West Bengal on North-East, Jharkhand on North, Madhya Pradesh on West and Andhra Pradesh on south. Bhopal, to be honest, though I've spent all 17 years of my life here but I still can't absorb it's beauty completely. A good network of railways and road connects all parts of Madhya Pradesh flawlessly. It produces 21 types of minerals. Its area is 155845. 48 sq. What is now Madhya Pradesh was part of the Mauryan empire in the 4th–3rd centuries bc. (a) Orissa (b) Karnataka (c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Gujarat Article Rating. Madhya Pradesh is a state which has a balanced division of land between Mountain, Plateaus and Plains. 67. The main physical composition of Madhya Pradesh is Basalt and Gondwana rocks. It never gets old. The holy river ‘Narmada’ is lifeline of Madhya Pradesh. 1590.46 crore in the year 2009-10. Pruiesh is famous fcx which most valuable mineral ? Free PDF Download of CBSE Class 10 Social Science Geography Chapter 5 Minerals and Energy Resources Multiple Choice Questions with Answers. Answer a) Uttar Pradesh. The best quality plum fruit is being grown in hilly area of Himachal Pradesh,Uttrakhand and Jammu and Kashimir. A metallic mineral for which the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh is famous. It … Coal 2.Mineral Oil (Petroleum Crude) 3.Natural Gas 4.Iron ore 5.Manganese Ore 6.Chromite 7.Copper 8.Bauxite 9.Mica 10.Lead and Zinc 11.Gold 12.Nickel 13.Limestone 14.Gypsum 15.Sulphur and Pyrite and 16.Other Minerals. 60,385,118), 119,010 sq mi (308,240 sq km), central India, between the Deccan and the Ganges plain.The capital is Bhopal Bhopal, former principality, Madhya Pradesh state, central India. Orissa is a state of India. Copper is … Panna in Madhya Pradesh is also famous for its diamond mines, the most popular is Majhgawan mine. By using the service of this site, I agree that I will serve wholeheartedly and will not indulge in any sort of activity that threats the integrity of the organisation I am working for / I work for. Madhya Pradesh contributes to India’s mineral production in a large way. China (126 million metric tons) Being the world’s largest producer of wheat. A region of rolling downs and thickly forested hills, it is predominantly agricultural. 0 0 vote. The officially recorded forest area of Madhya Pradesh is 94,689 sq kms which is 30.72% of the geographical area of Madhya Pradesh.The demarcated reserved forests are 65.36%, protected forests are 32.84% and unclassified forests are merely 1.80%. List of Indian States in Mineral Wealth which is very useful for the preparation of competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways etc. Madhya Pradesh has been ruled after by many famous dynasties of India who have left their rich heritage back in forms of architecture, living and other factors. (b) Madhya Pradesh (c) Orissa (d) Gujarat (c) Orissa 54. Divi& Northern Great Plains of India into regional divisions. Pear is a valuable fruit and one of the most important fruit cultivation in Punjab and Himachal state of India. The geography of Madhya Pradesh has been classified into three categories by the geographers and they are: Plateau of Madhya Pradesh ; Mountain range of Satpura 68. The Khajoraho temples, the marble rock at Jabalpur, the Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Panna National Parks, Manu, Panchmarhi are some of the most visited places in Madhya Pradesh. The most famous textile products in Madhya Pradesh include the Chanderi and Maheshwari Sarees. Bhedaghat in Madhya Pradesh is famous for its striking marble rocks which are 100 feet high and located on either sides of the river Narmada. In which one of the following states the largest wind farm cluster is located?

madhya pradesh is famous for which most valuable mineral

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