For this, I’ll use Moz, but other SEO tools would work as well. B2B Content Marketing Strategies Content is king. They contain short chapters 100-150 words each of your Pillar page. Blogs help the service pages rank by being link-worthy. Those who produce content within the context of a holistic content strategy. Here’s the connection: When a blog post attracts a link, it makes every page on the site more authoritative, more likely to rank. 39% of content programs have a documented content mission, 18% have ongoing influencer marketing campaigns. That idea, blog and grow rich, fails because it misses the key connection between content and traffic. When we look at the lead generation conversion rates for visitors who start their visit on a blog post, it’s abysmal. Taking the time to consider your strategy, create a roadmap, and define goals can make a powerful difference in the effectiveness of your B2B marketing content. Then, you have ALL the content ON that URL, not a separate Pillar page pointing TO the Pillar page. But what about making the Service page your Pillar page instead? (I’ve since quoted you twice on my blog, signed up to your email list, and bought your book… If that tells you anything about how your writing has resonated with me.) Happy rankings, Chad! That’ll take some time. As a Customer-Centric Growth, Sales, Marketing, and Digitisation Strategist who has developed several sales strategies during the years, I have realised that even businesses that give their sales strategy the attention it deserves see varied results. We’ll never generate a lead. We are unlikely to rank if all of the other high ranking sites for a given phrase have more authority than we do. Here’s what it might look like as an infographic. And a very small percentage of content strategies (about 1%) combine these tactics to build powerful platforms for high rankings, huge traffic and loads of conversions. Hope this is helpful. Learn more in our B2B marketing strategy framework guide. Multiple those percentages and you get 1%. Here’s the executive summary: Businesses don’t Google things, people do. Tags: strategy brand phase. That is, roughly 1 in every 100 content strategies combine all of these tactics. Here is an example of a 7-part content strategy framework for B2B lead generation built for SEO. Why are some content strategies so successful while others are not? They’ll flow in all day every day. A website without a blog is an online brochure, one with very low domain authority and rankings. It declares three simple things: Simple, right? It’s not why they’re visiting. This is why web design and conversion copy is so critical. B2B marketers are learning from B2C and incorporating content marketing as a strategic lever in their marketing approach. Documenting this mission is such an obvious first step for any content strategy that everyone does it right? The primary goal of the B2B content strategy is this: get the service pages to rank for commercial-intent phrases. Get Started with Your B2B Marketing Strategy Framework. You can’t plan a strategy unless you’re clear about what you want to achieve from your initiatives. Offer to write an article for a relevant blog (pitch a guest post) …More on this idea in just a minute. Step 2 takeaway: Our content strategy framework begins with a documented content marketing mission. From testing this personally, just be cautious not to combine the content marketing of two segments of customers at different phases together. Regardless of the structure of the service page and regardless of which page is the “pillar” just be sure that your strategy has a comprehensive plan to rank, which probably means some kind of PR + original research + influencers. Enterprise content strategy takes a lot of upfront work, and then thoughtful measurement and iteration throughout. It’s the job of your content to answer their questions. We’re 40 strong spread across design, development, and project management. It’s very helpful to have a designated expert with a good reputation. Every successful content strategy I’ve seen has a foundation of well-written articles (text). Your content will help your audience reach their goals, and in return, you will reach the target numbers you wish. Nope! Step 6 takeaway: Our content strategy includes ongoing collaboration with influencers. When planning your content strateg… For our little coffee company, this page about our coffee delivery service. Reader + type of content + schedule = framework. It shouldn’t matter if the SMEs are in-house or outside experts, one person or lots of contributors. If they’ve ever published research, you’ll likely see it at the top of the report. We strive to educate and collaborate with like-minded businesses to make a difference environmentally and socially. You need to build out your topic clusters with rank-ready content that answers your prospect's questions, gets you on their radar, and introduces them to your business. The money phrases. In this guide, I’ll share an eight-step framework you can use to create an effective B2B content marketing strategy for your business. The Optimal B2B Content Strategy Framework . This is why the best content marketers work closely with sales teams. EXPLORE THE PLANNING TOOL. I’m thinking of printing this out, sticking on my office wall and going back to it to see if I’m doing it (I’m not a full time marketer..). B2B SaaS companies are churning out blog posts left and right, but the reality is few marketers are creating strategic content aligned with their business goals —whether that's increasing retention, generating leads, or boosting brand awareness.. In fact, “organic influencer marketing” (which is really just collaborative content marketing) is free and can save you time. Creating a B2B content strategy that drives results takes industry expertise, audience understanding, and strategic implementation. The idea is partly to make our brand and our content more visible to people who create content. I know I’ve always worried that if I don’t continue to publish consistently, my traffic will fall off. Designing, building, and supporting the web since 2001. The benefit of separated “pillar pages” is focusing on satisfying the customer at THAT specific stage, and helping them move to the next stage in the sales funnel. The best source for content ideas is the audience themselves. This trend is moving fast – according to The Content Council , content marketing represented 13% of total marketing budgets two years ago, but will account for 33% by 2017. Assuming our article about the amazing benefits of whole bean coffee was successful, it’s a candidate for repurposing as a visual. (because I am)…Say your Service page has 300 words…what about making sections/tabs on this page that are expandable with 1700 more words of relevant sub-sets of that topic/service. So everyone is collaborating with influencers, right? NOTE: We update this guide for major updates in the B2B space for beginners, but if you want more advanced, as-it-happens SEO tips, subscribe to our content strategy … Conversion optimization has its own framework: answer your visitors’ top questions, address their main objections, support our messages with evidence and add clear, specific calls to action. Plan is the first step in building a successful content marketing strategy. It’s much more of a campaign approach. Learn more in our B2B marketing strategy framework guide. Because these visitors have information-intent, not commercial-intent. A Simple B2B Marketing Framework So taking this general concept a step further, I created a simple B2B marketing framework that depicts the hierarchy of B2B marketing strategy and tactics. Some brands separate their ongoing (organic) social media content strategy from their paid social and content marketing strategy. But at the same time 6200+ B2B marketers say that their biggest challenges are generating traffic and leads, and proving the ROI of marketing activities. Step 1 takeaway: Our content strategy begins with a well-optimized set of services pages, optimized to rank and targeting a phrase that is (eventually) within reach. It includes a strategic process to create better and more valuable content for an audience. That content is critical because of its indirect benefits. I know…you don’t want a 2000 word Service page….but consider this…. But this is about content strategy, not just blogging. B2B branding strategy advice to help your company establish an identity. A B2B marketing strategy is your business’ plan to identify a brand, establish a voice, and market your product or services to those who could benefit from it. Download our white paper, The CMI Content Marketing Framework: 7 Building Blocks to Success, for an overview of the process, or learn about the other steps with our how-to guides on the right-hand side of the page. Chicago Community Member Choose a content framework Choose the right content themes and formats Find and maintain your brand personality Distribute and amplify your content Adjust your strategy as needed Content marketing: It’s a marathon, not a This program touches upon the need for content marketing and goes deeper into the content strategy and framework aspects. Every B2B content strategist knows there are two kinds of visitors, those who just want info and those who may need your services. A strategic B2B marketing is a huge opportunity to position your brand as thought leaders; as masters at the top of your field and to become a cardinal voice in your industry. After all, the prospects in our sales funnel are our most important audience! The customer journey map is an opportunity for you to become familiar with the various touchpoints that are involved in your B2B marketing strategy as customers move through the sales funnel , as well as what influences their decisions and what questions they may have. The top issue for businesses is finding the time to create and publish high quality content. And mentioning the research without citing it with a link would have been improper. Try waiting a minute or two and then reload. Our B2B marketing strategy framework will allow you to: Use research to make data-driven decisions about marketing campaign targeting and be able to back up tactics to your leadership team Gain a full understanding of your market and ideal customers to bring more relevant traffic to your website If they have big job titles, all the better. If you wish to distill your B2B content marketing strategy in its own plan, then consider creating a content marketing framework, which can help you develop the best content … Seeking a UX Designer, Conversion Strategist, and Marketing Analyst. If you have finite resources, the one thing that could be sacrificed is regular, ongoing posts on the blog. Doing this even once a year would be far better than occasionally putting out medium quality blog posts. For many B2B leaders, content marketing is a key initiative when marketing a complex product or solution. Some brands separate their ongoing (organic) social media content strategy from their paid social and content marketing strategy. That’s very easy. Create a document and include information you learned about the type of reader, the type of content they want and the schedule you should use and, bam, a framework. This chart shows how all of the content connects. Most content strategies do the usual (blogs, newsletters, an occasional ebook) while others use less common tactics (research, influencer collaboration, and video). Use this B2B messaging framework with templates guide to create your messaging framework for products and thought leadership. In this post, we will discuss a content strategy framework that includes the six pillars of an effective content strategy. There you have it. With guidance from SiriusDecisions and other analysts firms, many B2B organizations have evolved their go-to-market, messaging and content strategy. Let’s step back and see how each all this content fits together. Blogger B pitches four of those articles to other websites. As of January 2020, this guide ranks #1 for “B2B SEO,” so you’re in good hands. Every successful content strategy also uses visual formats regularly (images and video). Here are some of the most popular content marketing goals that you can select from. This piece is for B2B content marketers yearning for a simple, effective, “evergreen” content marketing plan to follow… Watch this video to get a gist (or see the full 7-step content marketing framework below): They reward you for the favor with a link. Our Domain Authority is 16. According to our annual blogger survey, only 25% of bloggers have published original research in the last 12 months (our friends at Mantis Research asked companies, not bloggers, and found a higher percentage). Usually just a fraction of one percent. Together we can make an impact. ... – the perfect way to focus your B2B content strategy It makes your website the primary source of new data. Your content is the cheese.” So our first job is to build the best possible mousetrap (our search/conversion optimized sales pages) before we start creating cheese (content creation). This program touches upon the need for content marketing and goes deeper into the content strategy and framework aspects. Less, but more focused time will beat more unfocussed efforts any day! It’s no surprise that a documented mission correlates with success. I think you pinpointed the biggest challenge: persistence. B2B Content Marketing Case Studies Water Technology Content Marketing Strategy Industry: Water Technology Kasco Marine approached MTC | The Content Agency to develop a content marketing strategy framework and content deliverables for the CertiSafe™ Municipal Mixer. Imagine two bloggers. View original. So if original research is such a powerful format for content for building authority, it should be a popular strategy, right? As Andy points out beautifully in this article, all the traffic in the world doesn’t matter if it doesn’t convert. A good review of needed content for online success. Content Strategy Framework Phase 1: Planning This first phase in developing a global content strategy includes three core activities: Choosing a content … You can find more examples and ideas for content mission statements here. Probably not. Content marketing is the fuel that feeds all of our marketing programs, be they online or offline. Messaging and positioning are the most under-rated tasks in marketing. Original research is news and that’s just what they’re looking for. I have no doubts whatsoever. At the center of all digital marketing is the sales page. The rapid growth of content marketing is undeniable. If this is the case for you too, your content blueprint may look a little different. You can Approach your B2B content marketing strategy using a framework to plan and develop content around your marketing objectives For many B2B leaders, content marketing is a key initiative when marketing a complex product or solution. It’s why the army does “war games” and B2B content marketing teams create a content marketing strategy. It builds upon April's framework and comprises a stack of … Why? All I mean by that is be sure your page doesn’t try to combine your “informational-stage leads” and your “transactional-stage leads” as a detriment to each other. However, only 56% say they are “extremely committed” or “very committed” to content marketing, and only 37% say they have a documented strategy in place. That might be a tough one for folks to get their heads around — but it’s essential for this strategy. But the results are generally 100x that of a typical article. Do whatever you can do to get that service page rank for the commercial-intent keyphrases. And to get those pages to rank, we need links and to get links, we need…. Even a little uncertainty will kill conversions. They have shifted from a product-based to a persona-based content In the end, you’ll gain more exposure, more backlinks, and better rank, correct? Within a year, we’ll have a river of qualified leads flowing in through our contact form. Now I know exactly what to publish and share with the sales team. Organizing content in this framework allows you to analyze your content by reach, engagement, and conversion KPIs more easily. It would be nice if a blog reader suddenly realized they need your business services, but it doesn’t happen a whole lot. Common B2B Content Marketing Challenges. This program touches upon the need for content marketing and goes deeper into the content strategy and framework aspects. Great content or social media programs are backed by a strong strategy. You’ll still need authority (links) and the service page isn’t going to attract them. In my experience, it often takes 10x effort. Keep reading and pay close attention to points 3, 6 and 7. But we also aren’t naive. Our B2B marketing strategy framework will allow you to: Use research to make data-driven decisions about marketing campaign targeting and be able to back up tactics to your leadership team Gain a full understanding of your market and ideal customers … Here’s the myth: visitors click from blog posts to service pages and then become leads. Our latest research shows that only 60% of bloggers ever write and pitch guest posts. This can work Chad, word to the wise tho, test your conversions often and regularly. Let us know if you need help with yours. Because it supports this article. Like I said this can work but if implemented incorrectly you can also kill conversions for both segments and lose potential customers. You’ll rank, convert and create demand, just as long as you keep blogging. Your marketing strategy should consist of: Clear goals you want to achieve (e.g. Content strategy is the practice of creating, governing, and measuring content that meets business goals and audience needs. Put another way, content In short, a content marketing strategy helps you: Create brand awareness Boost credibility Gain trust In the B2B world, content helps you get the executive buy-in you need to close lucrative deals. Blog enough and you’ll eventually win. As the CMO for a Marketing company, you are the SME, and for the B2B strategy you outline, you are clearly an expert for the content in all its formats to build up links and authority in a marketing industry network. If you have access to an SEO tool, enter any domain and see which of their pages has been linked to the most. Andy, you are a recent discovery for me but I am so glad I’ve found you. It’s optimized in both ways: Barry Feldman once said “Your website is the mousetrap. Worse, crafting messaging is just not as much fun as creative development, story-telling, or content creation. Approach your B2B content marketing strategy using a framework to plan and develop content around your marketing objectives. Here is the content marketing mission of Speedy Bean’s content (blog, emails, social posts, etc. Keep on blogging and eventually, you’ll create a river of leads. Assuming that each quarter, we publish a hub of content as shown above. Requested URL:, User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/84.0.4147.89 Safari/537.36. the usual conversion optimization best practices, Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Guide to Content Marketing, The benefits of the content to that audience, You can send the article to companies that are currently in your pipeline, keeping those conversations going, All sales associates are unified in their messaging, they can send the link to future prospects who have that same question, Improve the quality of your content (assuming they’re experts), Increased traffic from social media (assuming they share), Greater credibility (assuming they are reputable and support your message), Good for your personal network (assuming you keep in touch), Ask a relevant, credible source for a contributor quote, Send a few relevant questions to a small set of relevant sources (round up), Find one very relevant influencer and email them a series of questions (interview), Invite a relevant content creator to write an article for your site (host a guest post).

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