We recommend starting with our directory of 200+ book review blogs, but feel free to do your own research as well! As is marketing that book before and after launch. See our book review page for more info > > This is the "ideal reader" of your book, so to speak — a perfect blend of the traits you'd expect them to have. If you’re interested mail me at: sofpan at yahoo dot com. Another option is to go straight to the big kahunas, by which we mean the top-ranked reviewers on Amazon. For others, you may want to offer to supply them with the book for free. The message of this book is to make people realize that americans are not just soldiers carrying guns. Imagine the day of your book launch. If you’d like to get involved with the Amazon reviewing program, Amazon Vine, and become a reviewer of Amazon products, we’re here to help you get started. these are the titles you'll use to sell your, format your book in a professional manner, prohibits reviews from close friends and family, And it only takes a few minutes to submit. #bookreviews #kindlebookreviews #amazonbookreviews #indiebookreviews If anyone is looking for a good read this is the book to read. 9. Please upgrade today! If you can, plan your book review campaign 4-6 months in advance of your publication date. Hi Panayotis, Another great way to get some Amazon book reviews is to go look for some bloggers who would want to read the book and review it for free. Which means their opinions are golden... and if you can get a decent review from them, your book will be too. We are a group of retired people in New Zealand who get tired of bungee jumping or diving icebergs (Haha! 2. Hi ive just written my book called Goodness and Mercy under Frederick Amina at Amazon book’s. A great book and patience are the best ways to get more five-star Amazon book reviews. Though book bloggers are the most reliable and professional source of reviews for independent authors, you may want to try other avenues to maximize your chances! Finally, for a professional review option that's a bit less time-and-effort-consuming on your part, you can submit your book right here on Reedsy Discovery! Panayotis https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44a7e5eb8ba7991e44fa0d95f9e11133f59e8e3fb74f3d5f809ab6c699496dd9.jpg. 1. Any promotion you do for your book will pay much higher dividends if you get more than 10 reviews on your work. The reviews will be honest and the rating your book receives will … Self-publishing is the most unrewarding soul crushing experience! Some blogs will have a form to fill out; others might ask you to email them directly. Home » Promoting & Marketing » How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon for Your Own Book. I dislike those reviewers who would make good micro managers, focusing on things like repeated word usage and misspelled words INSTEAD OF focusing on the big picture. Increasing your customer support is one of the best things you can do to get more, and better, Amazon product reviews, even though the former deals with service and the latter with products. We do free book reviews if your book interests us. This might be your agent, your friend, or your mom — anyone you trust to pre-screen your reviews. Still no review. Your Amazon reviews carry weight. This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work! Amazon reviews definitely influence the purchasing decision. We write books too, so we like to see what other authors are currently doing and it is amazing to see what writers are creating. To find bloggers to contact in your niche you can use either Blog Metrics or Blog Directory. Whatever they say, make sure that you follow it to a T. “There are two main benefits to reading and following the review policies closely,” says Beverly. Become a member today to discover how we can help you publish a beautiful book. I have the same question that others here do. Any further follow-ups, or aggressive requests as to why your work's not being reviewed, will not be viewed kindly. Ever since, Amazon removed incentivized reviews, getting reviews has been harder and harder.However, there are some easy sure-fire ways to get reviews – some that are completely white-hat, and some not so white-hat. Read this to keep Amazon from deleting your reviews. Easier said than done, yes, but really try to tune out these people! This way, you can update the highlighted fields to quickly personalize your pitch request for each reviewer. Any idea how to contact them? An author I work with recently told me that 50 is the magic number of reviews that triggers Amazon to start paying more attention to your book. 7. We’ll tell you how you can become an Amazon reviewer, and give you helpful tips for your reviews. I'm just relaying what I heard, but since Amazon operates on logarithms, this makes sense to me. Or who find two grammar mistakes and claim it makes the book unreadable and so they give you a 2 star review. That said, NEVER offer "review swaps" or any kind of promotional enticement for customers to leave reviews, as this would also be against Amazon's terms. Or if you didn't find them through a comp title, mention other aspects of their blog and why you think they would be great to review your book! To recap: identify your audience, find relevant blogs, pitch them, send out your book, and don't forget to follow up! Here are three more ways to get book reviews for your work, so you can bolster your Amazon profile and start making some serious sales. If you've published your ebook with KDP Select, you'll receive 5 days every period where you can make the ebook free. The easiest, most common way all of these new authors get Amazon reviews is to sit back and wait for people to purchase their book and leave a review of it. Best-case scenario, the blogger responds favorably and you’ve bagged yourself a review! Look at the Book Reviews. But there are a few things you can try that might give your book a better chance of gaining more potential reviewers. Here are three more key tips for pitching book reviewers: 1. This is a modern website which will require Javascript to work. As we have seen, you can contact the top reviewers, target free book review sites, or reach out to book bloggers. Find out how to get reviews on Amazon with the following tips: Whether you maintain a strong social media following, belong to many writing groups, or already have built-in readers from a previous book launch, your existing fans are your bread and butter.

how to get amazon book reviews

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