There are plenty of cheap flights from Ireland to Scotland and from Scotland to Ireland. They are both such amazing destinations and I know you’ll love them! I'm sharing how I spent my ten days (including travel days) starting in London and stopping in Edinburgh before making it over to Ireland… However, if you are flying into Scotland or Ireland and plan to fly out of a different airport, I would not recommend taking the ferry. This is a common -- albeit loaded -- question that has a variety of responses depending on what type of trip you're looking for, what budget you have and how flexible you are. If you do decide to rent a car in one country and leave it in the other, it will cost you at least $1500 USD ($500 for a cross border fee and $500 for a one-way rental fee). However, camping is still a popular money-saving option in Ireland, you just need to be at a proper campsite in order to do it. This might be one of the best Scotland and Ireland travel tips I could give, but if you’re going on a road trip make sure to get off of the main highways! Planning a Trip in Ireland Chances are you’ve been looking forward to your trip to Ireland for some time. This is much the same once you get outside of the bigger cities and towns in Ireland. We recommend searching for cars on to find the best deal available! One of the reason it might take you a while to get from point A to point B while on a Scottish Highlands or Ireland road trip might be due to the narrow roads. While the city of Cork is most notable for starting this trend, many other Irish cities have followed suit and there are myriad Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the Emerald Isle. Trips to Ireland and Scotland offer the best of both worlds and can be done affordably too. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is on the island of Ireland. I’ve physically never been to Ireland or Scotland but my soul has,for sure, and it has been pulling and haunting me to go for some time now!! Not only there’s a whole lot of mixed information online, but you’ll also have to deal with a ton of stereotypes about visiting Scotland… Be sure to read  my complete guide to the Isle of Skye  before going. However, if you don’t drive manual or are nervous about driving in Scotland or Ireland, then it might be better to get rent an automatic. I often get asked by my readers which trip they should take, Ireland or Scotland? If you need help planning, please feel free to reach out  Facebook  or  Instagram, or send me an email me When she’s not dreaming of far-away lands, Maggie enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee, Harry Potter, and coaxing stray cats into her home. You can fly with Ryanair for as little as $21 USD! You effectively lose a day to travel between Ireland and Scotland even if you fly between airport travel and finding new accommodations. The most valuable thing you can remember when planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland is a waterproof/windproof jacket. Ireland is no different and although Irish whiskey dropped in international popularity in the past couple of decades, it is seeing a massive resurgence. Thank you for sharing your experiences,suggestions and tips!!! Whether you decide to drive to the Isle of Skye on your own or take a tour, don’t miss these sites: On the last day of your Scotland and Ireland vacation, travel back to Edinburgh and either fly home from there or fly back to Dublin to fly home. I generally find Ireland cheaper to fly to from the United States but have occasionally found great deals to Scotland as well. Wild camping is both a really good way to offset the cost of a car hire and an excellent way to get away from it all and to enjoy the stunning natural scenery all to yourself. Planning a trip to Scotland can be tricky, even if you’ve been thinking about it for the longest time. There are fewer automatic transmission cars available and they, therefore, tend to be a bit more expensive. When visiting Scotland and Ireland, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a travel insurance policy so you’re covered for any unfortunate events! Michael and I spent about ten minutes at one point trying to get some sheep to move out of the middle of the road and had no success until someone came along and let his Border Collie chase them off. These ten tips for planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland will help you have the best trip possible. However, planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland takes a bit more preparation than simply booking a flight and packing a bag. I’m giving you just a week in this itinerary, but I think it will show y0ou some of the best places to visit in Ireland in a short am0unt of time. Be sure to read my  guide to the highlands  and don’t miss these sites: You can’t visit Scotland without taking a trip to visit the breathtakingly beautiful Isle of Skye. So, if you find a good spot, go ahead and pitch a tent and spend the night — this is one of the best Scotland travel tips I could give. If you want to experience a great overview of the country, you can do my full  Scotland Itinerary. If you’re really struggling with the Ireland vs Scotland debate, why not choose both?When you use this itinerary to travel to Ireland and Scotland you’re getting the best of both wo… Northern Ireland is geographically close to Scotland, with ferry options from Belfast and since we're hoping to road trip Scotland next year, we decided to save Northern Ireland for a later date! A friend and I are planning a trip of about 25 days in England, Ireland and Scotland on May-June 2014. If you’re feeling nervous about driving in Ireland there are several great day trips from Galway that will take you to the west for this 2-day trip.

planning a trip to scotland and ireland

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