I think it will work well for my use - a fan that blows toward the exercise bike when I’m on it. Hi there, Yes floor will be ideal. I have a clip-on desk fan that is much quieter that doesn't move much air, but a heck of a lot more than this little thing. Great for pushing air from one room to another. It’s not a deal breaker. It moves air in every corner of the room very effortlessly and eventually gives cooling comfort to each and everyone in the room. That was a bargain! Additionally, air circulator fans can be used in warm and cold weather. On the floor? This fan does what other fans can only dream of. It’s very quiet and compact, which is great. Oscillating fans can't compete with this fan. Likewise - Harvey Norman at Epping Road Ryde - a couple of years ago, Would it be good for bedroom (being on the floor), or would a tower work better?Thanks :). So not only is the design of the Vornado excellent for moving air around a room (as I said in my first review), but Vornado really stands behind their products! It don't take up hardly any room and it give me just the right amount of air to keep me from sweating while doing my face. It is terrible. Height: 15-inch 6. First and foremost, the Vornado 460 is a bit smaller than the 660, moves air up to 70 ft (as opposed to … If you don't like air blowing straight at your face, this is a perfect fan for you. 4.6 out of 5 stars with 138 reviews… Vornado Helix1 Desktop Air Circulator Tower Fan Black. However, cute though they may be, they are absolutely worthless as fans. Vornado - Zippi Personal Fan Ice. It is pretty quiet for a fan, easy to use, and small enough to not clutter up my desk at work. Great Product! I think if you want a little air movement or even some white noise, these are great. These fans are small and don't move a whole lot of air but I bought three of them to keep electronic equipment cool and for that, they are great. It circulates the air around the room very nicely. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan, Midnight, See all details for Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan, Midnight, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2019. Would it be good for bedroom (being on the floor), or would a tower work better? 30. I have it at my desk. Seeing how I only kept this V6 fan for one day, I cannot comment on it's long-term durability. So how does the Silverscreen™ … On the higher setting, it makes a somewhat unpleasant hum yet doesn't move enough air to dry a sweaty face. Sadly, I must say I hate-hate-hate this fan. I've been using it over Xmas where it's been above 30 degrees every day & extremely muggy in some. How does an air circulator … On lower settings it is not a problem. It generates a jet of air and when used according to instructions the air in the room is bounced off the walls creating air movement. Please call our Consumer Care line at 800-234-0604 and allow us to help diagnose what went wrong. I'm writing my own review to help others as their reviews helped me. © 2020 ProductReview.com.au Pty. An air circulator fan, on the other hand, creates airflow that keeps all the air in a room in continuous motion to eliminate hot or cold spots. Further details in the disclaimer. The fan, the air passing through (which I know is normal for Vornados),and then there's this little vibrating rattle that comes and goes - which might be a defect in the one that I've purchased. By: Vornado. I actually bought 2 of them because I couldn't decide which color I liked best because they were both so darned cute. At Vornado we take pride in our products and are sad to hear this product did not meet your expectations. I read many reviews taking into account energy consumption. Add to cart. I've bought this fan more than 6 years ago and it's still going strong. It circulates air very well and when you angle it at the right position (be it wall or ceiling), really moves air … giv eit a try. If you are looking for a fan for when you are sweating out of your mind, I would recommend this product. This air circulator is great. A DC current ceiling fan would be preferabl...Read more, I was looking for a fan & started researching. Keep reading for our full product review. I thought I'd give this a try despite mixed reviews. Oscillating fans can't compete with this fan.I've used the fan in the bedroom during this Sydney heat wave and had the fan aimed towards the bed. Great for pushing air from one room to another. I read many reviews taking into account energy consumption. 723 Large Air Circulator. Maxx Air High Velocity Floor Fan HVFF16T. Since many mothers tend to spout selfless phrases like ‘please don’t spend any money on me,’ Christmas is a great opportunity to spoil your Mum. I'm very hot natured and I sweat easily. It circulated the air making it actually cool if that makes sense. Volts / Hertz: 120V / 60Hz 9. This fan is the BEST I've ever owned. Can be noisy on high fan speeds but the amount of air it is circulating is a real plus, no pain no gain they say. I leave at the balcony door to suck in cool air into my hot apartment when I get home and I notice a difference that my last box fan was unable to replicate. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator The 630 Air Circulator continues Vornado’s superior benchmark performance with a new edge definition design. Q. When used with air conditioning it helps to distribute more cool air around the room. It also makes the air feel fresher & not stale.Im using this in my room & office & ive not got one complaint (obviously). It would be a really cute small modern design desk fan if it worked. This room circulator fan comes with four speed settings and is an excellent heating cooling … I'm so glad I came across this fan. Packs a punch in a small package.

vornado air circulator review

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