Hammatt, Professional Engineer, State of Florida, License No. In the electronic plan review process, it is crucial that a design and/or engineer professional, land surveyor and/or mapper be able to prove their identity and the integrity of documentation that they submit. (If the signature report is scanned and sent electronically, you must retain the hardcopy as required in Rule 61G15-30.009, F.A.C., Retention of Engineering Documents.). I was playing around with Digital Signing processes within Acrobat and Bluebeam last week and it's kind of klunky. Signature, Date and Seal Shall Be Affixed. GENERAL BOARD CONTACT: BOARD@FBPE.ORG Using Acrobat, you can quickly sign documents electronically by creating and using a stamp with a digital scan of your signature. Both physically and electronically transmitted documents require that the date the signature and the seal are affixed be placed immediately adjacent to the signature. Historically, the signing and sealing of a document was intended to verify its authenticity to its recipient. An electronic signature for a file of engineering documents is created by a piece of software called a secure hash standard (or SHA) authentication code generator. 34/31 : Final 61G15-23.003 Procedures for Signing and Sealing Electronically Transmitted Plans, Specifications, Reports or Other Documents… 1 Sign_Seal procedures 2014_1118 61G15-23.003 Procedures for Signing and Sealing Electronically Transmitted Plans, Specifications, Reports or Other Documents. Tel: (850) 521-0500 | Fax: (850) 521-0521, HOURS: 8 A.M.-5 P.M. MONDAY TO FRIDAY Update your application by uploading documents, paying fees, signing and sealing documents (which generates the electronic report), or signing your application . Each sheet must contain a title block. A scanned, facsimile, digitally created or copied image of the licensee’s signature is not allowed on physically transmitted documents.As for creating the seal, physically transmitted documents are allowed to be embossed, sealed using a wet stamp, or contain a digitally created seal (as part of the border). The signature report must be printed and hand signed, dated, and sealed. A digitally signed and sealed document may include as many sheets as necessary. Electronically transmitted documents can be signed and sealed by either digital signing and sealing or electronic signing and sealing. For engineering documents, the date of signature shall be placed immediately under the seal and signature. Whichever is used must be at least 1-7/8 inches in diameter and similar in design as indicated in Rule 61G15-23.002, F.A.C., Seals Acceptable to the Board. As a result, FBPE has begun to issue Letters of Guidance and, soon, Notices of Non-Compliance for initial offenders. Certifying the document may be appropriate in some instances but is not mandatory. The electronically signed and sealed file may include as many sheets as necessary. (3) The affixing of a digital signature to engineering plans, specifications, reports or other documents as provided herein shall constitute the signing and sealing of such items. If the licensed professional is assuming professional responsibility for only part of the PWP, the authentication must specify which part(s). Specifically, Chapter 471.025(1), Florida Statutes, states, in part: “All final drawings, specifications, plans, reports, or documents prepared or issued by the licensee… shall be signed by the licensee, dated, and sealed… .” And Rule 61G15‐23.001(1), F.A.C., states, in part: “A professional engineer shall sign, date and seal: (a) All final plans, prints, specifications, reports, or other documents prepared or issued by the licensee… .”. RE: Digital Signature and PE Seal transmissiontowers (Structural) (OP) 29 Dec 10 22:54. the practice of Architecture and Engineering, and secondarily to the practice of Professional Land Sur-veying. Public administration – Solutions for the use of the electronic signature and the digital seal of approval for the implementation of the secure e-file; Close; Universities and education I played around with the Adobe Acrobat Pro today and their digital signature. Physically transmitted documents require that the licensee create by hand an original of the licensee’s signature. When electronically signing and sealing, your electronic signature and seal, with the date the document was sealed, should appear on the signature report. This item has been electronically signed and sealed by C.S. If the licensed professional is assuming professional responsibility for only part of the PWP, the authentication must specify which part(s). Mr. Bracken has served on the FBPE Board since 2012 and served as Board chair for the years 2015 and 2016. The signature and seal however vary according to whether the document is physically or electronically transmitted. (b) Create a “signature” report that contains the licensee’s given name, the licensee’s license number, a brief overall description of the engineering documents to be signed and sealed and the SHA-1 authentication code of the signature file; 180 (a) A digitally created seal as set forth in rule 190 61G15-23.002 , 191 F.A.C., may be placed where it would appear if the item were being physically signed, dated and sealed.

digital signing and sealing of engineering documents

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