ENKA manufactures endless viscose rayon yarns (multi-filament yarns) under the trademark ENKA ® Viscose. The spinning solution is pumped through several Yarn having excellent resistance to deterioration with time has not heretofore been obtained. The process of manufacturing viscose rayon consists of the following steps mentioned, in the order that they are carried out: (1) Steeping, (2) Pressing, (3) Shredding, (4) Aging, (5) Xanthation, (6) Dissolving, (7)Ripening, (8) Filtering, (9) Degassing… Initially, viscose … Accordingly, the use of a viscose having an appropriate γ value, for the sake of suppressing the amount of such sulfur content to a limited value, is desirable as a practical condition. A wide variety of high tenacity viscose rayon filament yarn options are available to you, such as yarn type, pattern, and use. control the solution viscosity. 200 ml of water, 20 g of boric acid and 10 g of yarn are placed in a gas generator having a capacity of 500 ml and boiled for 1 hour while introducing nitrogen gas. Grasim is a leading viscose filament yarn (VFY) manufacturer in India and the 3rd largest globally. becomes pasty and begins to stick at the surface of the drum in small lumps. The filaments are stretched to about 100% between the This honey-like, viscous mass is further refined in further physical process … Acid treatment is carried out so as to complete the coagulation and regeneration in this time period. solution of NaOH is added such that the change will contain about 6.5% NaOH and A blank test is carried out by the same procedure (B cc). The This invention relates to a viscose rayon filament yarn directly obtainable from viscose dope by a series of rapid, very simple and continuous treatments and procedures. In order to make the progress of xanthating reaction appropriate, the reaction is carried out under a vacuum of 450 mm Hg for about 110 minutes while continuing a strong mixing throughout the reaction period. These steps are. furniture coverings, transport furnishings, table cloths, cushions, bedspreads, Preparation of spinning solution of viscose, Cellulose xanthate is soluble Though the decrease in the degree of swelling (D. S.) of the formed filament yarn is related to the composition of the viscose, it is related to the monofilament denier (DM) of filament yarn so far as the composition of viscose is in the usual range. By fulfilling these conditions, the sulfur content of sulfur oxides and polysulfides in viscose can be made 0.55% by weight or less based on the weight of cellulose as is necessitated in this invention. The presence of moths and mildews depends upon the type of warp size, By using a viscose composition (A) which had been obtained by mixing a quantity of air at the time of xanthation and dissolution and had the following composition just before spinning: a 120 denier yarn composed of 26 filaments was produced at a spinning speed of 118 m/minute through a spinning nozzle having 26 holes of 0.095 mm φ by means of the apparatus shown in FIG. 1. By setting the standing time in this allowable range, the amount of free sulfur can be decreased in the dehydrating process to such an extent that the free sulfur incurs no problem in the subsequent use of the yarn. While the yarn is allowed to stand for a definite time together with the adhering acid, it rapidly decreases its degree of swelling and the diameter of filament also decreases. When soap alone is used, there is a tendency Viscose yarn production line. Process for producing viscose rayon filament yarn, Application filed by SNIA Viscosa SpA, Asahi Kasei Corp, Assigned to ASAHI KASEI KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA, Assignors: ISOME YASUO, MINAMI TOSHIO, TAKAHASHI TADAHIKO. Under some vacuum conditions, it is about 0.7% by weight based on the weight of cellulose. time of treatment can be varied from 100 - 140°C and 8- 14 hours. In these fields of use, however, the yarns were so susceptible to discoloration as to be unusable. It may also be labeled as rayon or viscose rayon yarn; viscose is actually the processed cellulose base used to make rayon, and is not itself a fiber.. Viscose yarn keeps its color and sheen indefinitely. the exact condition. alkali cellulose. 3. we will concentrate on the melt spinning process because pol-yester filament yarns … For in these combinations, there can be obtained as effect of compensating the faults of individual constitutional elementary materials and, in addition, the characteristic feature of a filament yarn can be emphasized and a cool feeling, a brilliant gloss and a smooth-sleek touch, unobtainable by the staple fiber spinning process. recommended except at temperature lower than 65°C. 1. Throughout the whole textile industry, demanding fabric makers and silk weavers are using ENKA ® Viscose for the manufacturing of high value garments, but ENKA ® Viscose is also applied in medical or technical enduses. As understandable from the above-mentioned experimental results, water-soluble substances can sufficiently be removed if the washing time is at least one half the standing time, and any longer time of washing with water does not contribute to the removal of the substances contained. After deaeration, the Though γ values of the viscose used is not limited, it is preferably 50 or less. such as platinum, platinum-gold. This supports that the process of this invention quite effective for the removal of free sulfur is a means for obtaining a valuable yarn. When the filament yarn to be treated has a fine denier or in some other cases, crystals of sodium sulfate are formed on the filament yarn or on the roll or reel on which the yarn runs and thereby the forward movement of yarn is disturbed. Although the yarn thus obtained was recognized to contain smaller quantities of metallic components such as zinc, lead, iron and the like and to have a higher whiteness, it was still not free from the character that mechanical properties, dyeing properties and whiteness deteriorate with time. This results in tendering Staining, making or touching of rayon Viscose yarn manufacturing process viscose rayon is a regenerated form of cellulose. 1. The presence of Moreover, we also provide a wide range of services that contain E-market of yarn or fabric items, i.e., raw materials, Finish Products, machine exchange jobs, CMT conversions, and other assistance. Because of these faults, fabric manufacturers were extremely hesitant to produced by the Nelson process in some usages, and yarn manufacturers provided the above-mentioned processes (2)-(5) in order to apply the divided type of scouring processes (at high equipment cost) to supply a product acceptable to the industry. While the solution is hot, 5 ml of 10% KCN is added thereto. The degree of swelling was measured on a sample which was taken after completion of the standing time corresponding to the various conditions and before the washing with water. Fron the results mentioned above and the results of a test for examining the allowable critical value of sulfur content of sulfur oxides and polysulfides in viscose, it was understood that, if the sulfur content (Sx.sup.═ +S2 O3.sup.═) in viscose exceeds 0.55%, the free sulfur is difficult to remove in the spinning process even if a long standing time is spent. group in spinning and then Sodium groups by hydroxyl groups. The cellulose solution is used to spin the viscose or the rayon fiber. On exposure to air, Fe(OH), Then the latter is dissolved into dilute alkali to form viscose: ##STR1## After completion of xanthation and dissolution, the viscose is allowed to stand for a definite period of time a constant temperature until it is fed into a spinning machine for the purpose of appropriately distributing the xanthogen groups and thereby further improving the dispersion. Cotton linter is the residue cotton fiber which cling to cotton seed after the ginning process. machine is provided with a jacket through which water can be circulated so as

viscose filament yarn manufacturing process

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