The boxes on the left has the inputs for the phase and the approach box has the list of steps that are to be completed in this phase to get the expected output from this phase. Tujuan fase ini adalah untuk menyakinkan setiap orang yang terlibat didalamnya bahwa pendekatan ini untuk mensuskseskan proses arsitektur. STUDY. In this video we will walk you through the major steps to perform in the preliminary phase 2. ADM Preliminary Phase Phase Description: The preparation and initiation activities required to create an Architecture Capability including customization of TOGAF and definition of Architecture. For EA tasks, there is a perfect match in TOGAF ADM, which already provides a detailed process model for EA activities with standardized phases. ... ADM : Preliminary Phase . Almost all of the documentation produced in the Preliminary Phase will be used as inputs to the other phases and/or will be updated in each phase. However, the ADM is iterative, Over the whole proces; Between phases, And within phases (see Applying Iteration to the ADM). we will now describe briefly the Phases of the ADM by means of the suggested steps and deliverables per phase. Phase A C. Phase B D. Phase E E. Phase F 31 - Complete the sentence: All of the following are technology-related drivers for architecture Change Requests, except _____ A. asset management cost reductions Introduction to TOGAF ADM: (Part 1) Preliminary Phase. Each phase of ADM below contains iterative (Continuous) sequence of steps to develop an enterprise-wide Architecture and the possible iterations: Getting the organization committed and involved. Since the impact of those BIAN deliverables is fully integrated in the output of that ADM phase, the influence on later ADM phases is fully covered, see figure 75. Two special phases - The Preliminary Phase; The Requirements Management Phase. • The ADM forms the core of TOGAF • It is supported by the other main parts of TOGAF: 1. 1. Phase A - Architecture Vision - Objectives Develop high level vision of capabilities/business value to be delivered based on proposed arch work Obtain approval for Statement of work Phase A starts with the receipt of Request for Architecture work from sponsoring organization to architecture organization. The TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) provides a tested and repeatable process for developing architectures. TOGAF ADM Phase Phase Objective; Preliminary: Prepares the organization for a successful architecture project: A. For sure you can tailor TOGAF ADM, in fact, we required to consider this in the TOGAF ADM Preliminary Phase: Tailored Architecture Framework (see Part IV, 36.2.21 Tailored Architecture Framework), including: Tailored architecture method ; Tailored … Phase A (Architecture Vision) describes the initial phase of the Architecture Development Method (ADM). TOGAF Resource Base • Set of guidelines, templates, checklists … Slide 8 of 13 TM ADM Phases Preliminary Phase: Prepares the In this phase the preparation and initiation activities for creating an Architecture Capability are carried out. Preliminary Phase: The Preliminary Phase is an odd one, because it is outside of the phased ADM cycle however it is an important phase because this is when the architects get together and begin defining how the ADM will be interoperate within the company. PLAY. togaf-adm-phases. A. ... for each phase a list of artifacts necessary as input and a list of documents that will be produced as output of the phase is given [11b]. The whole process consists of ten phases including the preliminary and the requirements management phase as depicted in Figure 1 [11b]. Preliminary Phase: Framework and Principles. The Preliminary Phase proved very useful in helping to set up the enterprise architecture team, put in place all of the necessary governance and tooling, and tailoring the ADM to your needs.. Yes, TOGAF ADM typically starts from Preliminary, and then "request for architecture work" from the top management to the unit(s). However there is the 'Preliminary Phase' that contains required information for any cycle to complete. ADM Phase: Activity: Preliminary Phase: Framework & Principles Prepare the organization for successful TOGAF architecture projects; define architecture principles; define framework and tools Requirements Management Ensure that every stage of a TOGAF project is based on and validates business requirements Phase A: Architecture Vision The TOGAF ADM Poster Series explores each step of the Architecture Development Method. In the preliminary phase of TOGAF, you’ll perform preparation and initiation activities to meet the business directive for a new enterprise architecture. TOGAF Poster - The Preliminary Phase Published: 2013-09-12 In this poster, we provide an in-depth overview of the TOGAF ADM Preliminary Phase where … Phase H Update the requirements repository Implement change in the current phase Assess and revise gap analysis for past phases The inputs to the Requirements Management process are the requirements-related outputs from each ADM phase.

togaf adm preliminary phase

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