>Pentax 645 FA mount (no auto focus), >Pentax 645 A mount >X-synch socket A lot of my landscape work is multiple-exposure with the (factory-modified) Pentax 67 and the same method outlined above is applied for separate handheld metering, whereby the ISO is varied according to the number of exposures on the frame (and this is slide film I am making reference to). It now includes auto bracketing, AE lock, flash, focus mode, AF mode, AF area, and ISO speed. Setting the film ISO is now on the exposure comp dial instead of on the separate surrounding bracketing ring. This item doesn't belong on this page. Multiple exposure is possible, rotate the knob on the left side of the body before exposure, and return before the last exposure. 2012: Sony NEX 7 | 2013: Canon EOS 6D | Sigma DP1 / DP2 / DP3 Merrill 2014: Olympus OM-D EM-1 | Canon EOS 70D | Ricoh Theta, http://camera-wiki.org/index.php?title=Pentax_645N&oldid=183684, Prototypes of the camera shape. The thing a like most about the Pentax 645n II is the ease of operation of the mirrior lock-up. >X-synch socket This page was last edited on 3 December 2017, at 12:56. Setting this to ISO and using the up and down arrows to change film speed. Format. Item Weight. My Pentax 645N has a multiple exposure button so after being inspired by your images, and not wanting to fiddle around with my Bessa, I started using the Pentax for multiple exposure experiments Cheers. Data can be imprinted onto the border areas of the film. The data imprinting feature has expanded with more data. The electronic flash sync is at 1/60 of a sec. Manufacturer Warranty. >Remote power pack connected with cord, >147mm x 109mm x 117mm The LCD on the top shoulder has indicators for data imprinting, battery, ISO, and the exposure counter. [Mint] Pentax 645N II NII Medium Format Camera Body 120 Film Back From Japan 548. 65. Pentax 645N: lenses. Competing cameras such as Contax 645 AF and Mamiya 645AF arrived more than one year later in 1999. Multiple Exposures. Multiple Exposure. The camera has - I assume - combined the images into one but the resultant pic doest look any different to an ordinary single exposed (control) image frankly. 62. Reply. The eyepiece features a diopter that can be adjusted -3.5 to +1D. Electric Drive. The roll film is loaded onto 120 or 220 film holders. The old Pentax 645 goes about 40 hours if star trails are your thing. >Center weighted >0.76x magnification (75mm lens) The holders cannot be exchanged mid-roll. 63. It looks to be that the spindle (Correct term?) 45.28 oz. >220 roll film (32 exposures) Timer. PENTAX Filter Applied. >Continuous (predictive), >Pentax 645 A mount Reproduced from an article in the Japanese periodical. ... On the left of the camera is a multiple exposure switch as well as a PC sync port. The Pentax is a professional camera >Shutter priority AE mode *Each type of film (120, 220, 70mm) requires its respective dedicated film holder. The original Pentax 645 was introduced in 1984 and features center weighted TTL metering, multiple automatic exposure modes, and a built-in 1.5 frames per second motor drive. Film sensitivity can be set from 6 to 6,400 ISO. Color. 119 results for pentax 645n Save pentax 645n to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Country/Region of Manufacture. There is a multiple exposure button on the side, next to the strap attachment seen on the right above. Multiple Exposure: Via multi-exposure switch. You'll find new or used products in PENTAX Film Pentax 645N Cameras on eBay. >Slow shutter speed synch in metered manual mode PEntax 28-80 for under $50. Setting the film ISO is now on the exposure comp dial instead of on the separate surrounding bracketing ring. >0.75x magnification (75mm lens) The fundamental design was a medium format camera with 35mm handling, for which the designers used the catch phrase "Super field camera". Any advice on switching from Nikon 35 mm to Pentax 645N? There are two tripod sockets, one on the base the other on the left hand side. 66. >Bulb see all. see all. >Spot focusing >-3.5 to +1.5 diopter adjustment, >Center weighted Multiple Exposure Model Shoot with the Pentax K-5. Pentax also manufactured an adapter for using their 6x7 lenses. Pentax 645N II - SLR camera - medium overview and full product specs on CNET. Pentax 645N. see all. With a 645 A- or FA lens attached, the imprints relevant information (frame number, shutter speed, aperture setting, exposure con-trol and auto-bracketing mode.) >Shutter priority AE mode It is compatible with Pentax 645 series of Pentax-FA (auto focus) and Pentax-A (manual focus) lenses. Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by dino_gambaretto, Aug 5, 2003. Color. exposure compensation control and auto-brack-eting mode and a new user-set Pentax Function to customize the to meet the for user's shooting preferences. Exposure compensation can be in -3 to 3 EV in 1/3 steps with a dedicated dial. Technical Details . Thank you for sharing! A self-timer is also available on the shutter release collar, it has a delay of 12 seconds. THESE ARE AMAZING! The 645N also records exposure data in the margins. Get the best deals on Pentax 645n when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. 1984: Nikon FA | 1985: Minolta α-7000 | 1986: Canon T90 | 1987: Canon EOS 650 | 1988: Kyocera Samurai | 1989: Nikon F4 | 1990: Canon EOS 10 | 1991: Contax RTS III | 1992: Pentax Z-1 | 1993: Canon EOS 5 | 1994: Minolta α-707si | 1995: Contax G1 | 1996: Minolta TC-1 | 1997: Nikon F5 | 1998: Pentax 645N | 1999: Minolta α-9 | 2000: Canon EOS-1V | 2001: Minolta α-7 | 2002: Canon EOS-1D | 2003: Canon EOS-1Ds | 2004: Nikon D70 | 2005: Konica Minolta α-7 Digital | 2006: Nikon D200 | 2007: Pentax K10D | 2008: Nikon D3 | 2009: Canon EOS 5D Mark II | 2010: Olympus Pen E-P1 | 2011: Pentax 645D | 2012: Nikon D800 | 2013: Sony DSC-RX1 | 2014: Nikon Df | 2015: Canon EOS 7D Mark II | 2016: SONY α7R II | 2017: Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II | 2018: Sony A9, Special Prize Maintenance. Two dedicated film inserts accept 120 and 220 film, and there was one insert for 70mm roll film (now obsolete). It is too easy to move things like the multiple exposure, metering mode and AB swithches. The Pentax 645 is a medium format SLR camera, introduced at the 1984 PMA.It takes 15 pictures nominally 6x4.5 cm, on 120 roll film, or 30 on 220 film, and it can also use 70 mm film, which gives approximately 90 frames per roll.It has a built-in motor drive and a low-profile prism viewfinder with built-in dioptric correction. Multiple Exposure, Red Eye Reduction, Auto Exposure, Manual Program Modes, Timer. The NII version of the camera has more custom function settings that can change a variety of camera operations. The Pentax 645 shoots 6 x 4.5 pictures on 120 film - instead of the usual 16, you get 15 as the frame spacing is a bit wider than usual (the later 645N gets the full 16). 120 film 15 or 16; 220 film 32 or 33. >Pentax 645 FA mount, >Interchangeable focusing screens Built-in Flash. Brand. multiple exposure and cant seem to get what I consider to be a result. 64. Pentax says a new set of batteries will last you for an 8 hour bulb exposure. Almost all images are produced from multiple shots with different exposure and focus settings. >70mm roll film (90 exposures), >120 roll film (16 exposures) Pentax 645NII Filter Applied. >X-synch speed 1/60 s The Pentax 645N was planned as the successor to the Pentax 645, released in 1984, and inherited the latter's basic design concept. $45.00 shipping. >ISO range 25 – 800, Yes, printed on film outside of picture frame, >6 AA batteries W niniejszym tekście nie sposób było pominąć odwołania do małego, poczciwego, taniego formatu 35mm. >5.8” x 4.3” x 4.6”. The data imprinting feature has expanded with more data. >70mm roll film (95 exposures), >Programmed AE mode The 645N is a medium-format camera that produces 6cm × 4.5cm negatives, hence the “645” designation. Negative format. >Aperture priority AE mode Tripod Support. Below this dial is a lever that can set auto bracketing. This concept was then applied using new technologies, combined with the medium format and 35mm technologies of Asahi Optical. see all. see all. >Slow shutter speed synch in metered manual mode Pentax 645. The development concept taken from the original Pentax 645 included: 1. easily being able to take handheld shots, 2. compact, lightweight and flexible, 3. eye level finder with short viewfinder blackout, 4. automated film winding, allowing continuos shooting without changing the holding of the camera 5. durability and high reliability. Shop eBay for great deals on PENTAX Film Pentax 645N Cameras. The 645N is a auto focus medium format SLR film camera released by Pentax on 6 December 1997 in Japan, and introduced in the US in February 1998. For the 645N, PENTAX developed five SMC-PENTAX FA autofocus lenses to assure fast, stable autofocus operation. Multiple Exposure. This can be used with the built-in hot shoe or the pc sync socket on the left of the body. It is based on the previous Pentax 645 model which is a manual focus camera. Przepraszam. 41.5mm x 56mm. It is powered by 6x AA batteries loaded into a holder and inserted to the base of the right hand grip area. Interchangeable Focusing Screens. Pentax K-3 and it’s Multiple Exposure Mode maxby - June 23, 2014 - No comments I have always wondered when any digital camera would incorporate the multiple exposures on the same frame just like the feature in film cameras. $679.90. >Range EV 2 – 21 at ISO 100 with 75mm f/2.8 lens, >Hot shoe couples to Pentax dedicated auto flash units Brand. >Bulb, >3-point auto focus Infrared Index Mark. Free shipping on many items ... Auto Exposure. The TTL exposure meter supports a evaluative, center-weighted, and spot meter modes. To use P mode set the shutter dial and aperture ring to A, set shutter dial to A and desired aperture for aperture-priority, set aperture dial to A and select desired shutter speed for shutter-priority. When loaded with film the exposure counter is always displayed even when the camera is off. A small ML button is provided to lock a meter reading. Czytanie długich tekstów bez obrazków jest tak nudne, jak czytanie długich tekstów bez obrazków. The shutter release has a screw in cable release. A review of the Pentax 645n, medium format camera system. The battery last approx 130 rolls of 120, or 100 rolls of 220 film. The previous model required using multiple buttons for adjusting most settings. >Metered manual In addition to these functions, Pentax tried to address as many requests from Pentax 645 users as possible.[1]. >120 roll film (15 exposures) 6x4.5-format autofocus single-lens-reflex camera with multi-mode TTL auto-exposure control. The Pentax 645NII released in 2001, is a revision that supports mirror lockup. For this reason the name was also not changed, only adding the letter "N", meaning "new" or "new generation". Amy Berge. Pentax 645N II with 100mm macro lens, Velvia, 1/15sec at f/11 Specification & handling When you read the list of specifications, the 645N II is not that different from a 35mm camera. Good luck; I … >Range EV 3 – 21 at ISO 100 with 75mm f/2.8 lens, >Six segment metering see all. Interchanging Focusing Screens. Film loaded onto interchangeable film holder. The major new functions according to the developers include: 1. high-performance autofocus, 2. three metering modes, 3. high speed internal winder, 4. automatic bracketing, 5. data imprinting to the film, 6. increased number of shots per film, 7. improved operability and visibility by reviewing the entire operating concept and 8. enhanced information in the finder. Up until I bought this outfit I'd been shooting with a Mamiya 645 Pro with either an 80mm or 35mm lens, and man those were very sharp, crystal clear lenses and consequently right now I'm a little disappointed. The Pentax 645N was the first medium format SLR to incorporate autofocusing. Image size : 56mm x 41.5mm. Pentax: 645n a 67 Wstęp. It now includes auto bracketing, AE lock, flash, focus mode, AF mode, AF area, and ISO speed. The finder uses interchangeable focusing screens. Unfollow pentax 645n to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. 41.5mm x 56mm. View fullsize. Using it will fire three exposures. All in excellent condition from a store I trust completely. Pentax 645 by Nesster, on Flickr The 645 with 150mm, the 75mm with Vivitar hood, the extension tube set. The film is automatically advanced with a motor drive. 41.5mm x 56mm. >5.8” x 4.3” x 4.6”, >147mm x 109mm x 117mm It is very user friendly. Dimensions: 150(W) x 111(H) x 117(D)mm (5.9″ x 4.4″ x 4.6″) Weight: 1,280g (45.2 oz) without batteries. item 3 [Mint] Pentax 645N II NII Medium Format Camera Body 120 Film Back From Japan 548 3 - [Mint] Pentax 645N II NII Medium Format Camera Body 120 Film Back From Japan 548. F8: film count and frame count display in finder. The film loading is semi-automatic requiring alignment of a start mark. In 2010, a digital version of the camera became available called Pentax 645D, later upgraded to the Pentax 645Z. So I set up the K-5 in … Model. >Leaf-shutter lens mode, >Programmed AE mode >Bulb The Pentax 645NII released in 2001, is a revision that supports mirror lockup. The 645n keeps all the the same excellent features that made it's predecessor so popular: compact well balanced handling similar to a 35mm SLR, integral AA motor drive grip, plentiful exposure modes, dual tripod sockets, TTL flash hotshoe, depth of field preview, 1/1000s electronically controlled shutter, etc. ... Pentax 645 Multiple Exposure. Built-In Light Meter. Imprinted data include frame number, exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture value, exposure comp, meter mode and lens focal length. Multiple Exposure. Do I have to compensate for each exposure when I use the Multiple Exposure feature, or does the camera figure it out for me? 1990: Konica Kanpai | 1991: Fuji Cardia Travel Mini Dual-P | 1992: Konica Hexar | 1993: Nikonos RS | Sigma SA300 | 1994: Olympus µ[mju:] Zoom Panorama | 1995: Ricoh R1 | 1996: Fujifilm GA645 | 1997: Canon IXY | Contax AX | 1998: Olympus C1400L | 1999: Nikon Coolpix 950 | Tamron AF28-300mm F3.5-6.3 LD Aspherical IF MACRO lens | 2000: Nikon D1 | Konica Hexar RF | 2001: Bronica RF645 | Fujichrome 100F/400F film | 2002: Minolta DiMAGE X | Nikon FM3A | 2003: Fujifilm GX645AF | Hasselblad H1 | 2004: Canon EOS Kiss Digital | Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG Aspherical HSM lens | 2005: Nikon F6 | Epson R-D1 | 2006: Ricoh GR Digital | Zeiss Ikon | 2007: Sony α100 | Adobe Lightroom software | 2008: Sigma DP1 | Fujichrome Velvia 50 film | 2009: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 | Casio EXILIM EX-FC100 | 2010: Sony Exmor R sensor | Canon EF 100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM lens | 2011: Fujifilm X100 | Epson MAXART PX-5V (R3000) printer |, Editor It uses 120 roll film (yes, you can still buy it), which in some cameras yields the square, 6cm × 6cm negative often associated with the format. The Pentax 645 is a medium format single-lens reflex system camera manufactured by Pentax.It was introduced in 1984, along with a complementary line of lenses.It captures images nominally 6 cm × 4.5 cm on 120, 220, and 70 mm film, though the actual size of the images is 56 mm × 41.5 mm. is what had broken and is currently stuck set at +1/3. The supported exposure modes include P, aperture-priority, shutter-priority and a metered manual exposure mode. Usable film* >120 roll film (15 exposures) >220 roll film (33 exposures) Pentax added mirror lockup and called the replacement for the 645N the 645N II. >Single I'm currently shooting with an old manual focus 45-85 zoom on my 645n, and my observations on this lens are that it is soft. Free shipping on selected items. Film (1) 120 roll film (15 or 16 exposures); (2) 220 roll film (32 or 33 exposures). see all. Surrounding the shutter release is a collar to select between motor drive advance modes, with single and a consecutive mode that can advance at up to 2 fps. >ISO range unknown, >Hot shoe couples to Pentax dedicated auto flash units Show more Show less. The finder screen shows data such as shutter speed, aperture value, focus indicator, flash status, exposure comp, and a exposure bar. Around the shutter button (which takes the standard shutter release) is a switch for single or multiple shots, as well as a timer. It is the first medium format auto focus SLR system to be available, using the Pentax SAFOX IV phase-matching predictive autofocus system (The Fujifilm GA645 was the first medium format camera with autofocus, released in 1995). Pentax 645N. I love the light meter, the qucik auto focus and auto film advance and rewind. F9: exposure per film. >TTL flash mode, >30 s – 1/1000 (auto) >Spot metering >4 s – 1/1000 (manual) Am not getting the combined effects of an over exposed and under exposed image combined; ie, detail in The 645NII is still expensive, but even the AF 645N sells for just a few hundred dollars without lens. It can be set in 1/3, 2/3 and 1 EV steps. >Operational range: EV -1 to 18 (at ISO 100) Pentax 55 mm for $350 Pentax 75 mm for $350. The holders have a memo slot as a reminder of film emulsion type. The NII version of the camera has more custom function settings that can change a variety of camera operations. By Derrick Story on December 6, 2011 6:45 AM. There are others now, but this was the original and Pentax got there first just as they did decades earlier with practical Through The Lens (TTL) metering in the pioneering Asahi Pentax Spot-matic introduced in 1964. ... Pentax 645n camera-film: user guide (86 pages) Film Camera Pentax IQZoom 160 Operating Manual. >X-synch speed 1/60 s Changing modes is simple. One of my favorite features on the Pentax K-5 is the multiple exposure setting that allows me to integrate up to 9 images on one frame. 68. A bulb mode is provided, but consumes battery power. >Programmed auto-flash Pentax aroused quite some interest when it first announced that it … Manual Program Modes. >Focus lock >Metered manual It has a range of 2 to 21 EV with f/2.8 lens. Are the pentax primes SO MUCH better than the zooms? >Remote power pack connected with cord, >6 AA batteries The Pentax 645N body is very similar to the previous model, but uses knobs for many of the functions. Pentax 28-105 (I forget the price). Pentax 645D Review. Remotes (like chinese ones better than the Pentax ones) Lee 4X6 GND filters and home-made filter holder (only for seascapes) Polarizers and ND filters; A modified inspection mirror (attached near the focus window of a lens) 4. BUT, I then saw zoom lenses INEXPENSIVE. >TTL flash mode written by altprocess on 2009-03-20 #gear #medium-format #120 #review #220 #multiple-exposures #manual-focus #70mm #pentax-645 #hot-shoe Opening the door to a new realm in photography and videography, the New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens celebrates 180 years of portrait photography. Pentax 645N II. Manual Film Wind. 645n Exposure Compensation Dial I recently had a moment while out and the exposure compensation dial on my 645n broke off and was lost. enlarge. July 26, 2019 at 8:12 am. Lens mount : PENTAX 645 AF mount (interchangeable with PENTAX 645 A mount). >-5 to +2 diopter adjustment, >Interchangeable focusing screens The electronic vertical-travel cloth focal plane shutter has speeds of 4 seconds to 1/1,000 of a second. >Aperture priority AE mode by Michael R. Tomkins, Zig Weidelich, and Shawn Barnett December 3, 2010; Updated October 18, 2011. Screen options include grid, microprism or split-image screens. 69.

pentax 645n multiple exposure

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