This finely textured material gently absorbs fingertip perspiration and oils to assist playing control, and possesses a natural, matte finish that is smooth but not slippery. As with the latest CA99 and CA79 models, the CA49 incorporates technologies developed in collaboration with premium audio equipment manufacturer, Onkyo, and features a new motherboard and amplification system designed to deliver richer, higher quality sound. 4.0; GATT compatible), Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant, Tone Control, Low Volume Balance, Tuning, Transpose, Touch, Spatial Headphone Sound, Phones Type, Transmit Program Change Number, MIDI Channel, Local Control, Multi-timbral Mode, Startup Settings, Auto Display Off, Auto Power Off, Bluetooth MIDI, 13 cm x 2 Bass speaker, 5 cm x 2 Treble speaker, Grand Feel System with Damper (Half-Pedal), Sostenuto and Soft, MIDI (IN/OUT), USB (to Host), Headphones x 2 (1/4", 1/8"), Premium Rosewood, Premium Satin Black, Premium Satin White. This is the ambitious philosophy behind Kawai’s latest Concert Artist series – premium instruments that capture the essence of playing a magnificent concert grand piano, and inspire musicians of all ages and abilities to realise their true artistic potential. I personally really like the CA48 and can not recommend it enough for those who are looking for a digital piano around $2,000 price range. Satin Black TOUCH. The CA49 digital piano features a three song recorder, allowing performances to be recorded to internal memory and played back at the touch of a button. KAWAI CA48. Once paired with a phone or tablet, CA49 owners can easily control the instrument or display notated scores for built-in lesson songs using the dedicated PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps. As the most authentic digital piano keyboard action in its class, Grand Feel Compact even reproduces the ‘let-off’ characteristic of acoustic piano actions. * For a visual representation of the piano in each finish, please refer to the Gallery function at the top of this page. The CA49 motherboard and its sound hardware are designed for precise signal conversion and optimum sound quality. The CA49 digital piano captures the magnificent tone of Kawai’s flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX full concert grand... BLUETOOTH®. The impressive CA49 features Kawai’s highly regarded Ivory Touch key surfaces as standard. This app connects to the piano wirelessly via the Concert Artists’ integrated Bluetooth feature, providing an effortless way to change sounds, adjust settings, or enjoy the vast array of built-in music content from the comfort of an armchair. An outstanding introduction to Concert Artist quality The CA17 digital piano is the latest addition to Kawai’s highly respected range of Concert Artist instruments, offering many of the strengths of the premium models, within a more compact and aff ordable package. The Kawai Concert Artist (CA) Series is transforming all notions of how good digital pianos can be. * Cabinet finish availability dependent on market location. The CA79 is the successor to the acclaimed CA78 premium digital piano. Replacing the predecessor CA48 model and again boasting Kawai’s Grand Feel Compact action, the CA49 is one of the only home digital pianos on the market for around 3k to feature 88, 100% wooden keys. This finely textured material gently absorbs fingertip perspiration and oils to assist playing control, and possesses a natural, matte finish that is smooth but not slippery. This subtle ‘notch’ sensation can be felt when playing the keys of a grand piano very gently, and may be used by experienced pianists to aid control when playing pianissimo passages. This page contains owner's manual PDF files for current and previous generation Kawai digital pianos. A piano that will encourage enthusiastic players to become accomplished pianists, and transform living rooms into grand concert halls. CA48 Owner's Manual. Buy Kawai CA49 Digital Piano with Matching Bench (Satin Black) featuring 88 Compact Wooden-Key Keyboard Action, Ivory-Touch Surfaces, Piano Bench, Triple-Sensor Grand Piano Feel, Progressive Harmonic-Imaging Sound, 88-Key-Sampling Grand Piano Sound, Bluetooth, OLED Graphic Display, Internal Recorder, Tone Control, With Classical Etudes / Alfred Lessons, Spatial Headphone Sound, Modern … The white Kawai CA49 Digital Piano is an addition to Kawai's Concert Artist series featuring Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action, the SK-EX and EX concert grand piano sounds, an internal recorder, and modern Bluetooth connectivity.It offers many of the strengths of the premium CA models in a more compact and affordable design. For greater flexibility, ‘Advanced Mode’ allows players to perform touch weight and voicing adjustments, regulate hammer and key release noises, and fine-tune string and damper resonances using the dedicated PianoRemote app. The CA49 boasts an impressive 4-speaker output system, with lower range frequencies delivered through the underside of the instrument, and mid and high frequencies projected outward via front-facing speakers. The CA49 digital piano utilizes Kawai's Grand Feel Compact keyboard action, which draws upon 90 years of acoustic piano craftsmanship to provide an exceptionally realistic playing experience. Global Website of Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. | Company Information, Brands, Investor Relations, Environment, Recruitment In addition, the CA49 also features the distinctive sound of Kawai’s highly acclaimed EX concert grand piano, which has been selected by professional pianists in such prestigious events as the Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Rubinstein international piano competitions, among others. The other Kawai digital pianos including the popular ES110, KDP110, CN29, CN39, and NV10 that were out back in 2019 remain the same for all this year. What's more, there's a cool lesson feature that helps aspiring pianists to learn the piano using an onboard collection of etudes from Czerny, Burgmüller, and Beyer, plus Chopin Walzer 1-19 and songs from popular Alfred course books. As the successor to the popular CA48 piano, the Kawai CA49 Digital Piano continues a legacy of authentic sound and premium features. Its flat fascia and tall upper board give the instrument a traditional, upright piano-like quality, while at just over 46 centimetres deep, the CA49’s compact body is suitable for apartments and other narrow spaces. The left and right hand parts for each piece can be practiced separately, while adjusting the tempo allows more difficult passages to be perfected. Complementing the instrument’s class-leading Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action and Progressive Harmonic Imaging piano sounds, the CA49 also offers a variety of convenient digital features that further enhance one’s musical enjoyment. In addition to grade-weighted hammers, the Grand Feel Compact keyboard action also features counterweights attached towards the front of the bass keys. Widely regarded as the ‘premier pianos of Japan’, Shigeru Kawai instruments grace the stages of concert halls and musical institutions throughout the world, and are prized for their exceptional tonal clarity. Featuring specially developed components with enhanced grand piano-like touch and tone, the CA79 delivers outstanding digital piano technology for the home or professional player. Furthermore, the Dual playing mode also allows two different sounds, such as grand piano and strings, to be layered together, while the Four Hands mode divides the keyboard into two independent 44-key sections. A substantial upgrade over the CE220’s legendary piano action, featuring triple sensor, let-off and counterweight technology. Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Let me briefly… Read More »New Concert Artist Models From Kawai: CA49 & CA59 Brand: Kawai Pianos | Stock Id: KAWAI-CA49 The CA49 is the introductory model of the Concert Artist range, and successor to the popular CA48 mid-range digital piano. KAWAI CA79. Ivory Touch key surfaces. In addition to standard MIDI jacks for connecting to other instruments, the CA49 digital piano also boasts integrated Bluetooth MIDI technology that allows the instrument to communicate with supported smart devices wirelessly. In addition to tuning each note, the technician also performs numerous regulation and voicing adjustments that allow the instrument to truly sing. In addition, Kawai’s action technology also monitors the speed at which each key is lifted, influencing the release character of piano sounds, and providing a greater range of expression between staccato and legato playing. Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. CA49 software update instructions & changelog (English) (PDF), Kawai CA49 EU Declaration of Conformity (PDF), Burgmüller 25 (25 Etudes Faciles, Opus 100), Fixed-height or height-adjustable bench *. KAWAI CA99. The CA49’s convenient lesson function allows aspiring pianists to learn piano with classical Czerny, Burgmüller, Chopin, and Beyer etudes, or collections of songs from the popular Alfred’s Basic Piano course books. * Availability of Bluetooth® function may vary depending on market area. This unique process accurately recreates the broad dynamic range of the original grand pianos, affording pianists an extraordinary level of expressiveness ranging from the softest pianissimo to the strongest, boldest fortissimo. The CA49’s Virtual Technician ‘Smart Mode’ simulates these refinements digitally, with ten preset configurations that intelligently adjust various characteristics of the grand piano to match different musical styles. The added third sensor improves responsiveness when playing the same key repeatedly, and unlike conventional two sensor keyboard actions found in many digital pianos, allows the sound of a single note to be gradually ‘layered’ without the previous tone being lost. This feature is particularly useful in learning environments, allowing teacher and student (or student and student) to play together at the same time using a single instrument. Novus NV5 Owner's Manual. Progressive Harmonic Imaging™, 88 Key Sampling, 19, Grand Pianos: Shigeru Kawai EX, Kawai EX, Smart Mode: 10 Presets, Advanced Mode (via Virtual Technician app): Touch Curve, Voicing, Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, String Resonance, Key-off Effect, Fall-back Noise, Hammer Delay, Topboard Simulation, Decay Time, Minimum Touch, Stretch Tuning, Temperament, Temperament Key, Key Volume, Half-Pedal Adjust, Soft Pedal Depth, Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Live Hall, Concert Hall, Cathedral, Burgmüller 25 (25 Etudes Faciles, Opus 100); Czerny 30 (Etudes de Mécanisme, Opus 849); Beyer (Vorschule im Klavierspiel, Opus 101); Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1A; Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1B, Bluetooth MIDI (Ver. Grand Feel Compact wooden-key action with Ivory Touch key surfaces and ‘Let-Off’ mechanism The CA49’s broad music rest is engineered to accommodate the most ambitious musical works, with a high-quality surface and attractive round design.

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