Narrow, linear to linear-lanceolate leaves. Trisha explains why and selects fungal-resistant varieties that don't need deadheading. Some varieties are widely available in cell/six packs from nurseries. The thread leaf zinnia is resistant to all typical zinnia … Zinnia angustifolia (Z. linearis), Narrow-leaf Zinnia, grows 12 inches tall and has narrow, 1-2 inch long by 1/2 inch wide leaves. Plant Select 2014. Reliable, prolific, and hassle-free with a long vase life, Zinnias are excellent for cut flower production. It features a profuse summer to frost bloom of single, daisy-like, bright orange flowers (to 1” diameter). Color: Orange. Plants grow 1112 feet high and wide, with 212-to 312 inches flower heads. Cooperative Extension, which … These plants do not fade in summer as is sometimes the case with common zinnia (Z. elegans). No serious insect or disease problems. Tolerates heat, humidity and drought. A. Other common names … Zinnia angustifolia, the narrowleaf zinnia,[2] is a herbaceous flowering plant species of zinnia native to northern and western Mexico and naturalized in parts of the Southwestern United States. Exposure: Full sun. Zinnia angustifolia ‘Crystal White’: By KENPEI (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons. The Star series offers orange, gold, or white flowers. Zinnia angustifolia has a low, spreading habit that, combined with zinnias ability to withstand heat and lousy soil, is perfect for along the walkway. The 1 inch diameter flowers are golden-orange with yellow stripes and are single in petal arrangement About Zinnia… The flowers have bright orange or sometimes yellow ray corollas,[4] but in cultivated plants, the flowers may be white or a variety of other colors.[6]. A real breakthrough in the world of Zinnias, the hybrid 'Profusion' Series is a stunning cross between Zinnia angustifolia and Zinnia Elegans which combines the best traits of both species: disease … The stems have many branches and the herbage is rough with short hairs. [3], Zinnia angustifolia is an annual or perennial[4] growing up to 50 cm (20 inches) tall. Good drought tolerance. The heads of flowers have involucres that are mostly hemispheric (shaped like a globe that is cut in half), usually much less than 1 cm high (0.4 inches) or wide. 4" tall x 15" wide. – Rocky Mountain zinnia P Zinnia angustifolia, commonly called narrow-leaf zinnia or Mexican zinnia, is a compact bushy annual that typically grow 8-16” tall on hairy, branching stems. A superb native groundcover plant for slopes and dry areas, Zinnia grandiflora ‘Gold on Blue’ (Gold on Blue Prairie Zinnia) is an unusually large-growing form of Prairie Zinnia… Zinnia angustifolia, the narrowleaf zinnia, is a herbaceous flowering plant species of zinnia native to northern and western Mexico and naturalized in parts of the Southwestern United States. You will find dark, pointed seeds … La zinnia angustifolia o zinnia de hoja estrecha, son consideradas como plantas herbáceas de hojas prominente y hermosas flores, mayormente las mismas son nativas de Mexico en su parte norte y … Peruvian Zinnia (Zinnia peruviana) has elegant red blossoms that progress through a subtle range of hues as they mature, blooming all summer long. Ever wondered why some zinnias crater in hot, humid summers? Classic Z. angustifolia bears 1-inch flowers with orange petals around a yellow center. Crystal white is one of the most lush and beautiful flowers of Mexican Zinnia… It is therefore related to the Daisy, Sunflower, and Aster plants. Height/Spread: 14 inches tall, 8 inches wide, mounded. The most popular zinnia species is Zinnia elegans, which has been bred to produce a great number of unique varieties. This compact zinnia grows quickly and … Excellent disease resistance to fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and leaf spots. Zinnia angustifolia ‘Star Orange’ Zones: Annual. Deadheading is not required. This page was last edited on 2 April 2020, at 09:08. $3.00. Native Range: Southeastern United States, Mexico, Bloom Description: Orange, yellow, white, red and pink, Tolerate: Drought, Dry Soil, Black Walnut. The Garden wouldn't be the Garden without our Members, Donors and Volunteers. Single, star-shaped flowers up to 2 in./5 cm across on plants with a looser, more informal look. More Accounts and Images; ARS … Vigorous enough to fill a bed, basket or mixed container … This plant has no children Legal Status. Easy to … There is a trio of kaleidoscopic groundcovers that are happy when planted in the summer, will persist through the fall, and may even be around for the beginning of winter. The … Thread leaf Zinnia – Zinnia angustifolia (Z. haageana) Flower Color Height Season Pests Uses Propagation orange, white 10"- 15" summer Japanese beetles borders and edging seeds Performance - An excellent small flowered zinnia for Kentucky gardens. There are three main kinds of zinnia flowers: single, semidouble, or double. … Comprised of the best of Z. angustifolia and Z. elegans, ‘Profusion’ types of zinnia grow to about a foot in height (30 cm.) The Crystal White cultivar: with white flowers. Related Links. It features a profuse summer to frost bloom of … A bushy zinnia with small, narrow foliage growing only 12-inches tall. Gray – shortray zinnia P: Species Zinnia grandiflora Nutt. The simple daisy-like flowers are only 1-inch wide in orange, gold, red or white. Easily grown in humusy, evenly moist, well-drained soils in full sun. Z. angustifolia and Z. haageana are considered synonymous by some references.Genus name honors Johann Gottfried Zinn (1727-1759), professor of botany, Gottingen.Specific epithet means narrow-leaved. Plant Peruvian Zinnia seeds to enliven a border, … This species has many cultivars belonging to three classes: leaf blades are linear to narrowly elliptic,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Sow seed directly in the ground after last frost date or start seed indoors 4-6 weeks earlier. The Star series: orange, white or gold flowers. Pinwheel series … This Mexican native is the go-to species for … By April Sanders Zinnia x hybrida cultivars are a cross between Zinnia elegans and Zinnia angustifolia. Harvest often for … Zinnia 'Whirlygig Mix' Festive double flowers with many multi-colored selections grace this favorite of Gran's garden. Cultivars extend the available flower colors to include red, orange, yellow, pink, white and bicolors. To save zinnia seeds for replanting, simply collect a few blossoms that are at least halfway brown, and let them dry in a paper bag until they shatter. Zinnia angustifolia, commonly called narrow-leaf zinnia or Mexican zinnia, is a compact bushy annual that typically grow 8-16” tall on hairy, branching stems. Zinnia angustifolia NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. [5] The 2–7 cm × 4–8 mm (0.8-2.8 × 0.16-0.32 inches)leaf blades are linear to narrowly elliptic. Bloom Time: Spring to frost. These mildew-resistant selections originated with a cross between Zinnia angustifolia and Zinnia elegans. Zinnia angustifolia Kunth – narrowleaf zinnia Subordinate Taxa. Hybrids between Z. angustifolia … Zinnia seeds are easy to direct seed into the garden, but may also be transplanted. with a naturally branching, neat clumping habit. The Star series offers orange, gold, or white flowers. Plants will bloom profusely all summer if spent flowers … Zinnia angustifolia tolerates heat and resists powdery mildew better than most other zinnia species, according to Iowa State University Reiman Gardens Extension. How to grow Zinnia angustifolia species, which is commonly known as the Mexican or Creeping Zinnia or the Narrowleaf zinnia plant, in your garden. Annual. The zinnia ‘Profusion’ is a disease resistant hybrid that thrives in hot, dry weather. Set out plants after last frost date. I'm partial to the coppery tones of Z. haageana (also known as Z. mexicana ), an easy-care zinnia … Latin Name: Zinnia angustifolia. Category: Seeds. Gray – desert zinnia P: Species Zinnia angustifolia Kunth – narrowleaf zinnia P: Species Zinnia anomala A. Genus Zinnia L. – zinnia P : Contains 7 Species and 7 accepted taxa overall : Down one level : Species Zinnia acerosa (DC.) Availability: Sold Out. Kinds of ‘Profusion’ zinnias … Creeping or spreading Zinnia angustifolia, such as the Crystal Series, are a revelation for the front of the border, raised beds, containers, and even ground covers. Hybrids between Z. angustifolia and other species of Zinnia are popular garden plants. The Crystal series is amazingly drought and abuse tolerant. Interpreting Wetland Status. This is a cherry little annual which spreads joy in a sunny garden. Wetland Status. Zinnia angustifolia, better known as Creeping zinnia, is an annual from the family Asteraceae (Compositae).

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