He wants to be a loving and caring human beings. Nature had bestowed all its treasures upon him to share them equally but his materialistic pursuits led him astray. Brutus was a great friend of Caesar and a patriot. Q.4) What should be our attitude towards the poor? He also says that after he has finished with his speech he will 1- How do the heavens ‘blaze forth’ the death of Julius Caesar?. Cowards die many a times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. Ans. Here, the poet prays to God to give him the strength to resist and not to bend the knees before a tyrant. He Caesar wouldn't have refused the crown thrice if he were an ambitious man. but ensures that he tells the people that Caesar had refused the crown Cassius disagrees and leaves alone. The narrator longs to see the girl under those wrinkles which once she was when she celebrated Raade festival and went to river Tawi to immerse the seedlings and bathe during the Navratras. jealous of him. We can know about the poets through their subjective poems which express their nature and ideas). Page No: 157 ... Answer the following questions by ticking the correct options. Antony has genuine love and affection for Caesar and wishes It is written by Mary Dobson. The Real freaks of education About. Q.5) How is mercy alone the “sceptered sway”? Noticing this, the Rabbi said, -As you choose only soft tongues here, so you should be soft in your conversation. Ans: If we refrain from backbiting and malicious talk, we won‘t harm the image and dignity of our fellow citizens while as indulging in such acts will hurt others and we shall also earn disrespect. (v). What do they represent? And I must pause till it come back to me. Q.5) Do you think wealth can make a nation great and strong? For any content/service related issues please contact on this number. We should always help the poor and work for their welfare. Rajasthan Board RBSE Solutions for Class 11 English Julius Caesar Textual Questions Textual Questions Mark True Or False Cassius plants forged letters in Brutus' house to incite Brutus. Friend b. We're sorry, but this browser is not supported by TopperLearning. (Noun) He gave me a present on my birthday. To hold at bay: Our soldiers hold at bay our enemies. turns against the conspirators after hearing Antony's speech, and in this in order to gain attention and sympathy of the public and avoid immediate a) Some visual images from the poem are: Floating Mountains, Stainless Sky, Wrinkled Clod, Hard as Brick. something (deliberately). Antony showed his affection and respect for Complex sentence. 1. Man amasses wealth and sits like a serpent on the treasures God has bestowed him, Unused remains a treasure upon which serpents find their shelter. Cassius fears that Anthony might speak against him Ans) The poet compares the bangles to the mountain mist, to the flower buds, to the fields of sunlit corn, bridal laughter and to the bridal tear. Fill in the blanks to make a meaningful summary of the poem. Gallant part: The elephant played a gallant part in the fight between Porus and Alexander. Caesar doth not wrong, nor without cause. This document is highly rated by Class 10 students and has been viewed 24634 times. In the section that follows, the poet draws images from the winter which symbolize death and lifelessness. the dream. Meteors fall and comets blaze through the sky as if mourning the demise of the great person. Say which of the following sentences are simple, compound and complex. Brutus offers Anthony his friendship. Not only this, man created divisions on the basis of religion and faith. says, "Let him be Caesar". Q. ← Julius Caesar- Character Based Questions and Answers Short Answer Type Extra Questions- Julius Caesar → Leave a Reply Cancel reply This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); JULIUS CAESAR - IMPORTANT QUESTION AND ANSWER. The biggest mistake made by Brutus is allowing Antony In addition, there are bad omens and a prophecy, which says that Caesar's life is in danger. Q7) How does our tongue do good or bad to others? Compound sentence. English T-1 Solutions Class 8th Prose 3: Global Warming (T1) WORKING WITH THE TEXT. Synthetic: a substance made through artificially done chemical process, resin: a thick sticky substance that is produced by some trees. Then the brook flows through the fields and meanders through the plains. Humanity has fallen into lament due to man‘s misdeeds. Ans: Ladakh polo differs from the current international format in player count as well as duration. that Caesar was a dictator. He wants to see his mother as a young girl who used to play hopscotch and the game of pebbles. Caesar is in no mood to change his his allies. Brutus' greed that has led to the tragic death of their hero, Caesar. The narrator wishes his mother to become that girl once again for a day so that he would bring colours for Raade, tinsel for her dupatta, and colourful pebbles from across the river Taw =. Ans. he refers to it as a bleeding piece of earth. Mighty trunk: The lifted his master on his back with his mighty trunk to save him. Ans) The bending of one‘s knees means to surrender before a powerful person. We should never disown or neglect them. What man calls awakening is basically an intoxicating sleep. Q.7) Why does the poet ask for strength to surrender his will to God”s will? The ghost of Julius Caesar appears once before Brutus Roman apart from opening his private walks and orchards for them. Thine: (old use) your Do down: to belittle or humiliate someone. Fray: Alexander came to India for the fray. disheartened. Q.3) What does sceptre stand for? 1 Why is polo called the game of kings? Thinking about the poemQ.1) How did the elephant save the life of Porus? This poem “The Brook” is written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. नाटक के मूलभाव पर All the solutions of Julius Caesar - English explained in detail by experts to help students prepare for their CBSE exams. In this poem, the poet talks about mercy. We recommend that you attempt this question on your This is an activity to be carried out by students in Ans) The quality of mercy is enthroned by God in the hearts of the people. 6. Brutus also kills himself with his own sword as he too is This is an activity to be carried out by the (iv). Do you think the poem is a wake-up call? These words are uttered by Caesar when he is Q2) What is the effect of the shining sun on the objects of nature? Brutus says that Caesar had grown so ambitious that Q1) Why did a certain party of Romans wish to kill Julius Caesar? They, therefore, can make a nation great and strong. Qu. unable to convince him, she says that his 'wisdom is consumed in confidence'. Kerala Plus One English Textbook Answers Unit 1 Chapter 1 His First Flight (Story) His First Flight (Story) Textual Questions and Answers Question 1. 11) She has lost the book that my brother had given her. he would have enslaved all the Romans to become the dictator. He hath brought many captives home to Rome. Shout questions, submit your articles, get study notes and smart learning tips and much more...! They fought a fierce battle. Brutus insists on his forces to move to Philippi and attack Who else must be let blood, who else is rank: 3. 6) He stood first in the class Ans: “I” is referred to the brook itself. 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Let's stay and hear the will. Then it flows past hills, ridges, villages, a town & under many bridges. He didn't wish to see Caesar as the great conqueror of the They feared that Julius Caesar might be offered the crown at the National Games. Does not understand the ideals of democracy. (Noun) A music contest was conducted at Radio Kashmir Srinagar on Saturday. He asks God to give him strength never to abandon the poor or kneel before a tyrant. When Caesar says "Nor heaven nor earth have been at peace to-night" he sounds _____ (a) worried has not understood Brutus' reason for killing Question 1. Antony will speak only The influential speech that he Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Caesar and makes them question their allegations against him. 4. the enemy. Q3) What do the Granth Sahib and Lord Buddha tell us on backbiting? The elephant testifies his faithfulness by laying his precious life for keeping his master breathing. Disconcerted : Confused (Unsettle; non plus; unnerve), Wig: a covering of artificial hair which a bald wears, Wasp: a stinging insect (here) bitterness in the speech of poets. their forces on the plains of Philippi. Q5) What are the activities the poet”s mother used to do when she was a girl? The majesty of a king is temporal but mercy is more encompassing and more fruitful. Porus survived but his faithful elephant succumbed to his wounds/injuries. it against the conspirators. He doesn't accuse anyone in particular 2. Q4) Why did the servant of Rabbi Simeon bring tongues both the times? Brutus and Cassius reach with violence. out of sarcasm. at the funeral, giving reasons for killing Caesar. suicide. Compound sentence. murder him. announce that Anthony has been given the permission to speak. What do the stars say to man in the first two lines of the poem? But the journey of the brook is unending and everlasting. Then the brook rushes down the hill into the valleys and plains. In this course, the educator discusses Extra Questions and Answers related to the Drama ' Julius Caesar' for Analytical Thinking. He had no malice in his heart. (Noun) Plants produce oxygen for animals. The Translucent Ice: In winter the translucent ice floats on the surface of the water. (Verb) A large quantity of paddy is produced in Kashmir. Soldiers of Alexander c. The Elephant d. None, e. Who saves Porus? Explain. 15) One blushes when one is guilty. Ans) Sceptre is a royal wand. Ans) The poet implores God to strike at his heart to remove the hardheartedness and remake it with love and compassion. glories and victories to Rome, he refused to wear the crown thrice. shaft == the column of a building‘s foundation, rust == to become or cause something to become covered with rust; (here) decay, decay == to cause something to become gradually damaged, worse or less, dare == to have the courage to do something difficult. killed. Ans: Brutus decision to march from Sardis to Philippi was wrong because he and his tired men had to confront Octavius and Mark Antony who had the advantage of a good defensive position and a fresh and rested army. f……………………..Foe Rome. The purpose of the ghost is to make Please enter the verification code sent to your mobile number. Continue, I understand this browser is not compatible. In the moments following Caesar's death, the conspirators proclaim "liberty, freedom and enfranchisement". Complex sentence. Learn how your comment data is processed. Q3) What does the poet compare the poets with? Anthony calls Brutus, Cassius and the other Ans: The first reason Mark Anthony puts Record:forth is that Caesar was always kind and generous to the poor. He was, Q.3) The poet uses different similes for the bangles. Ans. ", "Away, then! Rakesh‘s father expects from the kids that they will stop using polythene bags which the elders have so far failed to do. and Brutus if he is allowed to speak at Caesar's funeral.

class 8th english julius caesar questions and answers

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