ and 17″ sizes. The Legion 7i and Legion 5Pi both come with the larger 80Whr battery, while the Legion Y740Si, Legion 5i, and Legion 5 all come with 60Whr batteries. Lenovo Legion 7i, Legion 5Pi, Legion 5i: Price in India. The Lenovo Legion 5i with RTX 2060 GPU will start at a price of $999 while the Legion 7i with an RTX 2070 GPU will start at a price of $1199. Intel’s latest Comet Lake-H CPUs and the Nvidia RTX 2000 Super mobility GPUs will soon be included with Lenovo’s new Legion 5i and 7i gaming laptops. Let’s find out! Pinterest. Lenovo has announced three new gaming laptops in India - Legion 7i, Legion 5Pi, and Legion 5i. The Legion 5i 15 is a decent mid-range package available at a good price, and anyone loyal to Lenovo's laptops should feel comfortable shopping within the lineup. On the other hand the Legion 7i … Lenovo didn’t reveal much about the specs but mentioned that these will be powered by the latest 10th Gen Intel Core H-Series, NVIDIA GeForce RTX SUPER GPUs with Max-Q Design, and NVIDIA Advanced Optimus technology for improved battery … Like the 7i, the 5Pi is a 15.6-inch gaming beast loaded with Nvidia’s RTX or GTX series, up to the RTX 2060. We will update you on … Lenovo's Legion line of laptops now has new models in India. The flagship laptop in the … The new laptops comes with the highest end RTX SUPER graphics as well as 10th Gen Intel Core H-series processors. Legion Legion 5Pi, Legion 5i and Lenovo Legion 5. By. By. Two new towers that serve as stylish centerpieces in any setup are the Lenovo Legion Tower 5i 1 and IdeaCentre™ Gaming 5i 1. 76,000) with Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060GPU. The Lenovo Legion 7i, along with the Lenovo Legion Y740 will start at US$ 1,199, with an NVIDIA RTX 2070 to start. Lenovo Legion 5 (AMD) vs. Lenovo Legion 5i 15” - Detailed Specs Comparison. It also has a very wide color coverage (of around 130% of sRGB), which makes the image punchy and enjoyable from pretty much every perspective. Here is a side by side comparison between Lenovo Legion 5 (AMD) and Lenovo Legion 5i 15” specs including CPU, RAM, storage, battery, display, and more. BY Evan Forrest. G.S. Twitter. This is paired with Nvidia RTX 2080 Super GPU for superior graphics performance. April 17, 2020. Available in Phantom Black, the TrueStrike Keyboard can … If you want gaming performance in a chassis that suits the specs and features of a laptop, the Legion 5 (5i for Intel) offers just that. The Legion 7i is the most expensive of the three new laptops. Specs. Published. This new 7i series from Legion is their highest performing gaming notebooks series. The Legion 5i and the Legion 7i … This article was […] Do note, that the Legion 5i and Legion 5 can be configured to come with the larger 80Whr battery, for an additional cost. The Legion 7i gaming laptop is a symbiosis of form and function that is purposeful and precision-focused, down to the very last detail—including its laser-engraved logo, system integrated Corsair® iCUE environmental lighting array, illuminated RGB Legion iconic "Y" all in elegant Slate Gray. When scrolling online, it's a huge difference as the text remains readable while scrolling which is impressive! Lenovo Legion 5i. Gotta say, I did not expect to see any difference between the 144Hz display of the Y740 and the 240Hz of the 7i; I was wrong. Closely on the heels of Yoga Slim 7i, Lenovo has launched three new laptops from its Legion lineup. 1,99,990. The gaming laptops come with upgraded design and the latest 10th Gen Intel Core processors and the NVIDIA graphic support. The cheapest variant, the IdeaPad Gaming 3i, comes with the lowest battery capacity of all, with only 45Whr. Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Laptop vs Lenovo Legion 5i 82AU00BAIN Laptop. The company has introduced two brand new gaming laptops; the Lenovo Legion 7i and Lenovo Legion 5i. It comes with 10th-gen Intel processors up to the Core i9 H-series chipset. Lenovo Legion 7 (15)’s display has an IPS panel with a Full HD resolution, comfortable viewing angles, good contrast ratio, and extremely high maximum brightness (570 nits). ReddIt. Starting with the smaller model, the FHD screen can provide up to 240Hz refresh rate, 100% sRGB, and up to 500 nits brightness. Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Laptop (10th Gen Core i7/ 8GB/ 128GB SSD/ Win10/ 2GB Graph) vs. Lenovo Legion 5i 82AU00BAIN Laptop (10th Gen Core i7/ 8GB/ 1TB 256GB SSD/ Win10/ 4GB Graph) Quick Comparison. Designed with competitive players in mind. It also features all the new Legion features, such as Coldfront 2.0 and TrueStrike keyboard. Thanks to that Advanced Optimus tech, the Legion Slim 7i … The 2020 Lenovo Legion 5 (AMD) features the 45W Renoir (Zen 2) 6-core AMD Ryzen 5-4600H up to 8-core AMD Ryzen 7-4800H … Lenovo Legion 7i laptop. The Lenovo Legion 7i is the top-end gaming laptop by the company and starts at Rs. The result is the TrueStrike Keyboard, which was first used on the Legion 7i and 5i, and it’s making an appearance here again. The Boss. The review unit I tested costs $1,099 and upgrades you to a 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-10750H CPU … Availability of these devices will vary per region. The Lenovo Legion 5i is launched with a starting price of $999 (approx. What they have done with the 7i is tweaked a few things with the design, updated the hardware with Intel’s 10th gen Core H-series processors and NVIDIA’s RTX Super Max-Q graphics. The Legion 5, meanwhile, goes for AMD's Ryzen 5 … Name: Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Laptop: Lenovo Legion 5i 82AU00BAIN Laptop: RAM: 8 GB: 8 GB : Display: 14 in: 15.6 in: Processor: … This is a 15-inch gaming laptop that is specced higher than the Lenovo Legion 5i. The Lenovo Legion 7i borrows the same look and feel of its mid-range counterpart, the Lenovo Legion 5i. Lenovo Legion 7i. Lenovo Legion 7i: Specifications and price . Lenovo has announced two new gaming laptops powered by the new GeForce RTX SUPER GPUs with Max-Q Design, the Legion 7i, and Legion 5i. BUY NOW: Order your Lenovo Legion 5i today. Legion 5 & 5i – starts at Php56,995. Like the Legion 5i and 7i laptops, it uses NVIDIA’s Advanced Optimus graphics switching and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with Max-Q. Rs. You get the same hinged design with the ‘Legion’ logo situated on the top-left corner of the lid. Got my Legion 7i in! Terms and conditions apply. It comes in a Slate Grey colour option. You can pair it with up to RTX 2060 GPU and up to Core i7-10875H. link to original article Welcome to the Legion 5i vs. Legion 7i battle arena. The Legion 5i and 7i will come with 10th Gen Intel H-series CPUs, but again, we're not sure which exact chips to expect. The Legion 7i, Legion 5Pi, and Legion 5i are powered by up to 10 th Gen Intel Core i7 H processors and the 7i model can go up to Core i9 H-series silicon processor. 0. Lenovo Imports Its Legion 7i, Y740Si, 5Pi, and 5i Laptops. on. The Legion 5i is the cheapest gaming laptop launched by Lenovo in India today for a starting price of ₹79,990 ($1,072). The 2020 lineup features the Lenovo Legion 7i, Lenovo Legion 5i 1, the Lenovo Legion 5, Lenovo Legion 5Pi and the Lenovo IdeaPad™ Gaming 3i 1 for entry-level gaming. Design. Is its higher price tag warranted or not? Meanwhile, the Lenovo Legion 5i and Legion Y540 will start at US$ 999 with the NVIDIA RTX 2060. Share; Tweet [ad_1] Lenovo Legion 7i . Lenovo Legion 7i, Legion 5i, and Legion 5Pi gaming laptops launched in India. While slightly heavier at 2.5kg, the 5Pi also comes with Dolby Atmos support from its Harman Kardon speakers. On Tuesday, the Chinese company introduced new gaming laptops, including the Legion 7i, Legion 5Pi, and Legion 5i. The Chinese technology giant has revealed that its 2020 lineup of gaming laptops: the Lenovo Legion 7i, the Lenovo Legion 5Pi, the Lenovo Legion 5i, the Lenovo Legion 5 and the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i. 7 months ago. Facebook. Participating models for The Empire Christmas Sale include the IdeaPad L340 Gaming, IdeaPad Gaming 3i, Legion Y540, Legion Y545, Legion Y740, Legion 5/5i, Legion 5Pi, Legion 7i, Legion T530, Legion Tower 5i, IdeaCentre Gaming 5i, and its newest gaming flagship smartphone, the Legion Phone Duel. A precision-crafted chassis jacketed in high-grade aluminum, the Lenovo Legion 7i gaming laptop has been meticulously machined to unload maximum damage.

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