Upon hard chancres it has little or no effect. Botanical Name: Thuja occidentalis. Thuja (first dilution), in 2-drop doses, brought complete relief. Thuja occidentalis is anodyne, stimulant, antiseptic, altertive, tonic, and astringent. Anything warm produced great distress. This patient had pain extending throught he stomach to the back. Thuja Western is called the tree of life. It tones the muscular structure of the bladder and exercises a desirable influence over the mucous structures of the entire urinary apparatus. Enuresis: dribbling of urine, in the aged, enlarged prostate, vesical atony, bedwetting of children. The needle is then withdrawn. Vegetations of all kinds, especially those upon mucous surfaces, will yield to it readily. Introduce a large exploring needle into the sac of the tunica vaginalis testis and allow the fluid to escape. It would be well for some of our practitioners to prepare a tincture and test it. One physician cured a case of ulcerated stomach with thuja in four-drop doses, alternated with sub-nitrate of bismuth every two hours. The proportions may be varied as desired. Thuja occidentalis L. Preferred Common Name. Bark reddish brown, fissured into narrow ridges covered with elongated scales. It is asserted that thuja has brough on abortion, acting not so much as a direct abortivant, but as a gastro-intestinal irritant, producing violent intestinal disturbances, giving rise, indirectly, to miscarriage. The same writer uses this agent in the treatment of growths in the posterior nares. A small dose internally four or five times daily, with the application of fluid hydrastis in a spray, will quickly retard or remove such abnormal growths. Utilized as specimens, accenting, hedges, or foundation plants. In hydrocele, after thorough evacuation of the sac, two drachms solution consisting of one drachm of non alcoholic preparation and one ounce of warm sterilized water, is injected into the tunica vaginalis testis, and squeezed into every part of the sac. 1566). It cause some pain and inflammation, but effects a permanent cure. I had an interesting report from Dr. Caple who injected thuja into a giant-celled sarcoma of the hip joint. In the Eclectic Medical Journal for 1880, p.331, he gives a brief compilation of Eclectic uses of the drug, and concludes with his knowledge of it, and a notice of his intended lines of investigation. Professor A. J. Howe cured hydrocele almost exclusively with this agent. Foliage can become winter burned (yellow-brown) in dry, exposed sites. Thuja occidentalis 'Anniek' ('Sienna Sunset'™) Common name: Anniek Arborvitae Sun Exposure: Sun/Part Shade ANNUAL GROWTH: 1-6" HxW@10 Years: 10"x10" COLOR: golden/green FORM: Globose GROWTH RATE: Dwarf Hardiness Zone: Zones 4-8 Related Products. As an external application Thuja produces at first a sensation of smarting or tingling when applied to open sores or wounds and it is ually best to dilute it with one, two or four parts of water, or to combine the non-alcoholic extract with an ointment base in the above proportion. Pregnant women should always consult first with a health care professional before taking any treatment. It is also valuable when there is dribbling of urine, loss of control from paralysis of the sphincter, perhaps in the ages, where urinary incontinence is present with severe coughs lack of control when coughing or sneezing. It gives tone to the bladder walls, and is particularly of value in dribbling or expulsion of urine in plethoric women, with relaxed bladder tissues, where even a cough or slight muscular exertion causes an expulsion of urine. Click on a place name to get a complete protected plant list for that location. The common name arbor vitae is from Latin meaning 'tree of life' and refers to alleged medicinal properties of the plant. J. Moreau Brown has reported a number of cases satisfactorily treated with this remedy. Grows in both xeric and wet, often cool sites. In bulging nevus the remedy has been used advantageously. Cultivars are typically globular, pyramidal, columnar to conical in growth form. Insects, Diseases, and Other Plant Problems:  No serious insect or disease problems. As it has a positive tonic effect on the muscular walls and mucous membranes of the bladder and urinary apparatus it is good remedy where women cannot hold their urine on coughing or sneezing. Cures have been effected in many cases. One case in particular mentioned by him, was that of an old man of 87 years, who was nearly exhausted from weakness consequent upon broken rest and frequent rising at night to empty his bladder. It is frequently valuable to restrain hemorrhages occasioned by malignant growths. Growing Zone (USA / UK Hardiness): 2 to 7 / H7 Plant Details. Thuja is an excellent remedy for dribbling of urine in the aged, and urinary incontinence in the young. The parts should be cleansed with a borax wash before each application. Conifer, non-flowering. He reintroduced Pinus canadensis and thuja. Many failures have been recorded in its use for the latter purpose. In those cases in which the mind is seriously depressed by the physical condition, it is of especial service, as it stimulates the nerve forces and delays the discharge until, by general improvement of the entire nervous system, the condition is restored. Eastern white cedar; Variety. In hernia and hemorrhoids a 25 to 50% solution may be injected. It is also valuable when there is dribbling of urine, loss of control from paralysis of the sphincter, perhaps, in the aged, where urinary incontinence is present, with severe coughs, lack of control when coughing or sneezing. 1898: Webster Arbor vitae has long been a favourite remedy with the homeopathists as an agent fro the treatment of gonorrhoea. forest, northern white-cedar acts as a … Dr. Walker for many years has injected small tumors with thuja full strength, twenty drops for the first injection, increasing the subsequent injection every day or two until in some cases he has used as high as half an ounce. He occasionally used Long’s thuja with vaseline with equally good results. It does not perform well in overly shady, dry, or windy sites. This form of thuja is also valuable as an application to past-nasal catarrh, and to shrink nasal polypi and other growths in the nose and nasopharynx. It relieves the weakness of the neck of the bladder. The influence of the agent will be enhanced by a combination with avena sativa, saw palmetto, or staphysagria, in cases of this character, when Thuja should be given in doses of from two to ten drops, four or five times daily. Later, Dr. D. Thomas Long, of Topcka , Kan. , employed a preparation of it in unctuous condition, now known as Long’s thuja, with great success in the treatment of this disorder. Jour.) For this reason, it has been employed, as before stated, in amenorrhoea, with pelvic atony, and also in catarrhal diseases of the female generative organs. Susceptible to damage/stem breakage in winter from ice and snow accumulations. In old men with chronic prostatitis, with constant dribbling of the urine, this agent is valuable. Dr. Andrews uses thuja in chronic diarrhoeas, and in the treatment of ulceration of the bowels. Family Name: Cupressaceae. Old men, with enlarged and greatly irritated prostate inducing a constant dribbling of urine, consequently staining the clothing and entailing much unpleasantness, are benefited by 5-drop doses of thuja. It is beneficial when the urine seems to burn or scald in the passing, when there is local soreness in the urethra or neck of the bladder, when the bladder tolerates but little urine at a time, and the patient must rise frequently during the night. It is of much service in bed sores and in other open ulcers dependent upon local or general nerve exhaustion. Rectal troubles, such as fissured anus and hemorrhoids, have been frequently cured with thuja. Dose from gtt.j.to gtts.xx. Specific Medicine Thuja. Our experience from the local application of thuja to warts has been negative. Other Common Names: Arbor vitae, American arbor-vitae, eastern arborvitae, white cedar, false white cedar, northern white-cedar, yellow cedar, tuja (Swedish), tuya (Spanish), thuya d'occident (French), Lebensbaum (German). 1901: Locke It specifically influences the urinary apparatus and is useful in chronic diarrhoea and chronic troubles with the prostate gland. The non-alcoholic preparation is combined with vaseline or other unctuous substance and applied once or twice daily. Leaves are scale-like in adults, ovate, obtuse to bluntly acute, yellowish-green to gray-green below bearing a pustular gland near apex, appressed to branchlets in opposite pairs, each pair overlapping the adjacent pair above. Sometimes in severe cases of nocturnal eneuresis, it is accompanied with belladonna, or rhus aromatica with good results. Externally, Long’s thuja, specific thuja, an daqueous thuja may be applied full strength, or diluted as required. The treatment of adenoids is greatly simplified by making an application first of Monsell’s solution to the diseased structures, and then applying thuja. In warts and excrescences, two small doses per day will often remove them in a few days, especially if external use of the agent be made also. It should be applied with vaseline. It is a low maintenance plant that tolerates clay soil, wet sites, black walnut, and air pollution. Use: Locally and internally it is of value in gangrenous ulcers, acute venous gangrene, senile gangrene, nasal polypus and scaly skin diseases, in which cases a 25 to 50% solution of the tincture may be used locally. Genus Thuja are fast-growing evergreen trees of narrowly conical habit, with flat sprays of tiny, aromatic, scale-like leaves and small knobbly cones Details 'Smaragd' is an evergreen conifer making a slow-growing conical shrub with erect sprays of bright green foliage ... Thuja occidentalis arborvitae Thuja plicata western redcedar Legal Status. In spermatorrhoea the result of masturbation or over-indulgence, especially if there is depression of the mind in these cases. May often be combined in these conditions with staphysagra, saw palmetto or avena sativa to great advantage. It is true that Prof. King described thuja in the earlier editions of the American Dispensatory, and stated that a decoction of the leaves had been used in remittent and intermittent fevers, coughs, rheumatic and scorbutic affections, and gave the usual notice respecting its power to remove warts. it tones the muscular structure of the bladder and exercises a desirable influence over the mucous structures of the entire urinary apparatus. It may likewise be used in carcinomatous ulcerations. Bailey: THOCP3: Thuja occidentalis L. var. The case was cured in a few weeks. Med. Propagation by Cuttings. No physician gave his case. 1898: Felter and Lloyd – THUJA – ARBOR VITAE Action, Medical Uses, and Dosage – Thuja was occasionally employed by doctors in the earlier years, but few new uses for it were developed. Updated March 20, 2020 Homeopathic Remedy Thuja Occidentalis (Thuj) CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT; throughout most of northern New England, but becoming rare and local to the south. to alcohol 76% Oj. The preparation should be dropped on hot water and inhaled. The young, inner bark of the new stems is known to have been used to make soup by the Ojibwa tribe. The use of thuja persistently in these cases is as effectual as it is when used in the same manner for syphilitic ulcerations. 1. In extreme cases it will remove the fetor, retard the growth, and materially prolong the life of the patient. He uses it in warts, tumors an dexcrescences. Thuja occidentalis f. buchananii (Spath) Rehder Like nearly all the drugs, which are not so dangerously active as to force themselves on the practitioner’s notice, it only needed some conspicuous authority to announce the virtues of the remedy. Dose – From the fraction of a drop to five drops. Plant type: evergreen medium tree Primary method of propagation: cutting Alternate propagation method(s): seed, layering. It does not tolerate dry sites, and exposed windy sites should be avoided. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. It was probably the first North American tree introduced into Europe (ca. It is in leaf all year, in flower from April to May, and the seeds ripen from September to October. It is first stimulant, afterward subastringent. It was originally advised as a remedy for epithelioma, to be administered both internally an dexternally. Other common names: Arborvitae, Cedar, Eastern Arborvitae, Eastern Thuja, Northern White Cedar French names: Thuya occidental Family: Cypress Family (Cupressaceae) Distinctive features: Tree, Shrub Similar species: • Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) - similar only in name, different appearance. 1911: Fyfe syphilitic and other diseases of bad blood, with warty excrescences or ulcerations; catarrhal diseases of the female generative organs; enuresis; seminal emissions, vesical irritation, especially in aged women; atonic conditions following dysentery; incontinence of urine in children; chronic diarrhoea and chronic troubles of the prostate gland; dribbling of urine in the aged, when not of a paretic nature; eczema, especially of the dry variety. Noteworthy Characteristics. Nut in some urinary difficulties, it promotes better results, and I think the late Professor Howe should be credited with having first called attention to this use of the remedy. Tolerates clay soil, wet sites, black walnut and air pollution. Northern white cedar provides nesting sites for songbirds, as well as cover, especially in the winter, for white-tailed deer, which both feed on the branches and use them for shelter from the cold. It gives satisfaction in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis when the difficulty is of functional origin. Subcutaneous injection of it around the base of the growth has been recommended, and might be more effective than the preceding. It will deaden fungous granulations, and utterly destroy them in some instances. Constitutional or tonic treatment may also be required. The injection of thuja into nevi that are of a non-pulsating character, or those not too venous in structure, has been recently practiced.

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