Our company is located in Ilowa, a small town in the Lubuskie region of Poland. Since 1991, we have been extremely successful in the industrial electronics sector. Our products can be used in all types of electronic equipment which use inductors, chokes, coils or SMPS transformers.

Each and every customer is important

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast working at home or a major electronics manufacturer, we treat each customer equally seriously and in a professional manner. We can offer comprehensive assistance in bringing YOUR concept to accomplishment. We will be pleased to forward our professional advice, prepare designs and assist in product design.

Top quality

To ensure the finest quality of our products we use first class machinery and state of the art production technologies. Specialized measuring instrumentation allows full control of all parameters and therefore eliminates defects from our production. We are ambitious, professional, and care about our customer. Our PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certification was obtained in 2002 from the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade. This certificate encompasses the engineering, design and manufacture of inductive components for electronic equipment. The system has been constantly maintained and updated since certification.


Rapid development

Our wide experience and continued improvement is affording Feryster more and more recognition in the electronic market and our companies turnover has grown significantly year on year. We take pride at the increasing number of satisfied customers we supply to in the Polish market place, and also our foreign clients. This is in addition to the hundreds of retail customers, whom we helped in pursuing their hobbies and thus accomplish their ambitions.


Company policy

An important part of company policy is care about the safety of our employees and a pleasant work atmosphere. Our efforts in this area were distinguished by the Chief Labor Inspector. This year we received a nationwide distinction and we were ranked first in the regional competition entitled: Employer - provider of safe workplaces.

Sales Figures (MM PLN)

Our goals:

To maintain a leading position among manufacturers in the inductor market place. To continue progress as a major manufacturer of inductors in the European market. To progressively improve the quality of our service and products. To be innovative and strive to be a market leader in our field .