You will find the first Nornir chest as Kratos and Atreus are hunting the stag. God of War – Nornir Chests of the Cliffs of the Raven. Each of these has various items, enemies and more to explore. Take the lift down to the new area, where you’ll fight more Dark Elves. These chests offer treasures … This Nornir chest contains an Idunn apple. Tyr’s Vault is a large area in God of War. There, you can open one of the Nornir chests - see the video above. The Nornir Chest at Konunsgard is by far the most intensive chest to find in all of God of War. Run back past the Nornir chest and stop at the top of the ramp down. The final Nornir chest can be located in the Cliffs of the Raven, located to the south-east of the Lake of Nine. We promise to handle your information in line with our privacy policy. Head to the left of the area to find the Nornir chest sitting in the open. Turn left and jump across the gaps. To open the chest, make use of the Leviathan axe’s thrown ability to hit the nearby bells. God of War is full of surprises, and that makes guides particularly tricky to write. When he’s done playing in the sand, the podium he’s on will lower enough that you can jump to it. Here is all you need to know find all 23 Nornir chests and get all of their extremely useful upgrades, in the order they become available as you move through the game. Use the wheel to unlock the doors, the Nornir chest is through the hallway with the horizontal spiky blocks. Nornir chests can be found in just about every single region in God of War. Each of the rune-covered Nornir treasure chests hidden across the realms of God of War is a puzzle to unlock, but the upgrades are worth it. To open the Nornir chest, you must hit the three bells in close succession. Another is beside the Nornir chest and the last is through a broken window to the left of the chest. There’s an active Wind trap where you found that Legendary chest earlier. When you make your way there in the early game, there isn’t much to see yet. Done quickly enough, this will unlock the Nornir chest. Turn a little to the left and look for a light crystal for Atreus. The three runes are located: in the room with the Jotnar shrine just before the Nornir chest, opposite the bridge in an enclave in the wall, and on the upper level that can be reached by raising the bridge. Open it to pick up the Rampage of the Furies light runic attack for the Blades of Chaos. You will need to work out the Light Crystal bridge in order to traverse the island. ... Nornir chest (Horn of … By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Nornir Chest 11/22. All three runes must be found and smashed in order to unlock this Nornir chest which contains an Idunn apple. From here, you can slot the charge into a rune statue and pull it out when the correct rune appears and place the charge back in the center to stop the runes from spinning. This Nornir chest contains a Horn of Blood Mead. This area requires use of the Winds of Hel, so if you haven’t made it to Helheim yet, come back later. It is one of the larger regions you can explore in the game, and part of your main Journey.. Thamur's Corpse, is … Confess your love of Super Smash Bros. via email at. Once the water lowers, turn around and go to the dock behind you. #8 – Nornir Chest 1/5 (Health Upgrade) – 2:38 From Brok’s shop, head to the end of the area on the left and drop down, then climb down the chains all the way to the bottom. To unlock this chest, you must return once you have visited Helheim as part of the main story. Smash these three squares to reveal some runes and give Atreus the solution. We’ll be coming back to this a bunch, so remember where it is. Return to this Nornir chest on the way back to the Witch’s house. These chests offer treasures that can upgrade your maximum health or rage – but to unlock them you will have to solve puzzles. He’ll run over to your left to find a sand bowl. Items in this area: Legendary chest (Rampage of the Furies light runic attack). To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Opening: After getting the Blades of Chaos, return to this area and go south to reach the chest. Turn to the right at the top of the elevator for another sap wall. Kratos and Atreus will enter a dark cavern filled with light-up crystals. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. Take a couple steps to the right out onto the stone pallet you pushed off the first time you were here. The charge can be slotted into the receptacle part way down the path. Far and away one of the most taxing things you'll come across in god of War are the bell puzzles that lock Nornir chests. The first seal is just above your head in the wall of the well. Thamur's Corpse is one of the main Regions in God of War. Read more about our cookie policy. The video above shows its location and how to open it. Continue the hunt for deer with Atreus until you reach a temple foyer area with three different paths to take. The God Of War Nornir Chest is an essential way to upgrade your health and extend your rage meters throughout the game.. The key to solving this Nornir chest is to make sure all the runes are visible. Inside, you’ll get the Murder of Crows runic summon for the boy. Turn to the right to find another light crystal. If our guide doesn’t appear to get you every item (a chest, for example), there’s a reason for that. This Nornir chest contains an Idunn apple. Continue your hunt for the deer with your son Atreus until you reach near a temple foyer area that has three paths that you can take. 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We don’t want to spoil it. Two are located directly above the Nornir chest while one more is to the left above the waterfall. There are three runes in the room which must be destroyed to open the chest. Then head to the chest and destroy the first rune on its right. Another Nornir chest can be located deep within Veithurgard, located to the east of the Lake of Nine. Nornir Chest #1: Midgard – Wildwoods You can find the first Nornir Chest in the first God of War mission in Wild Woods section of the Midgard. Kratos and Atreus will enter a cave system filled with spikey walls after speaking with Brok for the first time. This Nornir chest contains an Idunn apple. The Nornir chest, however, is located in the middle of the area, so you should have no trouble spotting it. He spent his younger life studying the laws of physics, even going so far as to complete a PhD in the subject before video game journalism stole his soul. The last Nornir chest in The River Pass region can be found in front of the Witch’s house. Two runes can be found hanging near the chest, with the third back in the area where you fought the troll. When Kratos makes it into Fafnir’s Hoard, he’ll encounter Sindri at a shop. The apple increases your health bar when you find 3 of them, and the mead increases your rage when you find 3 of them. Not to worry, though: We have scoured the realms and come back with knowledge of every single Nornir chest in God of War, and all the information necessary to unlock them. Cliffs of the Raven contains 5 Collectible Locations in God of War (2018, PS4). To open the Nornir Chest, you will be required to activate hit all three runes in quick succession while they are showing the right sign. On your way back out, you can open the Hidden Chamber you found earlier. As soon as you drop down, turn left and run out onto the stone pallet from your first trip here. Another Nornir chest can be found after you drain the water in Alfheim lake. One is above the entrance, the second is slightly to the back-left of the chest and the third is to the right of the chest. This Nornir chest contains an Idunn apple. Throw the Leviathan axe at the spinning contraption to lower the spikes, giving Kratos a short amount of time to throw the axe at all the bells. The first is located to the right of the elevator, inside the well needed to climb to exit the caves.

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