We proudly represent the +John Crane family of products. Vermont +Learn more about John Crane Mechanical Pump Seals  or contact us directly for assistance choosing the right seals. One of our key strengths is our unmatched ability to deliver engineered seal produ… Standard mechanical seals are usually component seals. New York The invention of cartridge and split mechanical seals effectively eliminated those dilemmas, but many operations have stayed with pump packing out of sheer habit in situations in which seals would provide a better return. Mechanical seals allow a minuscule almost drop by drop leakage past the seal face to lubricate it to slow seal wear. Incorrect installation and adjustment are the causes for failure. Made of flat, elastomeric or similarly flexible material, gaskets are used to fill in the space … Flowserve has been trusted for more than 80 years to design, manufacture and distribute mechanical seals, sealing systems and parts to customers worldwide. Commonly used when the fluid is hazardous, in high pressures or temperature, and polymerizing sticky fluid. Mechanical Pump Seals Types: Component seal Single seals Double seals Cartridge seals Dry Gas seal Non-Contacting seal Split seals Slurry seals Metal Bellows seal Vessel and Agitator seal … Conventional mechanical seals are generalized for use on applications that may not have originally been designed with mechanical seals, instead being designed with lip seals. Non-pusher springs use a sealed bellows instead of a spring for pushing the effacement halves together. Slurry Seals – Operated in abrasive slurry environments. The stationary part of the seal is fitted to the pump housing with a static seal –this may be sealed with an o-ring or gasket clamped between the … Another part is attached to and has a similar o-ring static seal to the stationary housing. The old adage "pay me now or pay me later" applies to seals. Double seals – Two seals – one keeps the product in the pump housing, the other prevents liquid from leaking into the atmosphere. You must consider the environment the seal … … Mechanical Seals come in a wide range of designs however the most important factor when determining how long a seal is going to last, is deciding on the right seal face materials. Consisting of at least a pair of end faces which are perpendicular to the rotating shaft, mechanical seal … Different seal materials are rated for certain temperatures. Pusher and Non-Pusher Seals. The seal type and arrangements … Lip seals may wear a circumferential groove into the spinning shaft, requiring its eventual costly replacement, while mechanical seals gradually sacrifice their sealing faces. Mechanical Seals - Face Materials. It is at this effacement, that the actual sealing action takes place. Drive Ring - Controls fit of the bellow to the shaft for proper friction drive. Are you looking for the meaning of a word related to sealing technology? They typically have a key part such as a ring or bushing which is mounted on and has a static seal provided by an o-ring to the spinning shaft. Mechanical seal for pump is a kind of dynamic seal assembly, which is widely used on the rotating shaft. Maine Metal Bellows Seals – This seal allows for high flow rates and prevents clogging. Our collection of mechanical seals is supported by strong aftermarket services, and provides users with safety and environmental benefits. Split Seals – Combines unique design requirements for wet and dry running onto one seal platform. Creates a uniform outside wall for uniform movement under hydraulic pressure. Mechanical Seal Types. Depending on the application and user's needs, different seal types … Find out more... eMG1 and eMG. Use them to store oil and seal against high pressure. A good general-purpose seal, they are used in marine pumps, waste-water, pulp and paper and textile applications as well as refrigeration compressors. Inside seals: An inside seal is designed in such a way that the rotary portion of the mechanical seal is located inside the pump seal chamber. Between the surfaces is a fluid film. State It is slightly wider with a shorter working length spring. One component is stationary and the other rotates against it to achieve a seal (Figure 2). Obviously there are lots of plumbing mechanisms requiring different types … This provides a longer service life than moderate duty seals such as lip seals, which seal directly against the circumference of the shaft itself. Several factors play a role in the selection of a mechanical seal, the mechanical seal type, the materials used, and the manner in which a mechanical seal will be operated: process conditions, sealing point where the mechanical seal … Cartridge seals – The components are preassembled in a housing, the spring tension is preset, and the seal installs from the dry side of the seal chamber. New Hampshire Choose State Massachusetts Labyrinth Seals – Typically have a long life due to low friction which prevents leakage. Pauline Gill is a retired teacher with more than 25 years of experience teaching English to high school students. Used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Unbalanced seals also work better in situations with higher vibration or misalignment. Parallel Mechanical Seals: Parallel seals can use different methods of providing the face to the seal and can be supplied with either left- or right-hand wound springs. Mechanical seals provide the sealing reconciliation between a spinning shaft and a stationary pump or compressor housing. Pusher type seals use an axially mounted spring on the shaft sealing assembly to impart a fixed sealing force to the seal effacement. From improving product modularity to meeting changing emissions standards, we’re constantly developing new solutions and improving on our best designs to offer our customers superior dependability. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. Both are of modest complexity and cost, and tolerate slight amounts of misalignment and vibration. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Dry Gas Seal – A non-contacting, dry-running seal. Either or both may have sliding bushings and springs that press the seal faces together with a pre-determined effacement force. Types of mechanical seals. of the seal. Lexicon of Mechanical Seals. Gill is also an award-winning fiction author. Hayes Pump offers mechanical pump seals for virtually all types of liquids and gases in the Industrial, Chemical, Commercial, Water & Waste Water, Sanitary, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical markets. Spring -Provides positive pressure for sealing between the sealing faces. Other, I have read and agree to the terms & conditions REVIEW, Headquarters location:66 Old Powder Mill RoadWest Concord, MA 01742, Copyright 2017-19 Hayes Pump, Inc. | Digital Marketing Services by, By using this site, you agree to our privacy terms and conditions. Likewise, some customers will try to make a mechanical seal … Other key factors are vibration, heat and pumpage characteristics. Cartridge mechanical seals provide the entire mechanical seal package in an easy to replace package that neatly fits inside the cartridge type housing. Mechanical Face Seal is also known as Heavy Duty Seal, Face Seal, Lifetime Seal, Floating Seal, Duo Cone Seal, Toric Seal, Mechanische Laufwerkdichtungen (German), Механични … The seals are used in harsh working environments such as oil refining or chemical processing. Rhode Island Our Lexicon of Mechanical Seals offers a broad variety of definitions and explanations for this field! OEM replacement seals; Cartridge Seals; Conical O-ring mounted; Diaphragm mechanical seals; Elastomeric Bellows; Multiple spring seals; Parallel O-ring mounted; Stationary … The more common end- or rotating-face mechanical seal designs feature mating faces as the primary sealing elements. Single Spring; ASP Type 1; ASP Type 2; ASP TYpe 21; Multi-Spring MP-60; Multi-Spring ASP-Type 8; Metal Bellows; Single Cartridge Seals; Double Cartridge Seals; Split Cartridge Seals; Mixer Seals; Mechanical Seal … Measure both seal heads and spring x 0.5 = OP HT * Please note: Do not include seat height measurements. Gaskets. Mechanical Seals. Mechanical seals consist of a rotating element and a stationary element, each with a lapped, precision-smooth mating face (see Figure 1). Bodok seal, a specialized gas sealing washer for medical applications Mechanical seals are used in industrial pumps, compressors, and other applications where a spinning shaft protruding into a wetted process is likely to have continuous, rigorous duty. SEAL TYPES • A cartridge type mechanical seal is a pre-assembled package of seal components making installation much easier with fewer points for potential installation errors to occur. There are a number of mechanical seal types, each providing advantages for specific applications: the pusher type, the non-pusher, unbalanced, balanced, conventional, and cartridge type. Pusher seals utilize one or multiple springs to maintain seal closing … New Jersey These lapped faces run against each other, one rotating with the shaft and the other stationary with the equipment housing. Vessel and Agitator Seals – Dry-running mixer and agitator seals suitable for explosive atmospheres. Type A Drive Ring mates against the shaft for friction drive. If you continue to use this site, you are okay with cookies and have accepted our terms and privacy policy. Rings of ceramic, carbide, carbon or composites of these materials are lapped flat in the range of less than 1 micron on an axial end face. For Wet and Dry seal Environmental Systems, we offer seals for heating and cooling, as well as for leakage detection. Many modern pump builders incorporate these common cartridge type mechanical seals into their newer products to provide easier maintenance. The ASP Type 2 mechanical seal was designed to shorten the working length of the Type 1 seal. Optimally designing mechanical seals. Mechanical seals move the point of the seal away from the shaft to specially designed sealing faces that gradually wear down.

mechanical seal types

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