It is most... Misal Pav. Most of the famous food of Maharashtra is vegetarian. Food. The staple foods consumed by the residents of Mumbai include rice, aromatic fish curries, Indian bread (chapatis and rotis), vegetable curries, pulses and desserts. You will find Paneer Pav Bhaji, Mushroom Pav Bhaji (My favorite), butter Pav Bhaji, Cheese Paav Bhaji, etc. The food of Maharashtra is different in each place. Pav Bhaji. Next on the list is the vegetable thing for all my vegetarian lovers. There are a lot of Maharashtrian cuisines that are consumed and liked in all over India. Kokum is one of the best anti-aging agents due to its anti-oxidant nature. Maharashtrian cuisine and Marathi recipes are known not only in India but outside too. Maharashtrian cuisine - Marathi recipes Maharashtrian recipes - Marathi foods. If you like eating spicy food then you are definitely going to like it. Today it is one of the most liked recipes among all... 2 Vada Pav. For mild sour taste, kokum is mixed and for the sweetness, jaggery is used. Apart from that coriander seeds, cumin seeds, green vegetables are also used. The people in the Konkan region … Pohay or Pohe prepared from boiled Rice which is beaten and dried during the Summer months. Pithla is made from Chickpea flour/ Gram flour and is very tasty. One of them is Bhajia Pav. The egg plants are cooked with the sweet and the tangy taste along with the stuffed masala. Next on the list is another tempting Maharashtrian dish that can give your meal a happy ending. The name of this dish says it all. Most of the Malvani cuisines are non-veg but there are various veg cuisines also. The traditional foods, festival dishes, and street foods, everything is full of flavor and taste. This famous dish of Maharashtra is popular in the whole of India and there are hundreds of varieties of it. Shrikhand, yet another popular dish has have said to be originated in Maharashtra. The state of Maharashtra has so much to offer in respect to food, that’s unbelievable. Serve these crispy and crunchy snacks with some tangy chutney. This one is a popular dish that is having the fresh vegetables all cooked in the traditional Kohlapuri style with the tangy touch of lemon and yogurt. It is mainly served with chapatis. You can check the full recipe online. It is drunk after or along with the meal. and it is served with Pav. Vada Pav is one of the most famous fast food of Maharashtra people. The goodness of coconut in this dish makes it a well- nutritious package. The dish is another vegetarian one that consists of the goodness of the fresh vegetables and mashed along each other with the amazing blend of spices. In the Konkan coastal area, boiled rice and rice bhakri, nachni bhakri is the staple, with a combination of the vegetable and non-vegetable dishes described in the lunch and dinner menu. Cash crops include groundnut, cotton, sugarcane, turmeric, and tobacco. Coconut is the predominant part of Malvani Cuisine. Check the list of the top 10 Best Maharashtrian (Marathi) Food Recipes down here: This one is the Maharashtrian style of cooking desi dal. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program to earn some commission. Bhelpuri is a spicy snack that is made up of puffed rice, some vegetables (Tomato, Onion), and sauce. They serve it with boiled green chili. Quintessentially from Pune. Pohe is a typical Maharashtrian dish that is served in breakfast along with tea.

maharashtra famous food

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