Better still, no matter what speed you use these fans on, it is no louder than a soft, white noise (some users may find this useful when sleeping). Sonos Play3 Vs Play5 : What Is The Difference? I have a 6303 and like it better than 660 so believe I will prefer the 7503. The Vornado 660 offers an extra option, with 4 speed settings to choose from. This is because the high gloss finish that both the Vornado 7503 and Vornado 660 have easily obtains fingerprints and smudge marks. One of the most convenient things about these fans is that they both have several speed settings. Vornado 7503 Pdf User Manuals. Hence, choosing one of them becomes a difficult task. Being the more powerful fan the 660 … Another key difference that can be found while comparing both the Vornado models is their distinct noise levels. The Vornado 660 also has an extra option for speed, giving the customer slightly more control in their fan’s settings. Let’s check these out and see why they are worth the price. In order to make the air move further, it has a spiral grill. Both Vornado 660… One complaint is that neither of these fans oscillate. When it comes to cord storage, the Vornado 7503 takes the lead. While the Vornado 7503 and the Vornado 660 aren’t cooling fans, they do help to regulate the temperature in a room and even better, prevent the sensation of stale air. Waste King l-8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Excel, Bissell Cleanview 9595a vs 1330 – Updated 2020, Kwikset SmartCode Locks: 910 vs 907, 909, 911, 912, 913, 914, 915, 916. The Winner Is- The Vornado 533. NON-MEMBER PRICE. Don’t worry though, either one go with rest assured that you have made a good choice. When talking about their size, the Vornado 7503 model is more prominent in size as compared to the Vornado 660 model. Because of this, it is important to look at subtle differences and remember that neither is a bad product. Still, we would prefer 660 model due to its higher cord length and better ventilation. However, the Vornado 660 pulls ahead in my opinion when you take in consideration performance and customer feedback and price. In both the models of Vornado, they have deep pitch blades for maximum air. free shipping on orders over $19! – What Vornado 783 and Vornado 660 can offer to you – Vornado 783 vs Vornado 660. 169 169 reviews. When it comes to size, it is slightly more massive than the Vornado 660 model. Vornado 7503 inculcates Cord Storage facility which the 660 model lacks. The Vornado 660 is the smaller of the two, though still large enough to be a suitable table fan. Your email address will not be published. Don’t hesitate to contact us if something’s wrong or mislead information about Vornado 753 Vs 660. Bed bath and beyond coupons make the 7503 $20 less than the 660 as well. Due to their extraordinary features and excellent functionalities, both the products have gained massive popularity in the market. $99.99. This full size circulator uses signature energy efficient Vortex Action to move … We will compare Vornado 7503 vs 660, and you can undoubtedly find a suitable product for your house. After comparing the two, we believe that Vornado 660 is a better product than Vornado 7503 in terms of better features and value for money. The 7503 model provides cord storage to its users. Unfortunately, Vornado 660 lacks any such facility. It also consists of Vortex Action for better performance and functions. Vornado 660 vs 733 Price. The Vornado 7503 air circulator is, undoubtedly, the first air circulator available in the market. Your email address will not be published. Vornado 533. The Vornado 7503 is the larger of the two fans, still meant to be a table fan with almost 6 inches of height on the Vornado 660. They both do a great time circulating air but the lasko looks out of place indoors and vornado … Eero Vs Orbi Home Wi-Fi System : Which One You Should Buy? It also has a tilt head, so it can be posed to put a direct air stream wherever it is needed in the room. Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan with 4 Speeds and 90-Degree Tilt, 660-Large, Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 5,345 Vornado 733 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan 4.5 out of 5 stars … It is somehow bigger and bulkier than Vornado 660. This fan almost has the same … A $60 (half the price of a Vornado 533) remote controlled air circulator has just been sold by ALDI – some details given under GADGETS. Another important note is that the Vornado 7503 is slightly less budget-friendly than the Vornado 660, which is especially important when considering two products that are so closely related (although you never know what a sale can do to the price). To remove dust from the grill and blades, you can simply remove the grill and use either a dusting cloth or a slightly damp cloth with mild soap. The above table shows Top 10 Vornado 753 Vs 660 … That is to say that both fans manage to cool the air perfectly. Well, we’ve done the heavy lifting for. One of the standard features of both models is the facility of Grill. Vornado 7503 VS 660 If to make the comparison of two fans produced by the same company, one product will definitely benefit. Vornado … However, after considering all the features and carrying out an in-depth comparison, it can be noticed that Vornado 660 is superior to Vornado 7503 model in many aspects. Before buying any Vornado 7503 Vs 660, please read buying guides from trusted sources. The fans are also praised for being durable in design as well, since the bases of these fans are durable and won’t crack or tilt either. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. As we mentioned before, the Vornado 533 has a 5-year warranty. Both are praised for their effectiveness in cooling a room evenly and for lasting a long time. Still, we would prefer 660 model due to its higher cord length and better ventilation. If you need to open the fan up to clean the inner workings, do not use any soap or anything damp. The highest rated fan according to wire cutter and I have to agree. Read on ahead and find out which of these fans is best for you. The lasko feels like it actually pushes more air, but it's 3x louder. When it comes to size, it is smaller than the 7503 model, hence, making it quite compatible product. Click here to get more details on the Vornado 7503, Click here to get more details on the Vornado 660. As mentioned before, durability is one of the things that Vornado’s customers love about both these fans. Possibly similar to a Vornado … $69.99. The body of these fans for both colors are a flat, matte finish, while the head of the fan around the grill has a high gloss finish. And that is the case with these fans. Vornado 7503 vs 660: Which Fan is Right for you...? Similar to the 7503 model, this product also facilitates Vortex Action. Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan with 4 Speeds and 90-Degree Tilt, 660-Large, White 4.6 out of 5 stars 7,136. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Yet, we need tochoose between the two. For More Info or to Buy Now: Vornado 660 … As the air exits the circulator, Vornado’s AirTensity™ Grill straightens the airflow to ensure the air travels long distances. About speed, the Vornado 660 model takes an edge over the 7503 model with a speed setting of 4. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price. When talking about top air circulator brands, Vornado 7503 and Vornado 660 models come to our minds. Read next: Vornado 7503 vs 660… Another Vornado specialty that these fans have are the way they circulate the air flow they produce. Both these are also ETL listed, meaning they have met the necessary safety requirements, making this is safe fan to have even if you have children. 84 84 reviews. The Vornado 7503 comes with 3 speed settings to choose from so you can get exactly the amount of air flow you want in a room. Vornado® 7503 Full-Size Whole Room Table Air Circulator. The 660 features a 5 Year Warranty and is supported by Vornado… The only truly noteworthy complaint that was to be had by some customers came down to preference, since neither of these oscillate. It is more budget-friendly and slightly smaller without sacrificing any air flow. The Vornado 7503 comes with 3 speed settings to choose from so you can get exactly the amount of air flow you want in a room. Vornado 7503 Full-Size Whole Room Table Air Circulator, Dramatic Matte and Gloss Finish, Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan with 4 Speeds and 90-Degree Tilt, 660-Large, Black, Features and Technical Specifications of Vornado 7503, Features And Technical Specifications of Vornado 660. It is available in black color with the facility of the Grill to regulate the room temperature. It comes with a great price, towards the lower end of average. Knowing the above information, that the 660 is the more powerful, more often or not you can assume that the sound output is going to be a little higher. As seen in a comparison of the Vornado 660 vs the 733 – the 733 can produce a slightly more powerful air flow than the 660 (given its bigger blade size: 11.25 inch compared to the 660’s 10.14 … Maintaining the 660 is simple with a detachable grill that provides easy access to the blades for cleaning. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 BEONHOME.COM , ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Model 660 It also consist of Vortex Action for better performance and functions. Both the versions are quite efficient in their functions. First, both these fans do their job extremely well. The 2 fans are fairly similarly priced but depending on whether or not you catch things during a sale the 733 happens to be the slightly less expensive of the two fans. Instead, it produces true whole-room air circulation using Vortex Technology, exclusive to BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,621. Click here to see reviews and ratings on the Vornado 7503, Click here to see reviews and ratings on the Vornado 660, There are very few complaints about these fans, but even the few negatives are well worth looking at. The Vornado models use 43-53 watts depending upon the speed and intensity level. I purchased this due to this article and thought amazon prime would be easier than going online for bbb during pandemic. Both these fans are closely tied for which is the best product, so it is important to look at the subtle differences that set these fans apart. Take care of yourself in this time of distress by buying the best hand sanitizers available. ... Vornado 660 Premium Whole Room Air Circulator. The Vornado 660 offers an extra option, with four-speed settings to choose from. However, Vornado counteracts this by making the head of the fan able to tilt so you still have control over the air flow and many customers say that it works just as well. Different pros and cons of this particular version are listed below. Both smart devices have increased demand in the market. The customer ratings of both the Vornado 7503 and the Vornado 660 are extremely high and close to each other. However, you should note that the differences could definitely sway your decisions. It includes 3speed settings for air circulation. View online or download Vornado 7503 Owner's Manual Both these fans have Vornado’s deep pitched blades that will push air up to 100 feet. This is where design is particularly important because it shapes how the air flows just as much as it helps the air flow as far as it does. There are three on the Vornado 7503 while the Vornado 660 boasts four levels of power. About Vornado 783 Electric fan is a very useful appliance to have in each house especially if you are living … Vornado fans create a circular air flow in the entire room so that the cooling is more even rather than having hot and cold spots throughout. Unfortunately, how often you must clean these fans is the major drawback for most customers. Netgear Orbi Vs AmpliFi HD : Which One You Should Buy. Vornado 7503 and 660 are amongst the popular versions of Vornado circulator. Both the models of Vornado consist of an instruction manual for easy installation along with the primary model. The first and foremost difference, which can be found when we compare both the air circulator models is their speed settings. All in all, few customers had any complaints about these products and most were thrilled by its performance. Being able to easily clean these fans is important since no one wants dust flying all over the room when they turn the fan on. So, for $20 less and the hassle of a return I will try what i believe will be a better fan. I will be returning and trying the 7503. The Vornado 7503 comes in black with a high gloss finish over the entirety of the grill and base. Vornado 633. Whereas, on the other hand, the Vornado 7503 comes with 3- speed settings. But if you are amongst those buyers who get stuck on both brands and are unable to make a decision, then do not worry as this article has come to your rescue. Moreover, both the products are manufactured by the same company. … The Vornado 660 offers an extra option, with 4 speed settings to … Skybell HD Vs Ring Pro : Which One Is Better? Three-speed control moves air over 100 ft. You may read more about us to know what we have achieved so far. It also has a tilt head, so it can be posed to put a direct air stream wherever it is needed in the room. About Vornado … This is especially impressive when you consider the fact that they are plastic as well. Customers can tilt the head of the fan, so even without oscillation there is some control of the air flow coming from the fan. The way these fans circulate air leaves customers satisfied even without the fan oscillating. This means considering both what customers liked and what they didn’t like about these fans. The best feature of this product is that it can be tilted in any direction in an attempt to provide complete ventilation. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Receives commission on purchases made through links. Able to quietly move air up to 100 feet, the Vornado Circulator is your year-round heating and cooling solution. They circulate and cool air in a pattern that leaves no places in the room untouched. They produce very high-quality air circulator for the household. ... Vornado Vornado® 7503 … Moreover, the Inlet Air Accelerator provides an additional advantage. Even so, this comparison still stands up to metal fans, which are traditionally considered stronger by default. Vornado 7503 inculcates Cord Storage facility which the 660 model lacks. Vornado 7503 Full-Size Whole Room Table Air... Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan... Best Printers For Envelopes 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best Book Scanner 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide. I purchased the first Vornado for living room. Vornado is one of the top rated fan manufacturers in the world. When it comes to the Vornado 7503 vs 660, you are wise to take notes and do a little research before you make your purchase decision. So check out the battle of Vornado 660 vs … As a result, we would prefer Vornado 660 over the 7503 version. SIMPLE CONTROLS — The 4-speed push-button controls are easy to use and are conveniently located on the top of the... MULTI-DIRECTIONAL AIRFLOW — Equipped with a stylish chrome glide bar that allows you to direct the air where you need... Vornado 660 is available in black and white color. Don’t get me wrong the 660 is a fine fan but i expected it to be much better than my smaller 6303 and it’s simply not better and it is twice the price. Actually, these features also belong to the Vornado 723. The biggest one goes to cleaning, especially thanks to the high-gloss finish that both fans have. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. Vornado 660 vs … The Vornado 7503 comes with three-speed settings to choose from so you can get precisely the amount of airflow you want in a place. Vornado 630 vs 660 – Sound. Cleaning is simple, though. $99.99. This model enjoys a five year warranty period. Reviewed By Andrea Amiot Latest Updated November 10, 2020. The Vornado 7503 and Vornado 660 systems called the Vortex Action that pushes air in a circular manner. This makes sure that even if you want to run this fan in your bedroom at night, you won’t have to sacrifice your sleep for comfort. A week later, I purchased a second Vornado for the bedroom. Vornado 723 vs Vornado 660. Top Cooling FAn will reveal the comparison between Vornado 660 and Vornado 733. Shop Vornado 660 Circulator online at Do not put the grill of either of these fans in the dishwasher, though. This is another crucial feature that can be found in both the Vornado models. After analyzing over 14,707 articles about Vornado 753 Vs 660 and 14,491 customer reviews, we rank the best Vornado 753 Vs 660 of 2020. It comes with a warranty period of 5 years. Both the Vornado models are capable of using the blades for the air circulation process. – What are Vornado 783 and Vornado 660 – What Vornado 783 and Vornado 660 Look Like – What Vornado 783 and Vornado 660 can offer to you – Vornado 783 vs Vornado 660. Keep air fresh and flowing, and the whole room cooler, with this full-size air circulator fan from Vornado®, using their signature Vortex Technology that moves air at a high velocity.

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