It might greta for clean up but its a thin cheap carpet no real weight to it do not waste your money get nylon you will be happier . Thank you so much for your review. Bought into the faults advertising, zoo video - and sales pitch from lowes regarding smart strand carpeting for my entire first floor in our home. I will contact my installer and mohawk but based on what I’m reading on multiple sites it probably won’t do me any good. Karastan recommends professional hot water extraction every 12 to 18 months using cleaning products, equipment or systems that carry the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. The adds sounded so promising, the reason I purchased it. There are also two variants of Mohawk SmartStrand available with SmartStrand Ultra Silk and Silk Reserve. Carpet looks soiled, almost black and awful. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising from our partners.By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. That offers savings over nylon, the most popular carpet material… For homeowners who are looking for an eco-friendly carpet option, the SmartStrand line from Mohawk may fit the bill. After two years we began shopping for a replacement. They interceeded and replaced the carpet without question. Mohawk's brochure says steam cleaning will return it to like new appearance. Reading what I have on line, the information posted speaks to all the warranty dodging and claim rejecting. Comfort. Beyond reducing the carbon footprint, the overall durability makes it a cost-effective choice for homeowners who are looking for a long-lasting carpet that doesn't show the wear and tear normally … He blamed me and everything under the sun, except the carpet. I actually [censored]ed my toes when walking on it. Sounds like the company who "cleaned" your carpet did not do a very good job. All rights reserved. Mohawk denied my claim for defective carpet twice. I would not recommend to any one to purchase smart strand. 10 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Smartstrand Silk Carpet 2020. I was suckered into Mohawk's smartstrand 2 years ago based on their ads. (yeah right) Thank you so much for your review. Comment Guidelines. We bought it from Target and they don't stand behind what they sell either. Just take care not to over-wet your carpets, or fail to wash out jagged detergent, which could cause your carpeting to swiftly recoil Get the absolute most out of your carpet cleaner. It was top of the range price wise. If it had, I would never have bought this carpet. Toms River Transmissions - transmissions rebuilt, Vashikaran Fraud Fake Astrology Love Problem Marriage Problem. Sooooo disappointed. This is a carpet that is made on a wide loom. He found that there was no manufacturer defect. The ball is in mohawk/dupont court. For example, an entry-level triexta in the Mohawk SmartStrand collection offers a texture retention warranty of 25 years and a lifetime stain and soil warranty, whereas a nylon carpet of equivalent value will usually carry texture retention and stain warranties of about 10 years. Avoid. I hate it. Look at what my smartstrand carpet looks like four years later. They do not stand by the warranty. Vacuum three times a week and the darkening of the carpet was something we thought a cleaning would take care of. Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Review. :(. I am finding myself in the same scenario. What a joke and insult. I never had to wash the windows as often before we got this carpet. One of the leading styles of new carpet on the market today is Mohawk’s SmartStrand. What I have noticed immediately after installation in 2009 and since then is a light bluish colored film on any and all glass in the home. If you are interested- … As we said earlier, Mohawk SmartStrand is one of our favorite carpets to show customers. The stain protection is built into the fiber instead of being sprayed on after … By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions, They asked for many documents, but they didn't want to give funding to me. Soft Carpet Challenge. The company offers a broad variety of flooring products and brands, available for purchase through retailers. Carpet is now another color. Bright and colorfast; Impressive durability; Made from up to one-third renewable material; SmartStrand is Mohawk’s signature fiber, made from a patented polymer known as “Triexta.” Triexta is very similar in its composition to polyester but is made of up to one-third corn glucose.

mohawk smartstrand carpet problems

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