Features include a standard tripod mount (1/4-20) and bulb selector for extra long exposures. The Holga TIM camera has two fixed focus plastic lenses which work simultaneously, allowing for the capture of 3D images. Any one have any experiences with the Polaroid Holga 120s, particularly and "street" or "people" photography? 8 replies on “Lomo LC-A 120 v Holga 120N”. The Home of the “Original” Modified Holga 120S Medium Format Toy Camera Holga Unloading. Since 1976, we have developed literally millions of rolls of film with experienced lab professionals and film enthusiasts. No more rules, we'll keep it open until … In 2008, after I got my new Diana F+, my Holga lies in the cabinet at home every day.Let’s see the “conversation” between them! [7] Seeking new markets, the manufacturer sought to distribute the Holga outside mainland China. This image is protected by copyright and may not be used in any way, for any purpose, without my written permission. [17] Apertures of f/10 and f/13 work well for ISO200 speed films, while settings of f/13 and f/19 tend to suit faster films of around ISO400. Those lifted shadows in the first image, from the Holga look sooo good…but the rich contrast in the 6th image (one with the yellow umbrella) from the LC-A look amazing too. The Holga has one shutter speed – approximately 1/100th of a second. I will be using a hot shoe flash so the difference with the bulb thing doesn't really matter to me. The Holga 120N is BACK! Accessories exist that will do the same thing as a modified Holga without the need for physical modifications as well as accessories for special effects. Play with 2 different aperture setting of f/11 and f/8. It is a fairly early model, so by the time you read this there might have been some tweaks or firmware updates. I have been doing it for almost 10 years now. Tengo algunas cámaras fotográficas más a las que también tengo mucho cariño, pero la Holga 120N fue mi primera adquisición en el mundo de las toy cameras (“cámaras juguete”) y desde entonces ha sido testigo de miles de momentos.. La Holga es una cámara fotográfica que se empezó a fabricar en 1982 en Hong-Kong (China). The Holga is Dead, Long Live the Holga! The "panoramic" adapter will mask out the sprocket holes. It has a fixed, 60mm plastic lens, and the only focus available are four symbols that represent portrait images to landscape images. See how they compare. Find great deals on eBay for holga 120s. There are different Holga models, starting with the 120S (now discontinued). HOLGA COMPARISON AT A GLANCE Camera Name Flash Hot Bulb Tripod Masks Batteries Construction Shoe Exposure Mount (cm) 120 Format Classic Holga 120S Hot Shoe Yes No None 6x4.5 None Plastic Classic Holga 120SF Built In No No None 6x4.5 Two AA Plastic Holga 120N Hot Shoe Yes Yes Brass 6x4.5, None Plastic To unload your Holga after shooting the last exposure of 120 film, first wind the film completely with the take-up knob until it is all in the spool. At the end of the day I suspect it will come down to which image preference and style. These owners prized the Holga for its lack of precision, light leaks, and inexpensive qualities, which forced the photographer to concentrate on innovation and creative vision in place of increasingly expensive camera technology. 1982 saw the birth of the Holga. Holgon Flash, a small normal flash for Holgas with a. Holgon Strobe Flash, a bulky flash which features multi flash strobe (which keeps flashing as long as the shutter stays open in bulb mode) or single flash (a more powerful flash, which will flash once on pressing the shutter and a second time on release). The difference between the 120N in my review and the CFN is that the CFN has a built in color flash, and the difference between the Diana+ and Diana F+, is that the F+ has a flash. Other Holga variants, denoted either by the letter 'G' in their model name, or the name WOCA, feature a simple glass lens, but are otherwise identical in construction. It Depends on the Shot", "Holga: Hong Kong-made lomo camera goes digital", "Analogue in a digital world: Interview with the Holga Inspire team", "The simple cult camera that inspired Instagram", The Authoritative Guide to Holga Tune-Up And Modifications, Holga's TIM camera lets film fans experiment in 3D, "35mm Film in Holga, Diana, Agfa Isoly, and Zero Image Film Advance Guide for Sprocket Hole Photography", "Fall with a 'melted' Holga on a Nikon D2X", "How To Make Your Holga Lens Mountable To Your SLR Camera (EOS, Nikon, Sony, &c.)", "Holga Digital – Restyle the Retro Vintage into New Condition", "Holga's New Camera Fuses Vintage Aesthetic With Modern Tech", "Holga is Bringing Back Lo-Fi Photography With a Digital Twist", "I Bought a Holga Digital. I’ve been shooting with the Lomo LC-A 120 for 4.5 years and it is not that hard to load once you know how. The Holga is a fully mechanical, 6×6 medium format toy camera that is made of 99% plastic, including its 60mm fixed f/8 lens. We barely knew ye. However, once the camera went into production, vignetting (darkening of the corners of the finished photograph) occurred when the camera was modified to a 6×6 format. By sandwiching a normal 35 mm roll of film into the Holga's 120 spool, "sprocket hole" exposures may be taken that expose the entire surface of. The N also added a Bulb setting for use with flash or long exposure The name HOLGA, was supposedly derived from the Cantonese, pronunciation of the the characters for "very bright" that appeared on some flash units. Yes it's cheap, yes the lens is wonky, yes there is vignetting around the edges BUT if you are looking for a dream like quality to your pictures that don't need to be produced using a photoshop like program, then the Holga is def for you. Don’t forget to check out the Lomography Diana F+ – A loving recreation of the 1960’s camera, the Diana F+ produces stunning, dream-like photos in medium format. and Bulb, Aperture Settings: f/8 or f/11, Hot Shoe and Tripod Mount, Uses 120 Roll Film, Includes 6 x 4.5cm and 6 x 6cm Masks. A rarer model available in Japan is an all-in-one back and cartridge unit. Due to a manufacturing oversight, this switch has no effect on pre-2009 production cameras, and the actual aperture is around f/13, giving the Holga just one aperture. Holga 120SF - A standard Holga 120S, with a flash. Holga 120N - New default model featuring a tripod mount, bulb mode, and a factory 6x6 mask. I heard the LC-A 120 was difficult to load. It had LOTS of problems such as horrible internal film masking. There is a 6 x 4.5cm format for a vertical, rectangular image and a 6 x 6cm format for a square image. Holga 120GN - A Holga 120N with a glass lens. The manufacturer has since outsourced supply of the varying plastic and glass lenses to contractors in Japan and China, There is an aperture setting switch on the camera with two positions indicated by pictorial ideograms: sunny and cloudy, with a nominal value of f/11 and f/8, respectively. It has a 38mm Minigon lens with an aperture range of f/4.5 – f/16; an auto meter with 100 to 1600 iso range; 4 zone focusing distances; and a multiple exposure setting. It produces the well known Holga-style classic lo-fi photos with the shadowy vignettes, unpredictable light leaks and soft focus in your square shots. Mantenendo tutte quelle caratteristiche favolosi e unici che hanno reso il mondo Holga 120S famosa, questo modello aggiornato, la Holga 120N, prende Holga fotografia al livello successivo. But I’m tired to shoot with that camera. Unloading a Holga is pretty much like unloading any other film camera. The Holga was intended to provide an inexpensive mass-market camera for the Chinese working-class in order to record family portraits and events. The significant updates were the addition of a tripod mount, interchangeable film masks for 6X4.5 and 6X6 and the big change is an aperture setting switch that actually does something. The Holga, on the other hand, is a very solidly built camera, and while not being as flexible, is still a very capable camera. The plastic lens can be replaced with a glass version (the "Woca") or can be completely removed. This week I review the Holga 120S medium format camera. The name HOLGA, was supposedly derived from the Cantonese, pronunciation of the the characters for "very bright" that appeared on some flash units. The Darkroom… Lots of experience and lots of love! Basta ruotare il barile per l'impostazione che più si avvicina alla vostra situazione. Holga 120N – Updated version with plastic 60 mm f/8 lens, tripod mount, bulb exposure mode, improved film counter window switch, foam inserts to provide film spool tensioning, and an additional 6x6 cm film mask, Holga 120SF – A standard Holga 120S, with built-in flash, Holga 120FN – A Holga 120N with built-in flash, Holga 120CFN – A Holga 120FN with built-in color flash, Holga 120GN – A Holga 120N with glass lens, Holga 120GFN – A Holga 120FN with glass lens and built-in flash, Holga 120GCFN – A Holga 120FN with color flash and glass lens, Holga 120TLR – A Holga 120CFN with a twin-lens reflex (TLR) viewfinder in lieu of the standard viewfinder, with a relocated color flash, Holga 120GTLR – A Holga 120TLR with glass lens, Holga 120PC – A pinhole version of the 120N using 6x4.5 cm or 6x6 cm format, Holga 120 3D Stereo Pinhole Camera – Two pinhole lenses in a wide body. The Holga 120N shoots 120 medium format film and features 2 shooting formats (12 6x6cm images or 16 6×4.5cm images), two shutter speeds (1/100s and bulb), 2 … 2 sold. and, which camera is easy to use and rarely make problems? Results of My Long Exposure Holga Experiment. However, as of July 2017, Freestyle reported that the molds had been tracked down, put back into production, and the Holgas were once again available. [9] In this respect, the Holga became the successor to the Diana and other toy cameras previously used in such work. Film is advanced by a knob on the top of the camera, and frame numbers printed on the backing paper of the film can be viewed through a red window on the back of the Holga. Holga 120GFN - A Holga 120FN with a glass lens. Shop with confidence. Also, the film would get loose on the spools and would require you to put cardboard under the film to keep it tight. HOLGA 120N Black Lomo Medium Format Film Camera Brand New UK Stock 120 N Holga. No batteries required! Manufacturer description: The Holga 120N! VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital 8, Mini DV. There’s no need for a lens, as a tiny pinhole on the front of the camera will be your only conduit for light. Holga HL-C – A 60 mm f/8 Holga lens with, Holga HL-N – A 60 mm f/8 Holga lens with, Holga HL-O – A 60 mm f/8 Holga lens with, Holga HL-P – A 60 mm f/8 Holga lens for Pentax DSLR cameras with, Holga HL-S – A 60 mm f/8 Holga lens for Konica Minolta/Sony DSLR cameras with, Holga HL(W)-OP – A 25 mm f/8 Holga lens with. I just bought my Holga 120N camera at the start of this year and I was really happy with how it turned out. Website of Holga Week, which is observed in the first week of September every year. Holga 135PAN – A Holga 35 mm Panoramic camera. [2][10], Recently the Holga has experienced renewed consumer interest outside China due to the increasing popularity of toy cameras, and a continuing counterculture response to the increasing complexity of modern cameras.[11]. The Home of the “Original” Modified Holga 120S Medium Format Toy Camera Holga 120 Pan Panoramic Camera – This is a wide angle panoramic camera. See more ideas about Holga, Photography, Lomography. Shooting without an insert can lead to problems keeping the, Inserting cardboard or foam or felt padding under or behind the film spool to provide proper film tensioning. Fixed shutter speed, adjustable focus, plastic 60mm f/8 meniscus lens, two-position f-stop switch, hot shoe, and 6×4.5 cm film mask. Actualizar 2: I already have a nice film camera, I'm looking for something cheaper and less "nice" specifically for … $59.55. But Holga is a real and simple camera that you want!! An f-mount, 'melted' plastic Holga lens has been used on a digital f-mount camera while the EOS Holga has been mounted to the latest Canon DSLRs. When you are shooting a project you want some constancy. The Holga 120N replaced the 120S around 2003. Use Your Settings Properly. Camera bags, available in a small and a large size. In late November 2015, Freestyle Photographic Supplies COO Gerald H. Karmele confirmed that Tokina had shut down the factory that produced Holga cameras and related accessories, ending the production of these toy cameras. The 120N is the most basic of the plethora of late 120 Holgas and is the closest to the original with no built in flash, plastic lens and limited settings and acts as the base for most 120 models. Your email address will not be published. Note: We don’t monitor the comments very often, so please contact us directly if you have questions. The iconic vignette that the Holga produces was also present, and, in some cases, was intensified by the ND filter. Mi cámara Holga 120N es muy especial para mi. Holga 120N Medium Format Film Camera Black 6x6 (6x4.5) -Brand New WOCA – A Holga 120S with a Japanese-supplied glass meniscus lens, since discontinued and replaced by the Holga 120GN, which recalled the lens nomenclature for meniscus. The camera is lightweight and small enough to fit my pocket. I have been thinking about writing a camera review for a while now, but cameras are kind of difficult to review so I decided to start with the most basic camera that I own, the Holga 120N. Subscribe for more videos! $40.99. (mjh) edited this topic ages ago. Holga: Why isn’t our owner bringing me out anymore after you got here? Buy Holga 120N Medium Format Film Camera (Black) featuring Classic Toy Camera, 60mm f/8 Plastic Lens, Zone Focusing System, Shutter Speeds: 1/100 sec. Shortly after its introduction, it became an underground artistic phenomena. The Holga 120N is very robust so I can throw it in an unpadded bag and not worry about it. Newer models of the camera come with multiple optional frame inserts (4.5 × 6 cm and 6 × 6 cm). The current default model, Holga 120N, is a near replica of the original Holga 120S but with some improved modifications. To unload your Holga after shooting the last exposure of 120 film, first wind the film completely with the take-up knob until it is all in the spool. Holga Enlargers, an inexpensive darkroom enlarger with two available lenses and several masks/negative carriers for both 120 and 35 mm formats. Plastic Fantastic – shooting the Holga 120N By Chris Chinnock I am as prone to Gear Acquisition Syndrome as the next person – who hasn’t lusted after a shiny whizzbang piece of kit, gradually convincing yourself that this essential addition to your arsenal promises to open new and as yet un-imagined creative possibilities… and the next thing you know you own three The Holga 120S – The original Holga, since discontinued. Like any simple meniscus lens, the Holga lens exhibits soft focus and chromatic aberration. Then reality strikes me; unlike digital cameras, the Holga 120N … Find great deals on eBay for holga 120s. £28.75 + P&P. The Holga 120N camera is desired by art photographers the world over. The 120S (S for standard) is the original and most basic of the Holga models. I have both and find I much prefer shooting with the LCA. Holga 120N with 4.5×6 mask shooting Kodak Portra 400. The Holga 120N is an all plastic 6x6cm 120 film viewfinder camera. [7] Later Holgas such as the 120N come with two masks for both the 6×4.5 and 6×6 format. I just bought my Holga 120N camera at the start of this year and I was really happy with how it turned out. [5] At the time, 120 roll film in black-and-white was the most widely available film in mainland China. The Holga 120 GCFN (“Holga”)is a Glass Lens Medium Format Film Camera with built-in color flash. A Holga's interior can be "flocked"—coated with matte black paint—in order to limit the effect of light bouncing off the plastic interior from light leaks. Most Holga cameras use a single-piece plastic meniscus lens with a focal length of 60 millimeters and utilize a zone-focus system that can adjust from about 1 meter (3 feet) to infinity. Pick … Which one is best? It has 4 zone focus distances, a fixed 1/100th shutter speed, and you can pick one up for $50 or less. Holga K202 – Meow Kitty camera in the shape of a cat face with blinking lights and cat sound. The 120N is the earliest version of the Holga. The LSI Diana+ is more fragile than the Holga. Boxed, opened but never used. Originally posted ages ago. (easier to use, produces better pictures, etc) Actualizar: or the Holga 120TLR? Holga Unloading. You can shoot in 2 different frame format, shoot in 6x4.5 or 6x6. Some units will come with multi colored filters to place over the flash.

holga 120n vs 120s

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