We’ve come across many reviews that say that it’s the best guitar the reviewer has ever owned, and we’re not surprised! Guitar scale lengths are usually between 24" and 26". The original design of the ESP LTD James Hetfield Snakebyte is sure to turn some heads. We’re positive you’ll find at least one that is perfect for your needs! The E10P has a 24.9-inch scale length, with 19 total frets. Resonance is important for an electric guitar and that is why Fender has used Hardtail bridges that facilitate the strings to move smoothly. PRS SE Standard 24 Electric Guitar. We have read a lot of reviews from guitar players with small hands, and have managed to narrow the selection down to six guitars that we think you should take a closer look at. We’ll start off this list with a real classic, Squier by Fender. The neck has a radius of 9,5” and the neck is C-shaped. FAQ. This is a lot easier to achieve on a shorter scale guitar and using lower gauge strings, because the shorter the scale, the lower the string tension will be at pitch. What this means is, on a 27-inch scale guitar, a set of 10s tuned to E standard is going to have quite a bit more tension on it than that same set of 10s tuned to E standard on a 25-1/2 inch scale guitar. Many guitar players have never considered the impact of scale length when choosing a guitar. A regular electric or acoustic guitar’s scale length is usually between 24.75 inches (most Gibsons) and 25.5 inches (most Fenders). The scale length used by Gibson has caused some confusion. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. Price: $1,000.00 Save: $261.00 (26%) $739.00 $739.00 $739.00 8 Payments of $92.38. A critical feature of this guitar is the active infinity R pickups. Full-length ‘long scale’ guitars measure 25.5-inch; in contrast, a small scale guitar neck measures from 22 inches to 24 ¾ inches. To be honest, except for the body size of the fret board, and the comfort side of things, there’s nothing out of the ordinary that you should look for when buying an electric guitar for players with small hands. Squier by Fender Bullet Mustang HH Short Scale Beginner Electric Guitar - Blue. Historically, 25.5 means Fender and 24.75 means Gibson. Returns & Refunds. Selecting your instrument also calculates the bridge position for proper intonation. It has an alder body shape with gloss polyester finish and has a classic design that will never go out of fashion. If the answer to these questions are yes, then you should buy this guitar for smaller hands! This is true, as long as both are strung with the … People are different. 55-Point Inspection, 0% Financing, and FREE Shipping for 24-fret Electric Guitars! Different Scale, Different Sound. This cool little Ibanez GRGM21BKN Mikro electric guitar is available in black, blue, white metallic purple, vivid pink and walnut sunburst. The two most common scale lengths for electric guitars are 24¾ inch, found on many Gibson-style guitars, such as the Les Paul, and the longer 25½ inch, found on many Fender-style guitars, such as the Telecaster, Stratocaster and Jazzmaster models. Some people choose electric guitars only pay to attention price, from the surface there is no difference, but ignore cheap electric guitars low-tensile strength, fret wire bring the change of sound quality, the impact of poor quality have efficiency and hand feeling. We wanted to address this issue and create an article that will help you find the best electric guitar for small hands. Being shorter than the Fender 25-1/2" scale, the Gibson 24-3/4" scale has a lower tension/easier to play feel, and a warmer tone. We also know that simply reading about an instrument doesn’t really help too much, so we’ve linked to good YouTube videos so that you can both see and hear the guitar in its right element. I think that tradition still exists too. Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS is the guitar for you! AU $107.90 New. New electric Guitar Neck 22 Fret , Maple & Rosewood Fretboard Scale length is 24 Inch . Yes, a mini electric guitar can indeed be a good idea if you feel like a normal sized guitar is too big for you. This is the foundation of Durango Guitar Works, a quality custom guitar company specializing in short scale guitars. The short-scale Stratocaster (24") is ideal for players with smaller hands and provides a comfortable playing feel. Find out about our Product Rating process and policies, The 6 Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands. FREE Shipping. Some of us are tall, some of us vertically-challenged. The final result is great sound quality. About Us. Hi, I'm just wondering what are your thoughts on short scale guitars (24.5). The colors you can choose from are Fiesta Red, Olympic White, 3 Vintage Tone Sunburst finish, Candy Apple Red and Metallic KO. Please note, the build and sound quality is lesser than that of the Gibson. What does this mean for you? Price may … This guitar is a real beauty, no matter which color you pick. Next up is an awesome, versatile guitar from Gibson that just completely rocks in our opinion. There is no "perfect" scale length; manufacturers select an instrument's scale to achieve particular qualities for the guitar they are designing. This shorter scale allows for closer fret spacing, an easier reach to the lower chords and bass notes and a more "slack" feel on the fretboard. Pros: + ¾ electric guitar + Available in red, black and pink + 22,75” scale length + C-shaped neck + 1-year warranty. We strongly recommend that you watch this YouTube video if you want to learn more about this Gibson SG Special guitar and listen to some of the sweet tunes it’s able to make! If you are able to go to a music shop and try different guitars from our list out, that can be very helpful to determine which one is perfect for you. Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS is the guitar for you! The Fender Bronco has a 24" scale length. When you read through our reviews, try to make your own list of the guitars you like. A rock-n-roll guitar, the SE Standard 24 is the perfect choice for guitarists. Quite simply, a more comfortable feeling electric guitar. Pros: + Really nice design + 24 ¾” scale length + High-quality. The Modern Player Short Scale Telecaster - along with reducing the scale length to 610mm (24-inch) - shaves those dimensions down to 304mm and 379mm respectively. Head on over to YouTube and watch this video, and you’ll see what it’s all about! Home. I've been playing the standard 25.5" scale, and i recently bought a 24.75" guitar without realizing it. If you’ve got a little aspiring rocker at home that wants to start to play the guitar, check out this cool ¾ sized one from Ibanez! You can check out the Epiphone SG special for a cheaper alternative to the Gibson SG Special. It’s good for small hands in the aspect that it has a small neck, but the distance between the frets is the same as other guitars. The two most-used scale lengths are "Fender Standard" 25.5-inch (647.70mm) and "Gibson Standard" 24.75-inch (628.65mm), however that doesn't mean that all electric guitars are one or the other. Curious to find out more about this nice guitar? Some of the guitars made this list because they have slim necks, others because they have a short scale length, so they’re not all the same unfortunately. While the hardware of the E10P isn’t the most complex, each component that does contribute to this guitar are still in top form; each component has … Progressive Electric Guitars All the shackles of traditional guitar designs fall away for our Progressive series. Karrera 39in Electric Guitar Blue. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more … Customer Support. This Classic Vibe 50's Strat guitar for smaller hands has a cool vintage style synchronized tremolo. Many people are absolutely in love with it, and it just sounds so good and looks so nice that it’s impossible not to like. The two most-used scale lengths are "Fender Standard" 25.5-inch (647.70mm) and "Gibson Standard" 24.75-inch (628.65mm), however that doesn't mean that all electric guitars are one or the other. Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass Bit Crusher, Produces 80s-style lo-fi sounds reminiscent of … Most Fender electric guitars, including the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Esquire, and Jazzmaster use a scale length of 25.5 inches (650 mm). The Squier Jagmaster is an electric guitar marketed by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation under their Squier budget brand. The basses may be rounder (some might say ‘muddier’) but the highs will be more lyrical and resonant sounding. More Buying Choices $167.33 (12 used & new offers) Fender Squier Short Scale (24… Fender never made a 24.75" guitar and Gibson never made a 25.5" guitar. It has a modern c-shaped neck and a 24” scale length, so it’s really easy to play even for people with small hands. Common scale lengths are 24.75”, 25” and 25.5”. Sound wise there is not much to say, more than that it’s one of Fender’s guitars, and therefore we expect a certain build and sound quality, and it doesn’t disappoint, as you know if you’ve checked it out on YouTube. Hi, I'm just wondering what are your thoughts on short scale guitars (24.5). Dedicated to the legends of various styles, eras and genres, the Vintage Series takes you back to the sound and playing feel of guitars associated with iconic tones from yesteryear. This guitar is appropriate for small hands and has a 9,5” fingerboard radius. … Pros: + C-shaped neck + 24” scale length + Authentic Nirvana sound + High-quality. This ¾ Ibanez GRGM21BKN Mikro electric guitar works well for short, small handed adults as well as children learning to play. It has 3 custom vintage style single-coil strat pickups that are great. Square fingerboard end overhangs are only available on these retro-fit conversion necks – sorry no rounded fingerboard ends due to the way in which the different scale is achieved. A reliable guitar with great tone and excellent playability. A few Fender models such as the Jaguar and Mustang use a scale length of 24 inches (610 mm). We aim to provide quality, short scale guitars that are constructed well, play effortlessly and provide for many players, an option they did not know they had. Careers. This is a 24 inch scale electric guitar with a scaled down version of a Tele body. A guitar with a shorter scale length (like the Gibson Les Paul) requires less tension to reach concert pitch than a guitar with a longer scale (like the Fender Strat). Select based on if you entered a scale length of inches or millimeters. Typically 19, 21, 22, or 24 What is scale length? Service Postal Address. The 9,5” fingerboard radius makes it easier to play for the guitar player with small hands. That usually makes things clearer. The Musical instrument features a fast, slim maple neck and a compact 22.2-inch scale. Is a Mini Electric Guitar Good for Small Hands? Karrera 39 inch Full Size Electric Guitar - Purple. It’s hard to argue against the SG as being the … What to Look for When Buying an Electric Guitar for Small Hands? However, this often neglected detail can make a world of difference in your playing. We can conclude that there is really a guitar for everyone, no matter how small your hands or arms are. You try to reach and it just feels like an impossibility. Fender Musical Instruments introduced the Precision Bass in 1951, with a 34-inch scale that’s become accepted as the standard for bass guitars. 4.5 out of 5 ... Only 5 left in stock - order soon. For good intonation, the guitar's saddle will be placed so a little extra … Conversely, if you have, like, a 22-1/2 inch scale guitar or something around there, a set of 10s is going to feel way, way lighter. Fancy sticking with electric? Build Custom. A vital part of guitar building involves placing the 12th fret exactly halfway between the saddle and the nut. Karrera 39in Electric Guitar - Red. What does this mean for you? In all honesty, most adults are able to play a full-sized guitar, but if you’ve already tried that and just feel like it would be better to get one that suits your needs better, take this list with you to a music shop and ask to test play the small sized guitars and see what it feels like. The Fender modern Jaguar NOS guitar looks very sophisticated and has a classic look with a modern twist. Its pointy design makes it look enough rock n’ roll to make any kid practice the guitar more. Pick up two guitars that are otherwise identically constructed – same neck profile, fretboard radius, pickups and hardware, same type and gauge of strings even – but which are made to a 24.75" and 25.5" scale length respectively, and you are likely to find yourself playing a little differently on each. For example, Stratocaster and Telecaster scale length is the standard 25.5-inch length as you can see in the picture below. The scale length of a guitar is, in common parlance, the distance from the nut to the saddle, and, more precisely, the distance from the nut to the 12th fret multiplied by two (don’t miss our post on measuring scale length if you need to take this measurement on your own guitar). If you’re looking for an entry-level product, you can always count on Squier to … The Ibanez 6 string electric guitar comes with the right size for little ones who love to play guitar. It’s certainly not something that you have to have in order to be able to play the guitar at all, but if you have very small hands it might be a good idea. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar… Sign up! The Ibanez 6 string electric guitar comes with a lot of eye-catching features. Just like when it comes to regular electric guitars, you’ll need to find one that sounds good and that looks good, if that’s important to you. Instead, the components of the guitar … It goes without saying. It has a modern c-shaped neck and a 24” scale length, so it’s really easy to play even for people with small hands. Number seven is a really nice travel guitar from Fender, Jaguar Special. Bass scale lengths generally stay between 30" to 36". Fit for Strat style or similar electric guitar. So it is with electric guitars. 00. Karrera 39in Electric Guitar - Black . It’s smaller than a body size than full size, which doesn’t just mean that it’s good for people with small hands, but for kids as well. However, some of Fender’s competitors produced basses with significantly shorter scale lengths. Our Factory accept the customer request. So you can see how that variation can affect a guitar’s “feel.” A guitar’s feel is also affected by the tension of the strings. And the 1970s Musicmasters had 24" scale… Indeed, the Mustang, Jaguar, Duo-Sonic, Musicmaster, and even the Bronco, have been used to create their fair share of great music over the years. The 24 Inch Scale Guitar. The SE 245 will cover all the tones you need in style and is the answer for players who grew up using short scale, single-cutaway guitars. © With Nice Inlay, Bolt style heel. Free Go-Kit Musicians Bundle, a $29.99 Value! Bass We offer 20 or 21 fret 4 string necks with 34″ scale … PRS, Dobro, & National When luthier Paul Reed Smith was developing his now highly desirable guitars, he was looking to capture the harmonic richness of the Fender electric's tone as well as the fullness, warmth, and playability of the Gibson electric guitars. Good for kids and adults with small hands. Most often you can make up for your small hand by doing technique exercises that strengthen your hand. Our guitars come standard in a 24" scale, a full inch and a half shorter than the more traditional guitar fare currently on the market. Just add to cart and follow the checkout instructions, choose PayPal as the payment method and then in the PayPal portal, choose PayPal Credit. Price may vary by color. We also like that they include a deluxe gig bag so that you can transport your guitar in style and also make sure that you store it correctly at home!

24 inch scale electric guitar

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